Happy Bodies – 22 Days of Body Play To Turn You On & Turn It Up

Happy Bodies – 22 Day Body Play Discovery

Hi Body!


I Invite you to join me in 22 Days of Discovery to be turned on and turn it up!  Do you know that your body is a being with it’s own awarenesses?  Do you know how much your body desires to contribute to you?  Your body knows things your mind never will. What if you could playfully develop a richer connection with your body that ripples out to bless your life? Come connect, be with and receive from your body in a way that enhances the ease joy and glory of living.

This is going to be a free form 22 days…sprinkled with questions, tips, and tools for experiencing more Ease, Joy, and Glory with and as your Body.
All that is required is to commit to at least 10 minutes a day to BE with Your Body.
It is also suggested that you devote 12 or more hours during these 30 day for self – care by receiving hands on healing or relaxation (ie hot springs, massage, access Body processes, baths, essential oils, etc)
Receive support and give and receive inspiration.  JOIN THE HAPPY BODIES FACEBOOK GROUP when you sign up for Happy Bodies – 22 Day Body Play 
During this 22 days you will 
Luxuriate in your bodies senses.
Savor your food more fully.
Delight in Body Movement…Choose, walking, dancing, yoga, stretching, swimming, etc.
Nourish your body with healing practices.
Dissipate, dissolve, and release impelled judgments and projections on your boy.
Reclaim your body as beautiful and capable.
Increase your receiving capacities, including boosting your financial flows.
Hear the subtle information your body is always giving you…Listen more fully to your body’s messages.
Experience at least one new activity to stretch your comfort zone (ie horseback riding, ecstatic dance, self pleasuring – yes I said that, attend a body movement class, hiking, making an appointment with a healer or therapist to receive a hands on healing modality)
Receive from and being with other bodies around you more fully.  Hugging, snuggling, cuddling, sexual expression, etc.
If this sounds like a lot, please know this journey is YOUR unique journey.  Start where you are at.  Do what is calling to you to do.  This is not about another to do list to have to get right.  Your body does not judge.  In fact, your body does not have a point of view.  Just by you choosing to participate, you are already starting to embrace your body!  Welcome To A Happy Body!  Register here.
Cheers to Happy Bodies!
Yours in Conscious Action,
Victoria Christine

What can we create with, as, and for bodies?

Hi Bodies!

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Happy Bodies – 22 Days of Body Play To Turn You On & Turn It Up