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A New Vision in Healthcare: The Self-Care Revolution with guest Dr Robyn Benson

Take charge of your own self-care and transform your issues with Sleep, Weight, Pain, Stress, Fatigue, and more, with the Self Care Revolution.Dr. Robyn Benson DOM and the Self-Care Coaches of Santa Fe Soul have recently launched this great Self-Care Revolution. The Self Care Revolution is an empowering 12 month self care series where Dr Benson’s team educate and assist people to live vibrantly and sustainably in everyday life. It can help people reverse health issues. It will save lives, prevent disease and it will help them live life with passion.

There are 11 Self-Care Revolution Pathways that people have access to learn about that we will discuss, including:

1. Be your own best self care advocate and take responsibility for your health.
2. Reconnect to the EARTH – daily outdoor time is essential.
3. Eat consciously, a healthy organic diet.
4. Engage in a daily spiritual practice (meditation/prayer/ritual…)
5. Move your body in some way every day. (variety=fun).
6. Keep a daily self care journal and cherish your journey.
7. Hydrate every cell of your body with quality water, self love and positive thoughts.
8. Activate and cultivate healthy relationships that feed your soul.
9. Nourish your life’s passions daily.
10. Practice heart centered breathing. Breath is life.
11. Be in gratitude and allow your abundance to flow.

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On this episode we discuss why reconnecting to the earth on a daily basis is important, and how to do that; the importance of having healthy relationships that feed your soul and how to activate them; why being in gratitude improves health. Which practice to add in for stress reduction. . . This and more!


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Article: A New Vision in Healthcare: The Self-Care Revolution with guest Dr Robyn Benson