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We Are All Nuts!

STOP! Listen! This is The Most Important Post: I’ve just realized we are ALL NUTS. So, it’s important to pick the nuts you can live with. Hopefully ones that you don’t have allergies, reactions, or dislike. And the same goes for everyone else. Really. I told my 17 year old daughter this as the most important advice she’ll ever here from me.


Lunatic Monologues 1 – Girl, Gone Weird! Releasing Perfectionism in Business

Weird Wild Stuff

Perfectionism sucks.  It’s been rearing it’s fugly head in my business.

Take that you fiend!  You will not kill my business.  HI-Ya!

Girl, Gone Weird

Where have we made being a lunatic a bad thing?  Luna means of the moon.  Lunacy is highly eccentric.  Sure, some people judge lunacy as a folly.  I’d say lunacy can be a highly creative, generative and life giving energy.  Where have we made that insane in lieu of being in the box and never having fun, never looking for an alternative approach that is more joyful? What I have experienced is that being perfectionistic is a destructive, flat-lined energy.

Being Weird Works for me.  It’s cool, and much more approachable.  I laugh more when I’m willing to be uncomfortable, and be seen anyway.  Being out of control can be weird.

Hello, life of wacky, quirky, insanely crazy weird-ness.  I embrace you.  Love your guns.

It’s time to have fun.

Release Your Inner Weird.

Is there somewhere you could lose the perfectionistic hat that you bought?  Where are you glad you’ve been wildly, successfully, insanely weird?

Just. Be. Weird.



Article:   Lunatic Monologues 1 – Girl, Gone Weird! Releasing Perfectionism in Business


Lunatic Monologues II – You Are A High Quivering Quiver!

“You are not a withering disease!   You are a high quivering quiver!”  The ethnic man in the dream raised his voice at me for emphasis.  I woke up with a start.  I thought to myself, “Write it down!  Get up now before you loose it!  Write it down, quick!”  Mystic and encrypted it is.  Some gems will go as fast as they come if you don’t pay attention.

A Quiver has multiple definitions.  Quiver can mean nimble, quick; tremor.  Quiver can also mean a container, for bow and arrows.  What a potent awareness was that!


At night, I had been doing deep clearing to Access Consciousness’s processes while you sleep.  Some deep crud was leaving my body and life, my world was shifting.


What I will provide in the way of decoding this encryption for those of you reading is short, simple, and directly this:  A question.  What if 99% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions do not belong to you?  What if you are a psychic sponge, picking up and everyone’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions around you?


What makes you feel light is the truth.  What makes you feel heavy is a lie.  Whenever you are moody or upset or angry, ask “Who does this belong to?” OR “Is this mine?”  If it lightens up, it is not yours.  Return to sender by saying, “Return to sender with consciousness, times a thousand.”    If the thought or feeling stays, and feels heavy, somewhere along the lines you bought it as yours.  Are you willing to let that go now?

Who does this belong to?

From the Access Consciousness® website:

What’s This All About?Have you ever felt sad for no reason? Have you ever felt suddenly angry or happy and didn’t know why? You might consider that some thoughts, feelings and emotions you are having are not even yours. How would your life be different if most of them aren’t? Would it be easier? More joyful?

What if you are way more psychic than you think, and you assume that all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you have are yours? Who’s life are you living? In Access Consciousness we have the point of view that all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you are experiencing aren’t yours, and there is this simple and easy tool (one of the greatest tools in Access) that will give you more freedom if you are willing to ask a question.

So if you are interested in having an easier, more fun and more joyful life… keep reading to find out the tool, if you are not interested in having an easier, more fun, and more joyful life then stop reading; otherwise you could change your life!

1. The Tool

Okay, so the tool is: Who Does This Belong To? Just ask this question for every thought, feeling and emotion you have and if it feels lighter at all, then it’s not yours. And after that, the only thing you have to do is return it to sender.

Easy enough for you? Would you be willing to give it a try? What do you have to lose? All the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not yours!!! So, if you are brave enough to find out how many of the thoughts, feelings and emotions you are having that are not yours … then take the 3-DAY CHALLENGE!

2. The Challenge

For every thought, feeling and emotion you have during the 3-days ask, “Who Does This Belong To?” then return it all to sender. Don’t bother to find out where it came from—just return it, and see what shows up in your life

Participate with us! Join the Who Does This Belong To? Facebook group

One last thing to add about using this particular question as a tool. If you’ve asked “Who does this belong to?” and the heaviness is still in your world, somewhere you have bought it as yours. That is where the next tool comes in. The clearing statement.

The more you ask questions, the more you will see results and will get excited to ask even more questions. There are 2 resources a recommend to delve in further.

#1 The Book 91 Days Of Q

Are you new to living in the question? 91 Days of Q is a daily three-month collection of questions to help keep you in the zone. Each question is accompanied by examples and background for how and when you might use it…also filled with questions to keep you opening doors to possibilities.

#2 Inquiry Cards by Sylvia Nibley


You may find more advanced Access tools by visiting Access Consciousness and the Access Library.