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Article: A Radically Different Point Of View – What is Oneness?

 Where lightworkers are mistaken: Why “We are one” is harmful.

The New Age Teaching We are one and “This person Is a mirror of You” is Destructive.

I watched Teal Swan’s latest Ask Teal episode.  I really think Teal Swan and people in the lightworker and new age community have a lot to offer.  But they are grossly mistaken with the belief that ‘we are all one.’  I was steeped in ‘we are all one’ ‘everyone is a mirror of you’ point of view.  While that is one point of view, I have a more healthy skepticism now.

Allow me to futher illuminate my point of view.  Some people, at their core, are indeed rotten, and “not me.”  These perpetrators, they are functioning from a fixed place that is indeed not life-giving.  They do not, and probably will not, choose kindness and caring as a way of being.  We, who are naturally predisposed to kindness and caring, may naively and mistakenly assume others will choose this.  That is not so.  We have allowed them and their mindset to wreak havoc on the planet. They have dominated, manipulated, and controlled this planet into a state paralysis.  If this continues, humanity will be destroyed, and this planet will die.

We who are energy sensitive and predisposed towards caring need to rise up and stand up.  Indeed also, what if we could send kill energy to anything destroying our planet?  Would you be willing to be that energy?  What do you know?  Is this what is required at times right now on this planet?

And now, for me, I am getting that it is critical to be willing to be the energy of ‘raving bitch lunatic,’  when that is required. Teaching others to see “them” as an extension as us” right now, as present circumstances stand, is unsound at best.  It can be harmful, and, at worst, is detrimental to all life on this planet.

What if we could ask questions and we could trust our awareness?  We need to be aware of where people are functioning from so that we are not dominated, manipulated, and controlled.

A good question to ask is “What energy, space, and consciousness can I be to never again be dominated, manipulated, and controlled?”  Also, “What energy, space, and consciousness can me and my body be to Destroy limitation and judgement?”  For as Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness has said, judgement is what is killing the planet.

What is Oneness?

What if we are all “One-ness?”  According to Access Consciousness, the definition of Oneness and consciousness ‘includes everything, and judges nothing.’  So, yes, we truly are not separate.  ONE-NESS offers more room for different variations and flavors to exist.  And some variations, we don’t have to prefer…yet there remains an allowance. You can be functioning from a place in which your point of view is one of violence and destruction however.  The point is to be aware of this, and to use this awareness to your advantage.

Further, this distinction allows for an aggressive presence and aggressive kindness.  It allows for kill energy.  Let’s kill limitation together, shall we?

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Article:  A Radically Different Point Of View – What is Oneness?