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The Lie Of Love and what it takes to find what is beyond love

I am way more pyschic than I ever wanted to be and sometimes the contracted place people are functioning from I can sense from thousands of mile away. I know where all your walls are. I know your judgments. I know where you are limiting you. I just know. But also know the being you be. And the magic. And the possibility for the joie de vivre you could be experiencing, but many of you haven’t been shown how. We are functioning from a lot of limitations, and some of them are very dynamically put in place.  Further, did you know the biggest limitations are often the things you feel you are right about?  Crazy, huh?! I’ll say it again.  When you have to be right about something, you are limiting the magic you can be and the space of possibilities that can show up for you.

You may not wish to keep reading if you are committed to utopian ideals.  If you choose to keep reading, I am going to ask you to lower all of your barriers.

So please, Lower All Of Your Barriers.  Drop them.  All.  PUSH them down. There.  That’s it. Now breathe.  And when energy comes up for you, I invite you to breathe.

One of the biggest utopian ideals is love.  Over the last couple of years, I have chosen to search beyond the love programming on this planet. The programming that says that love the answer. 98% of people can’t comprehend a reality beyond where they’ve made love significant. Most people are functioning from the conclusion of the necessity of proving love.

People want to stop at this point.  Me saying the above about love brings up A LOT of energy for people!  They project at me, “how dare she!”  They would rather stay in the defined place of definition and being right, good, perfect, and correct about bringing to the world what they’ve decided the world needs, as love and light.  This is where I actually scare the shit out of people.  But even when you judge me, and separate from me, I see you.  I function from oneness.  Oneness and consciousness is the truth of our beings.  It is impossible to separate from Source, and in fact, takes A LOT of energy and work!  When you fight for the rightness of your point of view, in lieu of accommodating the information the world is begging you to receive, you are decaying your future.

Love as the greatest and grandest thing to strive for, is actually a limitation. How? Because when you decide that love is the answer, it is at the expense of Being present with All Energies that you could create from and with, as an Infinite Being. What is being? It is undefinable. It is that natural space of being that Nature is. That animals have it. That small children have it. They don’t function from judgment. Do they love? No, they just BE and Receive. They function from total allowance and no judgment.

Now that you’ve read this, are you starting to contract? Are you angry at me? Just. Breathe.
There sugar, we are not done yet. Keep reading.

Now because you are letting love lose it’s significance, this doesn’t mean you stop caring. You, as a being, Care.  You care a whole lot.  Everywhere you’ve mis-identified and mis-applied caring as love, will you destroy and uncreate it all?  Right Wrong Good Bad Pod Poc All 9 Shorts Boys & Beyonds.

I have a questions for you. Truth! Are you an infinite being?

Truth, Would an infinite being have access to all energies?

What if you didn’t have to judge any energy, but instead could learn to receive and work with All energies, in order to create a greater possibility?

For instance, When you decide that love is the greatest thing there is, you actually limit the space of being that can show up and be available to you. What if it is not love the world is asking for, but Being You is? “What if you are the gift, the contribution, and the possibility the world is asking for” – Dr Dain Heer.

Today I invite you to simply ask to release all decisions, judgment, conclusions you’ve made at any time that limit you from Being you. Will you now destroy and uncreate all of the decisions, judgments, conclusions, and computations that keep you from being you? Even if you don’t know what they are? Thank you! Right Wrong Good Bad Pod Poc All 9 Shorts Boys & Beyonds.

Getting your bars run can help you dismantle all of the insidious programming that keeps you out of being you.  When you are receiving a session of The Bars®, it’s impossible to be in judgment.

I invite you to melt into being.  What if being you is different than anything you’ve ever been told? It is not something I can tell you about.  I may facilitate you to release all of things in your way from being you.  Also I can acknowledge the energy of you when you are being you.  A book I highly recommend that will show you the energies is “Being You Changing The World,” by Dr Dain Heer.

Being You requires a certain warrior quality, because very few will recognize the energy you are being when you are being you. Many people still do not even sense a greater possibility, that a greater reality is possible. Even fewer who know it’s available will choose to have it.  So know this, it takes COURAGE to be you.  Many people will judge you.  People that were close to you may leave you. Are you willing to loose everything and everyone if that is what it takes? Just remember that the separation they are choosing to function from is a lie.  Oneness and consciousness includes everything and judges nothing…including judgment!

