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Incidental Every Day Magic – A Personal Testament from Victoria

Aug 20, 2014

I had a spider bite the size of a golf ball that became infected with MRSA.  After nearly three weeks of healing treatments and wondering what else is possible, I was up at Tony Grove Campground receiveing an Access Bars® session.  The combined energy of the pine trees and the clearing from having my bars running resulted in an immediate decrease in the size of the golf ball by half.  I knew right then and there that everything would be ok and that it had received healing.  The next day it was the size of grape.  And in three days it was peanut size.  In 4 days it was gone.

Aug 31, 2014

I was at Costco standing in a long line to get pizza for dinner. I decided to pay for the persons’ behind me dinner. I turned around, and this Lavish drag queen, decked out to the hilt, was smiling at me. (Keep in mind, this is Utah). I give the cashier $5. The drag queen and I and my tot end up sitting together for dinner. I was absolutely vulnerable and no judgment was in my world. I asked that money to return to me $100 fold. Within a couple days, someone bought my entire rock collection for $135. Coincidence?

Sept 2, 2014

I have to brag. 4 new shirts, 3 new jeans, 1 new exercise outfit, 1 lingerie, 2 necklaces, and one Wild Women Symposium dress for: $50 some odd buckaroos! There was a 50% labor day sale at consignment shop. The clothes are wonderful for my body. My body Loves them!  I had just cleared the closet out a few days earlier of about 50lbs and 30 clothes I hadn’t worn.  One I hadn’t worn since 1999!  It was like a took a huge energetic dump when I got rid of those clothes, which allowed an opening for clothes that my body enjoys to come in.


Magic is the ability to change anything instantaneously.  – Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®

Do you have a story of everyday magic?  Share in the comments below!


Overcoming Adversity with These Simple and Effective Tools with Counselor Charlotte Cassidy

Are you finding lifes’ challenges overwhelming? Are you searching for easy, quick relief with lasting results?

On today’s episode of The Voice Of Change with Victoria Christine, I am interviewing special guest Charlotte Cassidy.  Charlotte Cassidy is a professional counselor with experience in the revolutionary new subfield of pyschology known as energy psychology.  We our conversing about simple and effective tools for overcoming adversity.

Join us for an enlightening conversation as we discuss overcoming adversity using techniques and processes to resolve problems quickly, find relief and healing that has been elusive, and transform your life.

Check Out Motivation Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Victoria Christine on BlogTalkRadio

Our discussion includes the hidden blocks keeping you from being successful, what you need to know transform your past and struggles (knowing this is vital to succeed), re-wiring your mind for success, and an overview of techniques to rewire you for success.

Get unstuck now!  Experience a brief introduction to EFT.  Emotional Freedom Technique is a techniques that shifts your energy quickly and easily.  Listen as a shift occurs right on the show using EFT technique, and try it out for yourself.

Professional Counselor Chovercoming adversityarlotte Cassidy assists her clients to achieve their optimal level of functioning in their personal lives, careers and relationships.

When life just isn’t good enough and you long for more, receiving support and facilitation from Charlotte Cassidy may be just the thing you need to boost your recovery, get past daunting challenges, and enjoy life again.

Learn more and sign up to work with Charlotte Cassidy by visiting her website, Pysch and The City here.


“Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation.”
– Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

Simple and Effective Tools for Overcoming Adversity with Counselor Charlotte Cassidy on The Voice of Change Radio Show with Victoria Christine



Wild Women Symposium – Unleash Your Magic! Radio and Google Hangout with Renowned Psychic Suzanne Wagner

Wild Women Symposium

October 3-5, 2014


Suzanne Wagner is a well known professional psychic, teacher, and author. Jackie Brinkerhoff is a Health and Healing Goddess.  They are creators of Wild Women Symposium.

Suzanne’s vision was to create a experiential series that empowers women to help women. She desired to touch women throughout the world so she started with an app called the Wild Women Series. It is separated into Love, Life, and Light categories, which is designed for women looking to connect, explore and live the full expression of their wild feminine archetypes. Divided into three powerful series: Life, Love, and Light, each serves as a portal to access the collective wisdom of like-minded women from all over the world. It is a free app that is to inspire and uplift women in all countries and in all walks of life.

