30 Days of Kindness Challenge

kindness challenge

You cringe at the violence broadcasted on the news.
Sadness or loneliness an issue for you or anyone you know.
People around you pull you down.
You are tired of seeing others be ripped off, lied to, and cheated.
You are sick of the meanness, cruelty, and poverty you see.

Introducing 30 Days of Kindness Challenge!

One thing I know is that People just like you spreading kindness changes everything.
Watch this inspiring video I make an appearance in. I recently completed my own Dive Into Kindness 30 Day Challenge, where I performed and broadcasted kindness daily.  Please watch this video I had the privilege to play a part in.  You can also read my Day #29 Dive Into Kindness blog Peanut Butter Smells Like Love.

If you sense the power and urgency of a world ripe for what you can show them,
and you are ready to join hands in changing this world
Start Your Own Adventures In Kindness Today.

I am happy to share the adventure with you!  Who will you impact?  What will you create?  Whose reality will change because of you?

I Invite You in Being The Energy and Space of Kindness and Caring. Then, Ripple Out Kindness With Us! Start where you are. We’ve learned that A 30 Day Kindness Challenge is a great way to grow and stretch ourselves beyond what we imagine is possible. What if You are the key to the creation of a kinder, gentler, happier world? Join Us for your own 30 Day Kindness Challenge. Begin Today. Share your awarenesses about Kindness. And also, Share what you created through being and doing, everyday with the 30 Days of Kindness Challenge Facebook group.

2) Participate in a free facilitated half hour telecall replays. We will be tapping into true kindness and stretching ourselves to be Bigger than we’ve imagined possible during this time. Join Victoria Dortzbach’s 30 Days of Kindness Challenge email list Sign up anytime, and you will receive the Telecall Replays to enhance your journey..  You do not have to be a member of the facebook group.

Spread The Wealth Option

3) 1) It is recommended that you either have a blog or are willing to use social media (ie facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, google plus, etc) and video platform to occasionally share about your experience. Studies show that hearing of kindness sparks you to be more attuned to kindness occurring in your world. So, Just by sharing your kindness stories, shifts, and experiences, You will be spreading kindness this way. Sharing about kindness can truly touch people. And couldn’t we all use more good news? one free blog platform is http://www.weebly.com/  Visit my personal 30 Days of Kindness Challenge Vlog on YouTube.  See For yourself just how fun and easy blogging can be!

Begin Your 30 Days of Kindness Challenge.