We have created walls, barriers, and defenses to things. We shut out new information, and things we’ve deemed Bad, that are ‘out there,’ in order to keep us safe. Many of these walls we don’t even know we have. But they are controlling us. What once kept us safe now serves to limits our ability to receive and to create greater possibilities. It contracts us. It keeps things defined. Even ‘good’ things, like ‘love,’ can actually limit the energies that are truly possible to have, to be, to create with and from.

Good news though – it is very easy to receive. Much more easy than the hard work, the ‘push,’ and the force people use to try to make it work.

It starts with Asking. I made a video with an exercise for you, called “Barriers Down!” This tool is simply demonstrated in this 1 minute video. I have learned many, many tools working with Access Consciousness. At the present time, I can say this tool has been the single most powerful tool of all tools I have used.  And it is so easy!

Would you like the energies available to you to work with you and for you? Then the other video I highly recommend to be working with energy is Connecting Mind & Body: Pulling Energy. This is not rocket science. If you have a body, then you can do this. You can watch this energy pull exercise.

Reflect on this question: If you could have anything, what would it be?

-Barriers Down!

-Expand Out!

-Pull The Energy In

-Take Action

-Enjoy Actualizing Your Desires

– Repeat 🙂

And if you are ready to manipulate energy  and create glorious possibilities for your life, and even massive change for the planet why we are at it, I invite you to an upcoming Access Bars® day long Class and 4 day Foundation Class.  Take both for 5 Days Of Change with me.  For more information click on the links below.

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How to get out of body judgment for good

In the following article tell you the truth that no one tells you.  I discuss why you have the body judgment and body image you do. I give you effective tools climb out of the matrix of body judgment.

The Truth That No One Tells You

Most people don’t want to hear it.  They are dependent on the matrix system to tell them everything they know.  They do not desire to look at the truth.  If this is you, stop reading.  This is the wrong blog post.  However, if you have been aware that there is more that is going on than meets the eye, or if you are aware that something  is off, I invite you to read on.  You are about to be given the keys to unlock, unravel, and erase a tremendous limitation.  Our world is living with tremendous amount of lies about bodies and has for millenia. In order to understand why you have the body you do and what you can do about it your negative body image, I need to give you some important information.  Only read this if you want the truth.  Let’s begin with the truth no one tells you, discussed in the next six paragraphs.

When two or more people agree with a point of view, that creates an energy for that thing to be actualized.  A culture, for instance, holds the points of views that a group of people have taken on and made real, vital, valuable, and true.  For instance,  bring to mind a culture, a country, a religion, or group of people, such as your family.  What rules, guidelines, attitudes, and beliefs, both spoken, and spoken, exist within that group?  What did they decide or conclude about life?  These beliefs can be anywhere along the spectrum of benign to dangerous.

These beliefs can be widespread.  For example, a widespread, albeit benign cross-cultural belief is the idea of Santa Claus.  Beliefs can be unique to a given culture. For instance, an unusual view from the religion of mormonism that I was raised in, is that baptizing the dead into the mormon church is important.  This is done so that beings who have died can have more truth and attain the highest degree of glory in heaven.  Practicing mormons believe that those people just didn’t get a chance to hear the truth in their lifetime, and that those people will be grateful to be given the truth through baptism by proxy, which is done in their temples.

These beliefs, ideas, judgments, attitudes, and fixed points of views are usually passed down from generation to generation in perpetuity until a big change maker shows up and shakes things loose. For example, Jeshua Ben Josef, Martin Luther, Ghandi, and Susan B. Anthony easily come to mind.  What other change makers come to mind?  These people have usually endured a great deal of resistance.

The important thing to know about all of this is this.  Some beliefs, judgments, and attitudes have way more ‘charge,’ or polarity attached.  Polarity is has a positive and negative side.  For example, right and wrong, or good and bad.  The more charge a particular judgment has, the greater the density, or solidity, that it holds in the matrix of limited reality that makes up the human world.  The more people that align and agree or resist and react to an idea, an ideology or a belief system, the more they order that into physical their collective reality.  Can you see why we have so many conflicts?  It’s really quite insane.

