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Healing Chronic Disease with Ease – Empowering Interview with Dr Manon Bolliger

Healing Chronic Disease with Ease – Empowering Interview with Dr Manon Bolliger

Do you have chronic pain?  Have you had issues with chronic disease? Infertility? What if disease is a signal from your body?  How could you read your body’s messages to change what isn’t working?  How could you extract the messages your body sending? Could learning to listen to your the messages your body is giving you contribute to healing things the medical establishment says isn’t supposed to heal (ie cancer, MS)?  Could hearing what your body is telling you help empower you and contribute to you improving your well-being?

Maybe your health is great.  But, if you are living in this modern world, you may have issues with stress and burnout.  Did you know the most common approaches to stress management just don’t work? Find out why on the call and what you can do to Reboot instead.

In this interview, Dr Manon talks about the keys needed to heal anything and express greater well-being.  Listen to her inspiring story of healing from not just one, but healing from 2 chronic, life threatening illnesses.  Both of which, modern medicine tells us is not supposed to happen!

In our society, we normally rely on the medical professional to tell us what’s wrong and treat the symptoms.  Consider this:  What if patients inherently know what the problem is, know how it got there, and know what treatment will work? This would be a paradigm shift of societal structure at a fundamental level of awareness.

“Symptoms are seen as the cause…The body is viewed as the victim of symptoms it has little responsibility for.  The 2 factions (body and symptoms) are seen at war and separate rather than instrinically interconnected and dependent on a greater consciousness and desire for real change.”  Excerpt in “Prescribing Empowerment,” chapter from What Patients don’t say if Doctors don’t ask by Dr Bolliger

How can we assist clients and patients to take an empowered approach in order for the body to find homeostasis and experience maximum well-being?  Listen in to this great, inspiring conversation.  Discover the secrets to a life with less pain, more ease and lots more energy.

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Dr Manon’s #1 best selling book “What Patients Don’t Say When Doctors Don’t Ask – the mindful dr patient relationship” can be found here.

what patients don't say if doctors don't ask

Healing Chronic Disease with Ease – Empowering Interview with Dr Manon Bolliger


Incidental Every Day Magic – A Personal Testament from Victoria

Aug 20, 2014

I had a spider bite the size of a golf ball that became infected with MRSA.  After nearly three weeks of healing treatments and wondering what else is possible, I was up at Tony Grove Campground receiveing an Access Bars® session.  The combined energy of the pine trees and the clearing from having my bars running resulted in an immediate decrease in the size of the golf ball by half.  I knew right then and there that everything would be ok and that it had received healing.  The next day it was the size of grape.  And in three days it was peanut size.  In 4 days it was gone.

Aug 31, 2014

I was at Costco standing in a long line to get pizza for dinner. I decided to pay for the persons’ behind me dinner. I turned around, and this Lavish drag queen, decked out to the hilt, was smiling at me. (Keep in mind, this is Utah). I give the cashier $5. The drag queen and I and my tot end up sitting together for dinner. I was absolutely vulnerable and no judgment was in my world. I asked that money to return to me $100 fold. Within a couple days, someone bought my entire rock collection for $135. Coincidence?

Sept 2, 2014

I have to brag. 4 new shirts, 3 new jeans, 1 new exercise outfit, 1 lingerie, 2 necklaces, and one Wild Women Symposium dress for: $50 some odd buckaroos! There was a 50% labor day sale at consignment shop. The clothes are wonderful for my body. My body Loves them!  I had just cleared the closet out a few days earlier of about 50lbs and 30 clothes I hadn’t worn.  One I hadn’t worn since 1999!  It was like a took a huge energetic dump when I got rid of those clothes, which allowed an opening for clothes that my body enjoys to come in.


Magic is the ability to change anything instantaneously.  – Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®

Do you have a story of everyday magic?  Share in the comments below!