30 Days of Kindness Challenge

30DaysofKindnessChallengeENcoverI Invite You in Being The Energy and Space of Kindness and Caring. Then, Ripple Out KIndness With Us! Start where you are. We’ve learned that A 30 Day Kindness Challenge is a great way to grow and stretch ourselves beyond what we imagine is possible. What if You are the key to the creation of a kinder, gentler, happier world? Join Us for your own 30 Day Kindness Challenge. Begin Today. Share your awarenesses about Kindness. And also, Share what you created through being and doing, everyday with the 30 Days of Kindness Challenge facebook group.

2) Participate in a free facilitated half hour telecall 4 times during the month of December. We will be tapping into true kindness and stretching ourselves to be Bigger than we’ve imagined possible during this time. Join Victoria Dortzbach’s 30 Days of Kindness Challenge email list Sign up anytime, and you will receive the 4 replays.  You do not have to be a member of the facebook group.

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