Whether you see it or not, we all have had a part in creating this limited reality.  Any time you judge, come to a conclusion, or decide something about anything or anyone,  you have just created a polarity and solidified that point of view into your personal reality. That means that for every belief you have, whether you are aware of this belief or not, you necessitate an experience  that aligns with your fixed point of view come into your physical reality.  It must now show up in your world.  This can work for you, as there are positive judgments, conclusions, and decisions.  But more often than not, these “DJC’s” as I call them, will work against you.  How do you move beyond this limited reality?  Would you like to learn to create from a totally new space of possibilities?  Keep reading.

As I stated above, when two or more people align and agree or resist and react to a point of view, judgment, decision, attitude, belief, etc., they limit what can actually show up in their collective reality.   What makes the category of “BODIES” so limited?  It is that most people have very defined, fixed points of views, judgments, and conclusions on just what a body is, and what it is not.

How to move beyond the matrix of body judgment

What have you decided a body is or isn’t?  What have you decided your body is capable of or isn’t?  How do you invite the space of creation to open up to you so that you can create something way way way beyond limited reality?  What would it take to create something different, and extraordinary, with your body?  What do you know is possible with, as, and for bodies?  Would you be willing to claim, own, and acknowledge your awareness?

There are people who do and have done extraordinary things with their bodies.  For example, there are a few people throughout the world who have learned to live on light energy, and not food, for many years.  There are people who can wear just shorts all day in freezing temperatures  There are people who can hold their breath underwater for over 20 minutes.  There are people in their seventies who don’t look old.  I know one personally.   There are people who have survived falls when their parachute didn’t open.  You can read about some of these amazing feats here. 10 Amazing Feats Achieved By Human Beings.

What beliefs, attitudes, judgments, and fixed points of views have you bought from your family before the age of two that contribute to the body you have today?  What points of views about bodies have you bought from religion?  From society?  From the western medical establishment?  Would you like to de-solidify those so that you invite another possibility with, as, and for your body?  What points of views could you chose to function from so that something else could show up? Start with asking, “What is MY reality?”  And then, Listen.


Below are 7 simple, magical tools from the tool kit I am using known as Access Consciousness®.  You can use any or all of these tools to receive the change you are asking for.  But don’t use them if you aren’t ready for change. You will change!


What if everything is just an interesting point of view?  Your point of view creates your reality, your reality does not create your point of view.  Bring to mind a judgment you have about your body.  Now, say the following out loud: “Interesting Point Of View I Have This Point Of View.”  Say it a few times.  Now….do you notice anything different?  Pay attention to the sensations you perceive from your body.  Is there a subtle space that has opened up, that may not have been present in your awareness before you asked the question?

2 – Light & Heavy 

The way to begin to tap into your magic begins simply by following and choosing what is light for you.  For instance, you have a choice to make on what school to attend.  Here is how you know what works best for you:  When something is true for you, there are signals sent to you and/or your body.  It will light up your world.  It will bring a sigh of relief to your body. However, if something is a lie, you will pause.  You feel something is off.  It is heavy.  You will sense your world contract.  Do not choose that.

3 – Question

Albert Einstein has said

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the answer, I would spend the first 55 minutes figuring out the proper questions to ask. For if I knew the proper questions, I could solve the problem in less than 5 minutes.”

Question everything!  What if it is simply your job to ask, and the universe’s job to deliver? Here are some great questions for starters –

How does it get any better than this?  Ask this question when something good happens, and when something bad happens.

What else is possible?  If you are stuck, with anything, I highly recommend this question.  This question alone has changed my world.

Note for the reader:  For the rest of this article, I invite you to keep an open mind.  The tools are weird and wacky, and they work!  They are assisting thousands of people around the world to change whatever isn’t working in their lives.  Are you next?

Who does this belong to? 

From the Access Consciousness® website:

What’s This All About?Have you ever felt sad for no reason? Have you ever felt suddenly angry or happy and didn’t know why? You might consider that some thoughts, feelings and emotions you are having are not even yours. How would your life be different if most of them aren’t? Would it be easier? More joyful?