From there it evolved into the Wild Women Symposium where talented healers and teachers come together to support spiritual, emotional, and physical expansion in women. Suzanne believes that it is women that will be the next wave to change the world and as women grow and step more into their personal power then they can in turn support other women in other countries also. Giving women a transformational experience is the aim of Wild Women Symposium.

Here is a great radio interview with the organizers of Wild Women Symposium.

Check Out Motivation Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Victoria Christine on BlogTalkRadio

Would choosing to come to and participate at this event expand your world? Purchase tickets here. Early Bird Pricing through Aug 31, and group discounts available.
I am presenting a special 90 minute playshop at Wild Women Symposium in Park City, Utah October 5, 2014 entitled Be A Magic Maker: 6 Keys To Unleash Your Magic

I invite you to watch this short hangout with organizer Suzanne Wagner and facilitator Victoria Dortzbach.

At this event I will also have a booth where I will be offering soul songs, VibesUP products, and hands on body work and potent clearing that recharge and energize You.

Link mentioned on video:  http://www.30daysofkindnesschallenge.com

Remember you can sign up to receive Live Your Brilliance ezine for 4 Soul Songs.

Wild Women Symposium – Unleash Your Magic!


The Antidote for the Biggest Disease on Earth is Vulnerability

Barriers.  Walls.  Defenses.

What if we could dissolve them?

What if we could start from square one, and be present?

Be.  Completely VULNERABLE.

What if we could dissipate years of toughness?

Mental conditioning to:

– Do it right.

– Not show weakness.

– Prove and Defend your point of view

Well, Here’s the thing.


How to know if you have the proving disease?

You are overly concerned with right and wrong.

You have all or nothing thinking.

You criticize others (or yourself) often.

You hope that you really don’t match the criteria mentioned in this blog post.

You secretly believe you are a lot more f*cked up than you really are.

You may feel wrong all the time.

Have a vested interest in your point of view about politics, religion, current events, etc.

You are concerned if you are fitting in with the established culture and its dictates around you.

This list could go on and on.

Vying for position or prestige is part of The Proving Disease

You do this because you have stopped believing in the one thing that can set you free.  YOU.  You do this because you have forgotten the being who is the Living Presence you be.  The one who makes magic with every step you take, with every breath you cycle.

I believe the proving disease is the biggest disease on planet Earth.  Now that I’ve said that, I have to let you know that there is a perfect remedy.

The Antidote For The Biggest Disease on Earth – Vulnerability

Are you willing to be utterly, completely vulnerable?

Being vulnerable means being present and is a place of power.  A powerful way I have been  being present, which can be excruciating when you are very used to hiding, IS…

Ask Your Body and Being to “Push Down All Barriers”  Imagine them being pushed down. Force them down.  I learned this tool from Access Consciousness™

Also, pay attention to the cues coming through your awareness, via your body and perceiving senses.  When something is true for you, you will perceive an expansion in your universe.  This is right for you.  Follow the lightness of your awareness.  When something is a lie, it is heavy.  You will perceive a contraction in your universe.  Note:  Something can be true with a lie attached.  For more information, visit Access Consciousness.  Google “Light and Heavy Tool.”

What if vulnerability is where true potency lies?  Dr Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness

Listen to this brilliant episode of The Voice Of Change Radio Show, The Potency of Vulnerability, aired 09/03/2014, with guest Donna Salemink of YOUniversity. This show will allow you to experience and tap into the energy of vulnerability.

Listen To Motivation Internet Radio Stations with Victoria Christine on BlogTalkRadio

Vulnerability is the birth place of everything we are hungry for – Brene Brown


Article:  The Antidote For The Biggest Disease on Earth – Vulnerability

Victoria Christine Dortzbach Bares It All

Today I’m letting it all hang out. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

15 Weird, Wild, Little known, & Fun Facts About Me!

1) My favorite dessert that I make is choco-mole. Ripe avocado, figs, banana, and maple syrup, with a couple Tb of cocoa powder. Blend all ingredients in a food processor and enjoy!

