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Joy, Namaste, Worldly Abundance, and The Shift Soul Song Attunements – Open yourself to receive your miracle

Are you ready for a miracle? Listening to these vibrational resonance transmissions, or, Soul Song Attunements, can open you to receive your miracle.  These soul song attunements aide you to experience the frequencies of Joy, Shift, Worldly Abundance, and Oneness (Namaste Vibration). Singing is highly enjoyable for me.  At times, I capture spontaneous expressions of my heart as I am sitting quietly with the energies I perceive.

Here is an example of a Soul Song Attunement Session

These 4 Soul Song Attunements are my free gift to you when you sign up to live your brilliance ezine.  I have converted 4 new, professionally recorded Soul Song Attunements with A cappella vocals to mp3’s exclusively for you. These a cappella vocals are excellent tools for meditating and personal development, as sound and image are combined to create the greatest impact. I invite you to get yourself into a quiet, centered space and allow the sound to wash over you. For a deeper experience in the power of sound vibrations, gaze at the images as you listen.

soul song attunements

Soul Song Attunements

Vocal Vibrational Resonance Transmission of “Alignment With Source”

Vocal Vibrational Resonance Transmission of “Alignment With Source”

Frequency painting by Teal Swan
Here is my Vocal Vibrational Resonance Transmission of “Alignment with Source” frequency painting by Teal Scott. This captures The Frequency of Aligning with Source, which subsequently leads to the manifestation of everything you could desire from perfect health to a great relationship to abundance.

This is a raw unedited version, just using my iphone voice memo as a mic. I am working channeling more vocalises or “spirit songs” with new equipment for even greater sound quality.

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Would you like to receive a special soul song of your very own? I channel the musical frequencies that will best aide you to have greater ease, joy, and glory with whatever is going on in your life. Visit my website at http://www.livingbrilliancenow.com to request your Soul Song session and recording.

Soul Song Attunement – Winter Sunlight Brilliance

Soul Song Attunement – Winter Sunlight Brilliance

This melody captures The Joy I felt after days of dreary gray skies and snow storms upon seeing and soaking in the warmth of the winter sun streaming through my sun room. This vocal was captured spontaneously, with no rehearsal, on my voice memo iphone app and briefly enhanced with garage band. My wishlist is for better sound equipment so the sound quality is even better.

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Soul Song Attunement – Winter Sunlight Brilliance