Angel Card Readings

I had never experienced an “Angel Card Reading” before, and had no idea what to expect. Victoria met with me via skype, and did a distance reading for me. I am aware that the energy field is everywhere, so I knew that would work just as if I were there, pulling the cards myself. Kaliah had me asked me to raise a question, then she pulled the cards for me. It was amazing!  Every card shed tremendous light on the question I had raised, and was such a comfort!  It also gave me advice on a direction to head, which was very helpful!  I received confirmation about some things I had been wondering about, and was delighted and relieved to know I was on the right track! Angel Card Readings are KEWL, and Kaliah was a great intuitive interpreter!  DO IT!  DO IT OFTEN!  IT”S GREAT!  -Dr. Janeen J. Detrick

Access Bars Sessions

This week has been such a profound, amazing, and uplifting experience. I had the blessing of experiencing Access Consciousness with Victoria and WOW!!! The energy that I felt and the clarity I had after she was done was just spectacular!! -Audina

The access bars experience I had with Victoria in The Dancing Lotus was very relaxing.  She made me very comfortable and at ease with a passive healing process.  She has a talented touch and pleasant approach.  Thank you very much for working with me.  I look forward to our next session. -Tenaya

And this testimonial after 2 remote Access Bars sessions: Working with Victoria is like a breath of fresh air! Her generosity of spirit enfolded me in our sessions has allowed me to be in the space of joyfully receiving. I could feel the energy moving and afterwards my body was sooooooo relaxed! Thank you, dear Heart! -Stephanie.

I went to an Access Bars session with Victoria with the intention of clearing out some emotional baggage I’ve been carrying around with me for years.  I have been a massage therapist and healer for 4 years, and I was feeling worn down and depleted after my sessions.  I know it had to do with a lot of the things I was carrying with me in my subconscious.  Access Bars helped me finally release these issues and completely step into my gifts.  Victoria’s caring, healing, generous spirit shines through in her Access Bars work.  She was fully present for me as her client, and I felt relaxed and at ease with her guiding me through the clearing process.  The session was very relaxing, and I felt a renewed sense of spirit immediately.  This progress only grew in the following days, and I truly feel like Access Bars helped me move past a lot of the emotional issues that were holding me back.  Victoria’s caring, genuine nature is beautifully suited to this type of work.  She was meant to do this and her gifts are strong.  I know she will give the same compassion and healing to any of her clients.  I look forward to working with her time and time again. -Susan

One thought on “Praise

  1. I recently had a reading from Kaliah, WOW, what a reading Kaliah picked up on a lot of things that I was feeling around me, she gave me insight on a number of ways to help me, guidance on several levels of my life.
    I would recommend anybody have a reading from Angel cards as they are very Gentle & Loving,
    Thank you,