2) My dad took me to the park every Saturday week for a few years growing up ♥ Thanks William Dobbs.

3) My dad turned on Classical Music records almost every night growing up. Telemann, Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchiakovsky, Bach, etc, were household names.

4) I resisted and reacted to either having kids or not having kids for soo long because I’ve perceived a whole lot of BS around a women’s identity being wrapped up around her children. And, I finally asked, (after Being You, Changing the World class) “what could I add to my life to bring greater possibilities?” …what d’you know, one month later, I was pregnant.

5) I’ve quadrupled the amount of traveling I’ve done since having a baby than is average for me in a year (like once a year)…and what would it take to have joy and travel wherever, with whomever, and whenever I like? Booyah! Don’t let having ‘a baby’ excuse stop you honeys.

6) My dad read the whole series of Narnia books to us a bedtime growing up. (Did I have an above average dad or what?)

7) Since my Dad is from Middlevillage, Queens NY, I’ve been to NYC visit 3 times (that I can recall)

8) He was raised Catholic, by Protestant parents, in a Jewish neighborhood, so that taught him religious tolerance and diversity. He hence leads a religious transition group that I have attended that has helped me immensely in coming out that I am no longer mormon, nor do I ever care to be…for those of you mormons reading this ( I hold no animosity. Even if you think I’m going to hell because of it, that’s ok)

9) I love the Wasatch Range mountains where Iive. I commune and resonate with them, I would miss them if I moved away.

10) I spent from age 2 – 13 in North Las Vegas.

11) I sang opera for 12 years. I sang it damn well:

12) I trained a pet parakeet in 4th grade to tweet a tune and land on my finger. I took it to school for show and tell and let it loose in the classroom. It got scared and stayed up in the lights for 20-30 minutes before flying back to me. 🙂

13) I am allergic to my mom’s cat, my mother-in-law’s cat, and my sister in law’s cat. I end up having to leave from their homes from 20 minutes to 2 hours after I arrive there because my breathing gets compromised. But, I am not allergic to Julie Merwin’s 2 big long haired cats, for whose home I’ve gone to several times for 3 hour Access Bars swaps. Go figure. Magical me!

14) I burp really loud. Excuse me.

15) I am a choice-a-tarian. I used to be a vegetarian. Choice-a-tarian means checking in with the body to ask what it requires. That sirloin soup I had at “A Delicious Date with your Body” was Heaven!

Now It’s your turn to flaunt it! What’s one crazy daisy factoid about you?

Share in the comments below.

Article: Victoria Christine Dortzbach Bares It All


LETTER ~ Come Live Out Loud

You feel boxed in.
You feel confined in the “Matrix”.
You resent rules.
You may experience
-frequent illness.
-frequent self blame.
-family stress
You are frequently unhappy.
You are someone who starts things but often doesn’t finish them.
You are exhausted. You have not enough joy in life.
You are afraid of condemnation.

I know you don’t believe in yourself right now.
You’ve been caught up in trying to do the things that society says are good for you.
You’ve been busy fulfilling yourself as a (insert roll here i.e. wife, mother, professional title)

You give to others.  And You probably don’t even know how much that contributes to them a lot!
But you are the first to not receive easily from others.  You’ve pushed them away.
What if you could soften, open to receive, and expand your life’s possibilities now?
You Know That NOW is the time.
You’ve done everything the right way.  And yet, you are not satisfied.
Deep down, you know that there is more than you’ve been told..
and you are going to find it,
no matter what it takes.
You can start by
not giving power away to
their stories
their stories
their stories.
Don’t buy their stories, ok?

Be Gentle With You.
You see,
I know you care.
You care so much your heart is breaking
What if caring is something you be?
not what you do.