What if you are way more psychic than you think, and you assume that all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you have are yours? Who’s life are you living? In Access Consciousness we have the point of view that all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you are experiencing aren’t yours, and there is this simple and easy tool (one of the greatest tools in Access) that will give you more freedom if you are willing to ask a question.  

So if you are interested in having an easier, more fun and more joyful life… keep reading to find out the tool, if you are not interested in having an easier, more fun, and more joyful life then stop reading; otherwise you could change your life!

1. The Tool

Okay, so the tool is: Who Does This Belong To? Just ask this question for every thought, feeling and emotion you have and if it feels lighter at all, then it’s not yours. And after that, the only thing you have to do is return it to sender.

Easy enough for you? Would you be willing to give it a try? What do you have to lose? All the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not yours!!! So, if you are brave enough to find out how many of the thoughts, feelings and emotions you are having that are not yours … then take the 3-DAY CHALLENGE!

2. The Challenge

For every thought, feeling and emotion you have during the 3-days ask, “Who Does This Belong To?” then return it all to sender. Don’t bother to find out where it came from—just return it, and see what shows up in your life

Participate with us!  Join the Who Does This Belong To? Facebook group

One last thing to add about using this particular question as a tool.  If you’ve asked “Who does this belong to?” and the heaviness is still in your world, somewhere you have bought it as yours.  That is where the next tool comes in.  The clearing statement.

The more you ask questions, the more you will see results and will get excited to ask even more questions.  There are 2 resources a recommend to delve in even further.

#1  The Book 91 Days Of Q

Are you new to living in the question? 91 Days of Q is a daily three-month collection of questions to help keep you in the zone. Each question is accompanied by examples and background for how and when you might use it…also filled with questions to keep you opening doors to possibilities.


access consciousness

4 – Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement

The clearing statement is a fabulous tool to change anything.  Anywhere you sense a block or limitation in your way, or are stuck, use this tool!

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them.” – Einstein

5 – Access Bars®

What are The Bars? They are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. The Bars store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. There are Bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money, etc. Each Bar corresponds with that aspect or area of your life that it is named. When I touch the Bars on your head you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life.

How does having my Bars run benefit you? Everyone experiences something different. And every time they have their bars run they experience something different. People have reported that after their Bars session they felt more relaxed, have more energy, slept better than they have in months, have more clarity, depression and anxiety faded, less triggered by certain people or situations, clearing of things not working in their life, improved mental clarity, etc.


Your body is a sensorial organ.  It is always perceiving and transmitting information.  Many of us have lost our ability to accurately receive what the body is communicating.  In order to hone in on what your body is saying, ask it questions.  And then, Listen.  The language of the body is different than spoken language.  It can give sensations, pictures, and energetic cues.  Here are four questions you can ask about anything related to your body.


For example, when my small dog ingested some chocolate, I asked these four questions while remaining calm. The mainstream point of view is that chocolate is poison for dogs.  I placed my hands on her abdomen to provide healing body processes.  I listened to the information her body was transmitting to my body.  I knew that I didn’t have to take her to the vet, that everything would be ok.  Everything turned out fine.

7 – Receive Hands On Body Processes

There are over 60 different hands on Access Consciousness body processes.  There are ones that remove and eliminate the impelled judgments that you have stuck in your body. I have written about some of my experiences with these body processes.  You can go here to read more. 

You can contact me for an Access Bars® and Access Body Process session here.  You can learn more about and register for upcoming Access Consciousness® & Access Bars® classes here. 


My Bad Dream About Heaven

I’ve been processing some entanglements with religion.  Yesterday It had been in the back of my mind, this intense energy of proving oneself as worthy and, having to strive to earn your place in heaven.  I am acutely aware of the millions of people around me that are meaningfully going through purgatory as a means to an end, that end being a righteous end in heaven.

That intensity of awareness starting increasing yesterday, as I am getting ready to attend an Access Consciousness Foundation class.  What I am aware of is that doing a laundry list of things in order to prove oneself as worthy is a lie that many people function from.  It is a lie that is constantly bought and sold to children in orthodox religions such as mormonism and catholicism.  I have been so busy with work that I haven’t sat with it enough to ask more questions about what to do with the intense awareness I am receiving.

