Soul Songs & Vibrational Resonance Transmissions

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During a Vibrational Resonance Transmission Session, I am able to capture the sound of a frequency to assist you in elevating your frequencies and overcome an area of your life where you may be stuck.   I perceive the energies and then sing frequencies that will provide aide to you on your path.  The song I provide uniquely aides you and assists you to have ease with whatever is occuring in your life.

I also sing and gift Soul Songs sessions.  I Access the Akashic Records and provide you with a unique songprint that speaks to your divine soul and of your divine being.  This song aides you to “Know Thyself.”  Your Soul Song is unique and specific to You, The Being.  It is a piece of music with acapella vocals that can provide comfort and acknowledgement of You as a Being time and time again.  I work with you in person or over Skype and use a Skype recorder to record our session.

Price: Vibrational Resonance Transmission Session – $150 for 50 minutes.  Sound energy healing and intuitive guidance.  I tap in to your team-mates (spirit guides and angels) through different tools such as Oracle Cards and also the Akashic Records to counsel you.

$200 for added Soul Song + Vibrational Resonance Transmission and 90 minute session.

Receive Soul Songs by Victoria on mp3 when you opt in to receive Live Your Brilliance email news
The Full Version of Song Of Light can be found in the Menu under Freebies: Audio Clips & Songs By Victoria

I created this vibrational sound transmission of the sound vibration of this Frequency Painting “Sri Yantra” by Teal Scott in April 2012. This is the original version of me spontaneously just playing around on my iphone voice memo. Teal said I was able to capture the sound frequency of her image when I shared this with her then.  To get the full effect, click on “Sri Yantra” and gaze at the full screen picture while listening.