TONING WORKSHOP with renowned musician George Grant

Our first vocal toning playshop, with renowned musician George Grant, was so fun and amazing. Here is a video with clips from our last class at Avenues Yoga in June 2012:

Comments from participants from our playshop:

I so can’t get over the fabulous singing and dancing we all did 
as most of us didn’t know each other.
 *** *** ***
I would have never imagined I would have been moving so openly in front of other people.  This re-ignited something inside of me.
 *** *** ***
I was so amazed, just standing in the circle – 
— just looking at the other amazing people standing in the circle. 

*** *** ***

After plenty of professional music training, it was amazing to have freedom to explore without intense criticism.

 *** *** ***

I am reminded what I so often forget: I always have access to spontaneity and beauty.  The dance between inside and outside is effortless.  Love and acceptance flowing fromof all the participants (including me) was palpable.  It was about the sharing experience of sound and movement I know nothing about music or singing, I’ve had no training in that realmbut I felt very comfortable actively participating in everything.

*** *** ***

 The workshop took me outside of my zone.  I have no vocal training 
so this was great fun to learn to harmonize with the other groups.  
I’m new so my creative individuality was inhibited at first.  The movement allowed me 
to trust people I had never met as well as myself to move in a way I have not done before.
 *** *** ***
I love doing workshops that George leads. That night was so far out of my norm it isn’t even funny,
but what I would like to be my norm.  It really helps get me out of my head and relax.
Eventually in that relaxation I hope to be able to really express my inner being even more.
*** *** ***
I got into a groove and then I did move to a balanced state in the expressing of long and short sounds, harmonizing, trying to pronounce your cool rhythmic patterns, playing with my own inner voice, humanized bird sounds, humming, droning and I just loved the vibratory connection to play and expression and even what it feels like today when I feel the space inside of me.  That is a really good part of the experience is how it softens the inside of you and at the same time fills you up. I guess it can charge each energetic center in the body and opens one to a relaxed state of being.  And to move and sound together this way in a group of people is quite satisfying.  I’m so glad we will do something in the fall.  I look forward to it.  Thank you for your lovely work.
*** *** ***
What I really liked about this session was the simplicity. No expectations, just fun.  I can’t believe there were so many people who knew “bird song”. On my walk this morning I found myself trying to repeat what birds were singing.

*** *** ***

My favorite part of the toning was when it transitioned at one point into hushed bird-nature-wind sounds that went on for some time.  

I felt a sense of deep release-opening in my heart.  It was really cool to experience this aspect of you in a larger group setting.