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Incidental Every Day Magic – A Personal Testament from Victoria

Aug 20, 2014

I had a spider bite the size of a golf ball that became infected with MRSA.  After nearly three weeks of healing treatments and wondering what else is possible, I was up at Tony Grove Campground receiveing an Access Bars® session.  The combined energy of the pine trees and the clearing from having my bars running resulted in an immediate decrease in the size of the golf ball by half.  I knew right then and there that everything would be ok and that it had received healing.  The next day it was the size of grape.  And in three days it was peanut size.  In 4 days it was gone.

Aug 31, 2014

I was at Costco standing in a long line to get pizza for dinner. I decided to pay for the persons’ behind me dinner. I turned around, and this Lavish drag queen, decked out to the hilt, was smiling at me. (Keep in mind, this is Utah). I give the cashier $5. The drag queen and I and my tot end up sitting together for dinner. I was absolutely vulnerable and no judgment was in my world. I asked that money to return to me $100 fold. Within a couple days, someone bought my entire rock collection for $135. Coincidence?

Sept 2, 2014

I have to brag. 4 new shirts, 3 new jeans, 1 new exercise outfit, 1 lingerie, 2 necklaces, and one Wild Women Symposium dress for: $50 some odd buckaroos! There was a 50% labor day sale at consignment shop. The clothes are wonderful for my body. My body Loves them!  I had just cleared the closet out a few days earlier of about 50lbs and 30 clothes I hadn’t worn.  One I hadn’t worn since 1999!  It was like a took a huge energetic dump when I got rid of those clothes, which allowed an opening for clothes that my body enjoys to come in.


Magic is the ability to change anything instantaneously.  – Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®

Do you have a story of everyday magic?  Share in the comments below!


From Drowning, to Life Preserver, to Life Boat – My Story

Have you ever been told something that had such an impact and was such a gift, it was as if someone threw you a life float?  For instance, when I was a teenager, I was desperately struggling to stay afloat. I was swimming in deep choppy waters feeling so alone and scared.  My family dynamics were falling apart.  My mom had a breakdown and she skipped out on me and my 2 sisters.  She left home, leaving her older children behind, telling them she needed a break. My sisters were on drugs, attempting suicide multiple times, or deeply depressed.  I choose deeply depressed.  This bitterness became a deep, dark, shameful secret, and something I’ve chosen to function from for the majority of my life.  It became so engrained to the point that I didn’t even recognize it.  It just was they way things were.  I was drowning in despair.  Drowning in believing all the “I can’t” that people threw my way.  I thought, in order to show caring, I would also function from “I can’t.”  What I didn’t know is how choosing to align with this belief, I was destroying the possibilities for my own life.  I was so thirsty for someone to show me another way.  Then, a life saver came in.  A teacher at church gave an inspirational lesson.   I was so impressed by her lesson.  I clutched her handout, and kept it for years.  In fact, this was my motto for one of the roughest years of my life:  “Success comes in Cans, not in cant’s.”  Knowing something else was possible…that I could, was my life saver.  Having a life saver was useful, no doubt.  It has gotten me this far.  But how much room is there to move and be alive, and create from, when you are hanging onto a life preserve in choppy deep waters?  What if there was a boat that was stopping and offering to pick you up?  Would you be willing to get on board?

So some questions for self reflection I have to offer for you to look at is:

What are some of the lifesavers you’ve been offered that you took?

Is their anywhere in your life where you refused the boat when help was offered you?  and then, it passed you by?

What are the boats that you have chosen to climb aboard on?  How did choosing to get on that boat elevate your life and the possibilities for your glorious future?


Victoria Christine Dortzbach Bares It All

Today I’m letting it all hang out. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

15 Weird, Wild, Little known, & Fun Facts About Me!

1) My favorite dessert that I make is choco-mole. Ripe avocado, figs, banana, and maple syrup, with a couple Tb of cocoa powder. Blend all ingredients in a food processor and enjoy!

2) My dad took me to the park every Saturday week for a few years growing up ♥ Thanks William Dobbs.

3) My dad turned on Classical Music records almost every night growing up. Telemann, Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchiakovsky, Bach, etc, were household names.

4) I resisted and reacted to either having kids or not having kids for soo long because I’ve perceived a whole lot of BS around a women’s identity being wrapped up around her children. And, I finally asked, (after Being You, Changing the World class) “what could I add to my life to bring greater possibilities?” …what d’you know, one month later, I was pregnant.

5) I’ve quadrupled the amount of traveling I’ve done since having a baby than is average for me in a year (like once a year)…and what would it take to have joy and travel wherever, with whomever, and whenever I like? Booyah! Don’t let having ‘a baby’ excuse stop you honeys.

6) My dad read the whole series of Narnia books to us a bedtime growing up. (Did I have an above average dad or what?)

7) Since my Dad is from Middlevillage, Queens NY, I’ve been to NYC visit 3 times (that I can recall)

8) He was raised Catholic, by Protestant parents, in a Jewish neighborhood, so that taught him religious tolerance and diversity. He hence leads a religious transition group that I have attended that has helped me immensely in coming out that I am no longer mormon, nor do I ever care to be…for those of you mormons reading this ( I hold no animosity. Even if you think I’m going to hell because of it, that’s ok)

9) I love the Wasatch Range mountains where Iive. I commune and resonate with them, I would miss them if I moved away.

10) I spent from age 2 – 13 in North Las Vegas.

11) I sang opera for 12 years. I sang it damn well:

12) I trained a pet parakeet in 4th grade to tweet a tune and land on my finger. I took it to school for show and tell and let it loose in the classroom. It got scared and stayed up in the lights for 20-30 minutes before flying back to me. 🙂

13) I am allergic to my mom’s cat, my mother-in-law’s cat, and my sister in law’s cat. I end up having to leave from their homes from 20 minutes to 2 hours after I arrive there because my breathing gets compromised. But, I am not allergic to Julie Merwin’s 2 big long haired cats, for whose home I’ve gone to several times for 3 hour Access Bars swaps. Go figure. Magical me!

14) I burp really loud. Excuse me.

15) I am a choice-a-tarian. I used to be a vegetarian. Choice-a-tarian means checking in with the body to ask what it requires. That sirloin soup I had at “A Delicious Date with your Body” was Heaven!

Now It’s your turn to flaunt it! What’s one crazy daisy factoid about you?

Share in the comments below.

Article: Victoria Christine Dortzbach Bares It All