Meet Victoria Dortzbach, founder of Live Your Brilliance

Victoria Dortzbach is chief magic maker at Live Your Brilliance LLC.

Live Your Brilliance LLC is committed to creating ease, well-being, and adding happiness into the lives of our clients.  Victoria is a wholistic well being practitioner who facilitates classes and works with clients providing coaching and a hands on body processes which include Access Bars®.  Access Bars® is gentle process that relieves stress, eliminates anxiety, eradicates depression, and helps people have more ease with whatever is going on.  It clears out old programming that keeps people stuck in old self defeating patterns.  Victoria offers Continue Education Units to Licensed Massage Therapists who take Access Bars® classes.
web-7013Access Bars®  & Access Consciousness® Body Process Classes.  Victoria is a certified Access Consiousness® Facilitator. She facilitate classes for you to not only empower you, but also to experience hands on body processes that assists you to have more ease and joy and space with whatever is occurring in your life.  Her unique contributions include the 30 Days of Kindness Challenge.   She is host of The Voice of Change Radio Show.  Victoria assists you to actualize your desires more effectively.  She invites you to be a part of her growing community by signing up to receive Live Your Brilliance email Newsletter.

Victoria has 20  years of experience working as a nurse in a multitude of health care settings, including psychiatric care. Victoria’s background includes extensive education in Music and Psychology, culminating in a double major baccalaureate degree.

Victoria enjoys studying Access Consciousness®.   She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and traveler, and enjoys walking, singing, piano playing, dancing, and whatever else juices her mojo.

 She enjoys spreading cheer, energizing possibilities, and entertaining wild magical creation.  Want to play?

Live Your Brilliance with Victoria Dortzbach


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