Access Bars Sessions with Victoria



First Time Session $100 

Individual Sessions $120

4 Sessions (must be used within 4 months) $400

10 Sessions (Must be used in 90 days) $800

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Our mAccess Bars Sessionsind is like an iceberg. What we are aware of is only a small percent of the whole picture creating our life circumstances. The reason Access Bars® creates dynamic changes you are looking for is that it bypasses the cognitive mind to dissipate and dissolve the problems. All you have to do is lay down on the massage table or anitgravity chair and be willing to receive.  At worst, it will feel like you have had a great massage.  At best, your whole life can change.

Receiving an Access Bars® session is a gentle, nurturing, and the most simple AND effective clearing process. When the bars on the head are touched, electro-magnetic charges that manifest as your life’s current reality is discharged. When old and outdated points of view, limited fixed beliefs, and stuck emotional patterns (especially the ones we are unaware of) come up to be cleared away, the resulting SPACE allows your desires to actualize into reality quicker and more effectively.

Having your Bars touched regularly catalyzes amazing changes in body, mind, and the way you show up here on earth as the infinite being you truly be. This modality has helped countless people. Notably, it has assisted people with insomnia, PTSD, seizures, recent strokes, drug and alcohol addictions, and many other dis-eases to experience well-being.  Access Consciousness® Body Process Session – In a 75-90 minute Body Work session, I choose what Processes to provide based on the info about what your body requires. What can we change? How much ease can your body receive in just one session? What if you could eliminate the ailment completely?  I invite you to get your bars run.  Contact me to schedule an Access Bars session HERE.

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NCMTB CEU UTAHI am a CEU Certified Access Bars Facilitator. Massage Therapists may receive 8 CEU’s for attending class.

I also am certified to hold ACCESS BODY CLASSES. Did you know there are over 65 processes that can contribute to your body and facilitate ease and the change your body is asking for?
I Invite You To Attend An Access Body Class facilitated by me.

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Access Bars Sessions with Victoria


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  1. I won an Access Bar session it thrilled my energy to vibrate high my “junk” came out as Victora applied the magic! things changed in my Vibration instantly. I have aligned several things and manifesting is on a roll due to loosing my “junk” I recommend Victoria as a kind,Loving and knowledgable Access Bars practitioner I also know she can now teach anyone to be an Access BarsPractitioner this has been a big change in my life Thank you so much Victoria!

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