I know You’ve hidden by putting yourself last
and you know your life would be totally different if you put first…

You always have tried to fit into the box that others would like you to go in.  This way, they won’t be asked to change…because they fear change.

But you are the ChangeMaker.

You have looked around to others so you get an idea of who you need to be…how you have to conform…what mold to put yourself in.

You secretly desire to Be Queen Bee.

You have made yourself small for so long, when you are actually Big.
You wonder what the Big Leagues are like.  You are ready to Play Big!

And so, although you’ve made struggling a priority.
You are ready to lay down that sword of struggle.  And drop the fight.
You have tried to be happy with …
the job, and the money that goes along with it…
the house, the spouse
and deep down, you know, that’s not enough for you.

You’ve had it with people around you being asleep.
like zombies
…going about their pathetic lives
thinking what they have is enough…
that that is all there is.
You know (although you’ve hardly admitted to yourself)
that that is only 2% of the vision of what is truly possible.
What if YOU have the keys to what is crazy possible for your juicy orgasmic living and for this planet to thrive?  What do you know?
…You know that what IS, is Phenomenal.
And if you’d allow it to,
it would shoot you…
beyond your wildest dreams.
…Into a place that
you can not even fathom right now.
Like a muscle that you’ve not yet developed…has the potential to carry 50 lbs
if practiced.
You’ve just got to apply that muscle.

And so, If I had something that could help you to change and create this possibility, would you be interested?

Although You’ve doing everything everybody else is telling you to do
and although you’ve been looking for ways to fit in…
I like to call it having a Master’s Degree in people pleasing…
This a great cover up.  A cover up that is hiding the greatness of YOU.
Would you like to come out and play now?

You are at a breaking point.
I know It’s can be hard for you to listen to what I have to say.

You are getting really tired of trying to please others
…it’s not working
you just feel desperate
the zombies around you are on a one track mission to hell.
“What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!”  you want to scream at the top of your lungs.

You. Are. Not. Wrong.

What if you are Aware?

Do you know that you even breathing on the planet is a gift to all life?

The trees.  And the plants. Receive you as a gift.
Can you?  Can you receive you as a gift?

Then, What would be possible???

come live out loud

Other people would begin to notice
that you have something special.
Would they not notice that
you are different?
They would sense that
you. have. you.
perhaps, they would want that.

Would you allow for you, (the miracle you are) to show up?
And contribute to other people’s lives?
To change our reality?
To Grow our possibilities as a species?

What if the upset and anger you have carried as yours is not yours…
But a doorway.
A doorway to what other people
fear changing.
And you,
Aware Being that you be,
are just aware of them being afraid of change.
Is there really something to fear?

Thank you for being aware of that.
It is not yours…
You have the fire
You have the keys to unlocking this for others.
and you have felt terrified…
That’s interesting.
Are you going to make what they do and say
more real than what you know and Who you Be?

I know You love mama earth.
You get swept up in the melodious beauty of a song.
You crave nature and feel that you get her more than most people
you can’t understand why other people just consume, violate, disrespect
with concern
without care that
when they do that
they are hurting themselves
and actually
killing the planet.


Would you be willing to kill?
Kill limitation?
Kill lack?
Kill the judgement that is killing the planet?

Wanna stop hoarding all your ideas…and start giving them away?
…to help others unlock the doors that they don’t have the key to…but you do?

Wanna stop berating yourself for how different you are?
Wanna acknowledge how much faster you are than everyone else around you?

You long to Be confident
What would it be like to strut your stuff?
What if you could
-Have Freedom.
-Travel and enjoy yourself.
-Receive Easily.
-Be Joyful.
-Have Fun

What would it be like for you to
-Tap into your creativity?
-Have Total Choice?
-Embrace your sensuality?

You know there’s nothing left to loose and so

You are ready to

√  Chose to step into a new Potency
√  Live Full Force
√  Choose Abundance and Prosper.
√  Work with the Universal Energy synergistically
√  Embody the Magic you be, know, and perceive.
√  Be intimately aware of what lights you up, and do more of that.

What if you could cast off all fear and



The world is waiting

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