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Pleasantville Movie Review – The Moral of The Story

Pleasantville Movie Review

My review of the movie Pleasantville – 1998

In 1998, two teenagers are transported back to a 1950’s sitcom, where they slowly integrated into town life.  They begin adding technicolor to the town and townspeople.

Here is my review of Pleasantville.  Hidden messages in this movie, from my perspective, are discussed.

Main Points – Thematic Elements

√ Challenging the status quo

√ Breaking the mold

√ Choosing to go beyond what you know, to where the magic is

√ How choosing for you adds color and exuberant expression to your living

√  Resistance is normally shown by society’s consensus reality that is agreed upon by the majority. Resistance is usually encountered by those choosing to go beyond the norm.  This takes the form of the majority of people protesting the individuals who challenge the status quo.  Change occurs when more and more people move beyond the status quo.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watching this video may give away a lot of the story.

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Pleasantville Movie Review