Then last night I had a bad dream about it all that woke me up with a startle. In this dream I was in a lifetime where I gave up and gave over all my power over to some source and force outside myself.  I had been doing life and doing the things taught to me that I should do in order to earn my way into heaven.  When it was time to go to heaven, I didn’t desire to go.  But I was escorted away anyways.  I was uneasy as I was being flown to the gate with this tall, black, hooded figure. We were gliding along, easily. When we got to an entry point,  I was told what I needed to say and how to act.  Then I could sense the dark hooded figure communicating with entities beyond the entryway.  These entities were controlling the gateway.  They were not in view, yet I knew they were there.  There was some foreign sounding word I’ve never heard before.  It was dark all around me.  The entry way, or gate, was like this large black spinning ‘ceiling fan’ above my head.  Possibly some kind of dimension or gateway to another realm.  I knew that going up through there would be more like a prison then not, yet I couldn’t articulate it.  I just had this pit in my stomach and felt uneasy.  It wasn’t a joyful ocurence.  It was like a solemn procession.

black hooded figure

After we had been there a while, the gate wasn’t opening.  The communication was that I was not being allowed to enter.  They didn’t know what to do with me.

As all of this was taking place, I was aware that there was ‘family’, that came from out of town to be with each other as it related to me, for this occasion.  The family viewed the goings on as my ‘going to heaven’ time.  The awful thing about this family is that I had no idea who they were. They were these completely obese, lazy humans who were slow in affect.  I loathed them.

Then, I woke up.

What is heaven?

Many people are conditioned to believe that heaven is a place of rest from all the hard work and drudgery of your formal life.  All that work that you had to put in in order to be deemed worthy.  You are in heaven now.  You have been proven worthy.  There is no more working for your reward.  This place is filled with an eternal peace.  Nothing ever bad occurs in heaven, and nobody does anything wrong.

But there are conditions.  This power that judged you as good enough to get into heaven is outside yourself.  You assume this sources is greater than you.  This force outside of you, you have made greater than you.  Do you see?  Do you see how your choices are now narrowed down to standards that fit the right good perfect and correct mold of being with life eternal?  Do you have any control over this heaven?  Or is this heaven a concept that was invented, is perpetrated, and is maintained by the power that you gave to it and continue to give to it?  What if ‘heaven’ is another mechanism of control designed to limit you?  (Further, wouldn’t you become bored by being in the constraints of this so called heaven?  Wouldn’t you wish to grow, play, and have adventures?  The kind of adventures that go beyond a contrived heaven’s standards?)

There are many damaging effects in believing something or someone outside of yourself is greater than you and has the answers.  We are naively taught, when we are young, not to listen to the whispers of magic that surround us.  We loose track of our natural ability to communicate with and receive from planet Earth. It has been damaging to our relationship with the entity known as Earth for us to cut ourselves off from the very real contribution she can be to us.

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

Over the last few years I have studied enough, asked enough questions, and had enough experiences to know that there is a tremendous amount that deception that the human species has bought into and has been functioning from.  If you would like to be free from the illusion and the false light matrix, I highly recommend beginning by watching movies like “The Matrix.” Then seek out highly skilled healers and modalities designed to facilitate your freedom.  The best set of techniques tools and processes I have come across to empower you is known as Access Consciousness.  Access Consciousness will assist you to change anything not working.  The foundational modality is known as Access Bars. Receiving an Access Bars session will destory limitations and free your body and energetic system; In essence, it will unplug you from the matrix.  The rest is up to you and what YOU choose.  Read essays, listen to radio shows, and watch videos by people such as Andrew Bartzis, Wes Penre, and Cameron Day.  These people provide information about how our species has been being duped and imprisoned in ways that go beyond just the physical earth – the physical earth is that which our five senses are attunded to; what we hear and see daily.  They have given me required information for my journey to be easier.  Especially useful is Andrew Bartzis revokations as well as Cameron Day’s advice about revokations.  The Access Consciousness clearing statement is also very useful to erase anywhere you hold a charge about anything in your body and mental / emotional system. Read more about the clearing statement in my blog 4 Tools To Get Unstuck Fast.

