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Choose Your Words Wisely – Excerpt from How To Become Money Workbook

Choose Your Words Wisely: 5 words to eliminate from your vocabulary – excerpt from How To Become Money Workbook

choose your words wisely

I’ve been working on being resonant with my vocabulary for years.  There are a few words that can trap you into a pattern of self sabotage.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common offenders.  I share here an excerpt that I’ve been reading lately from the  How To Become Money Workbook.

1.  Want – Want has 27 definitions which means “to lack.”
Say “I don’t want money,” and perceive what you are aware of.

2.  Need – “Need is the debilitation of knowing you cannot have, you cannot have anything if you need.  And need will always be followed by greed, because you will be trying to get.  I need is saying I don’t have.”

3.  Try – “Try is never achieving, try is making no choice, try is doing nothing…try is saying I don’t do.”

4.  Why –  “Why is always the fork in the road and you’ll always come back to the beginning…listen to a two year old some time and you will understand it.  You never get an answer.”

5.  But – “Whenever you say “but” you counter your first statement, “I would like to go but I can’t afford it.”

Excerpt from page 41 of How to Become Money Workbook

Can you think of any other words? What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below.

How to become money workbook

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