I invite you to get in touch with You again. The You that is Infinite Being.  One of the questions in Ten Keys To Total Freedom  by Gary Douglas, is “would an infinite being truly choose this?”  Ask this question when you are choosing something, such as work, a relationship, or a move to make.  If you are aware that choosing something will create more for you, choose it.  If you are aware that it will create a big pile of crap for you and your life, don’t choose it!  For more about Question as a tool to freedom, Read my blog 4 Tools To Get Unstuck Fast.

The Planet is teetering right now.  It’s future sustainability is in your hands.  It now is up to you, Dear One.  Be the magic you know is possible.  With each and every choice for life, it creates more for the possibilities of all of us.  All of us who care.  All of us who remember this planet as she once was and as the glory she Be.  The magic of what you have believed is heaven is already inside you, waiting for you to discover it.  Tap into the place of infinite possibilities.  What infinite potency of you have you not acknowledged, that is ready for you to claim, own and acknowledge it? What would the world be like if you chose that?

Blog:  My bad dream about heaven


Does the pain and suffering you see or experience put you on edge? Here’s what you can do!

Thought on Condemning pain and suffering:  Condemning does nothing to dissolve the problem.  In fact, that which you are criticizing will than solidify and become that much more real.  The ONLY thing that ever really sticks you is…and it is not your outer circumstances or those you see occurring in the world…Get ready for this –


Yes, judgment.  Judgment that the situation occurring is ‘horrible.  That it is bad and wrong.

For example, I recently read an article about a German shepherd who was chained to a tree for 13 years.  This animal was exposed to the elements of Seattle all year round.  It finally got bad enough (laws in this country are not adequate for pet care) that a neighbor complained more adamantly, police were able to seize the animal.  The animal is now in foster care awaiting its home. The comment section was full of people making comments that the owner should rot in hell.  That that action is horrible, awful, mean and vicious.

What about being grateful that this animal will get to live the rest of its life now with love and comfort?  What about being grateful that YOU are here on the Earth and YOU do not and would not ever treat an animal that way? You wouldn’t want to claim that kind of power to change things, now, would you?

My question to you is:  does Your reaction do anything to really solve the problem?  This world is full of stories like this.  Does your bitchin’ about the situation change it?  Have we made progress when bitchin’ has been done, collectively?  Yes.  Think women’s suffrage, civil rights, recent LGBTQ rights.  Unfortunately, great change has not normally come without a great catalyst of suffering/pain first.  How many women had to be treated as the man’s property before simple things like suffrage could be achieved?  How many African Americans and other minorities had to endure discrimination in jobs, equal pay, education and endure violence to even achieve something as basic as civil rights? etc.

Who is aware that this world urgently requires change?  Who is aware that we are on the brink of something that may appear to be really ugly though?  Ugly such as war, massive deaths from disease, earth changes that will lead to more humans dying? Who is judging this?  Who is afraid of this?  Who is even afraid to see this and so is ignoring this? Those responses all are RE-Actions.  Reaction is a type of judgment.  Reactions Do NOT solve the problem.  Reactions serve to solidify that which you are judging, making the possibility of them occurring more real.  It doesn’t mean you can’t call politicians on their crap.  It doesn’t mean you sit silent when big oil corporations want to add more tar sand lines through pristine wilderness.  It doesn’t mean you allow GMO companies to covertly replace natural food sources with ify at best ‘enhancements’ to our collective food supply.  It doesn’t mean you sit idly by while the planet Earth’s sentience is howling for us to please stop the insanity.  If you know it has to STOP, SPEAK OUT.

We in America are so inculcated to just think of ourselves as separate from ‘them’ in other countries…For instance, with the Syria bombings. it’s happening to ‘them.’  We are safe picking our noses while watching our favorite sitcom.  This is exactly what our government is hoping our apathetic choice will be: status quo.

The thing is is that Status Quo is killing our collective future.  For example, I am appalled that our taxes go 50% to an oppressive militarized industrial complex.  I am aghast about learning about the Federal Reserve.  These are just a few of all the things that must change, yes in order for us to have a chance to continue to be here in this world. The Earth herself may kick most of us off again, because, she isn’t going to take our plundering of her resources and disrespect of her land any more.  In truth, she can not take our lack of regard for life, or she will DIE.  She has already made the choice to live.  Whether we as a collective choose to come along or not is up to us.  Until we make that choice, until then, pain and suffering will continue to be the catalyst.

We in America, we are conditioned to think life is about work, immediate family, and being comfortable.  However, the delicacy of life on this planet is hanging in the balance right now.  So will you stand for a change?  Do you know things have to change?  What action could you take today to create a different reality right away?  Think of it this way…Given the way things currently are, we are that dog chained to that tree.  But, unlike that dog, we can untie our own chain.  We have a voice to say, this isn’t right (deforesting, allowing wildlife to die off, GMO’s, etc) and we demand it stops.  We can call our legislatures.  We can educate our friends.  We can protest openly.  This and much more.

We can ask questions.  Questions like “What can we be and do different to create a different world right away?”  Anytime you ask a question, this opens a door to receive an awareness of what actions you can take to create the desired result.  Always.

Einstein said we will not solve our problems at the same level we created them.  Who is aware that this world is choke full of pain and suffering and misery?  Great!  I am too!  What can be done about it?  Does feeling sorry about it and lending sympathy really assist?
It may take the sting away, yes, but the wound is still festering!

Being in allowance of what is opens a door that can lead you to a different reality, but until then, ANYTHING you judge is going to continue to kick you in the behind.

Curious for change?  Ready to be that difference?
What if it could be easy?

Start by asking more questions.

Einstein said if he had only an hour to solve a problem, he would use the first 55 min formulating the correct question to ask, and the last 5 minutes taking action.Questions

Open the door to another possibility.  Stand up for a different future for you. Stand up for a different world for future generations.

The modality I have learned known as Access Consciousness® is a potent way to change anything not working with ease.  I invite you to experience this doorway to a different possibility.

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Victoria Christine
The Voice Of Change


Why America is not the greatest country in the world – Voices of Dissent

Why America is not the greatest country in the world – Voices of Dissent

This is the beginning scene of the HBO series The Newsroom, explaining why America’s Not the Greatest Country Any Longer.

Voice of Dissent:  Good Will Hunting

It is refreshing to hear dissent.  Listen to this Monologue with Matt Damon from the movie Good Will Hunting (1997).  In Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon plays a genius rebel.  He is being offered a very prestigious job with the National Security Agency in this scene.

It can be hard to speak out, but if you are called to do so, you are called to do so.  Here are some well known examples:

Chris Hedges is a renowned American journalist whose dissenting views are featured online.  He risks his livelihood to voice dissent in today’s current climate.  In expressing his views on the Bradley Manning inquisition, he states:

 The decision to punish the soldier who reported these war crimes rather than the soldiers responsible for these crimes mocks our pretense of being a nation ruled by law. – Chris Hedges

And Ron Paul, former politician and 2012 presidential candidate states

In The Empire of Lies, Truth is Treason

Article:  Why America is not the greatest country in the world – Voices of Dissent


The Problems with Vaccines

Have you noticed that the number of vaccines offered to babies and children has skyrocketed?

the problems with vaccines

The problems with vaccines are many. The problems with vaccines could be a laundry list one mile long.

A video that lay out the disturbing details about the truth of vaccination is Teal Scott’s video.  She  discusses the wave of destruction that the current level of unconsciousness surrounding vaccines is creating on this planet.

 The Problems with Vaccines – Additives

I really liked this article on world and natural news, and would like to give it a shout out. What’s Really in Vaccines? Proof of MSG, Formaldehyde, Aluminum & Mercury

The CDC openly admits this here: Ingredients of Vaccines – Fact Sheet

Wow.  Just shocking.

In one hundred years, we will know that the biggest crime against humanity was vaccinations – Teal Scott

So, I wonder…how does it get any better than this?

What else is possible?

Know your state’s exemptions.  Find out here

Let’s stop the insanity before it’s too late.  Let’s see what change we can create.

Article:  The Problems With Vaccines


Being the change to stop violence against women: what will it take?

Putting an end to violence against women

I recently supported participation in One Billion Rising Strike – Dance – Rise on February 14, 2014, SAY NO to violence against women and girls.. One in three woman on the planet is being raped or beaten in her lifetime. That would be about one billion. In the United States, a woman is being raped every 9 seconds.

I recently learned from Donna McAleer that in 2013 the US House passed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act with little support from the Utah delegation in a mostly partisan vote with Reps Bishop, Chaffetz and Stewart all voting against it. So 5/6 of Utah’s states delegation did not support this bill. S. 47: Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013

Whatever any of the House representatives’ reasonings are to be for or against this violence against women bill, I don’t really care. The fact that a strong bipartisan bill went through is to be applauded. I acknowledge that progress is being made to really see and be aware of this problem at a governmental level. I have a question though. Is government programming is the answer? If yes, than I have another question: How has putting our trust implicitly with a force outside of ourselves been working for us? We’ve been lead to believe that change is outside of us. They (governments, parents, etc) will take care of it for us. Does not this framework of reference fit exactly into the mold of victim mentality?

Another question: Is having a government spending vasts sums of money on these programs really going to work? It may put a Band-Aid on the problem. In my view, we’ve covered it with band-aids long enough. This is a hemorrhage. What changes are required than, for violence against women to cease in totality?

Jeremy Meltzer: How Men Can Stop Violence Against Women

This TedEx Video was given in December 2012. Jeremy Meltzer is a man who is roaring: “Not one more sister, Not one more daughter, Not one more mother!” “Stop Violence against women!”

Is now the time for us to be the change we’ve been waiting for? One thing I know is that the invisible quantum network we are all interconnected rises to support us in choosing differently. Here’s an awareness of mine: Violence Against Women, any form of violence, can not continue to exist in the face of consciousness. What can I do to stop violence against women?

What if we exercised allowance for what is and than asked questions like “can I change this? If so, how can I change this?”

Is worrying about the neighbor ‘Sally’ or feeling sorry for the gal on the news ‘Judy’ really going to create the change required? Does buying the story and commiserating about how bad it is change anything?  Here is what most people will not say.  Allowing other people the freedom to choose to create their lives could be a gift. Could there be something you could contribute though? What energy, space, and consciousness could you be to have clarity and ease with this? How could choosing your joy, no matter how absurd it appears to others, be, to create the change required? What would it take to have a life of joy and ease? Could being in your joy be an invitation to greater possibility that inspires other people to choose differently? And if they don’t, could you honor their choice in that too? And remember, just because someone else can’t know it, doesn’t mean you can’t know it.

Something I have been asking more of to show up in my world is kindness, gentleness, and caring. How would it be to have more kindness in and as your reality? What could that be like? What choice can you make today to receive, be, know, and have kindness and gentleness in your world, more than you can even imagine, right away?

stopping violence against women

How would that change things for the greater whole of the world?  Be kind to you.








Stop Violence Against Women


A Call To All Free Spirits & Change Makers On Earth

A Call To All Free Spirits & Change Makers On Earth

We are at a time in history in humanity when our Dis-Ease is Comfortable.  Choosing to go beyond what this reality say is the way things are requires courage.  Creating Ease isn’t always comfortable.  You are a trail blazer in a world scathing with insanity and war-mongering. It is time.  You hear the whisper “Change or Die.”  Will you answer the call?  Lead Out Wild Child.  The world is beside you.  The Universe has your back.

change makers

Aim & Demand of Live Your Brilliance LLC:

  I facilitate men and women desiring to break free from mass cultural, religious, and educational indoctrination.
-We at Live Your Brilliance LLC empower people to break the mold in order to live a life of their own choosing.

We at Live Your Brilliance LLC inspire magical, big hearted beings, joy givers, and change makers to claim their unique magic and live their brilliance
We at Live Your Brilliance LLC facilitate oneness and consciousness to thrive on planet Earth, including the awareness that the earth is us and we are the earth

Three powerful ways that I facilitate you to Live Your Brilliance

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Live Your Brilliance,

Victoria Christine