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Moving Beyond Drama & Victimization – Receiving Ease & Grace and Caring For You in Your Reality with Access Bars

In this reality people create connection based on Drama. Are you tired of listening to others stories of what happened to them?  Is sympathizing and buying their stories empowering to you or them? Further, do you feel cared for when others sympathize with your circumstances? Is that really caring?  As a former psychiatric nurse, I cared for people by sympathizing with their situations, thinking I was helping them. What I was really doing was dis-empowering them. How sick is that?

The Webster’s Dictionary 1913 edition:


Vic”tim (?), n. [L. victima: cf. F. victime.]

1. A living being sacrificed to some deity, or in the performance of a religious rite; a creature immolated, or made an offering of.

Led like a victim, to my death I’ll go. Dryden.

2. A person or thing destroyed or sacrificed in the pursuit of an object, or in gratification of a passion; as, a victim to jealousy, lust, or ambition.

3. A person or living creature destroyed by, or suffering grievous injury from, another, from fortune or from accident; as, the victim of a defaulter; the victim of a railroad accident.

4. Hence, one who is duped, or cheated; a dupe; a gull. [Colloq.]

Could the remedy to this malady of mass scale drama and victimhood be found inside? What would be possible when each one of us connects with and even experience a communion with ones self?  What would it be like to have intimacy for and with you?  Are you willing to look inside and perceive, know, be, and receive who you Be?

We are not taught to do this in this reality.  We have been entrained to look outside ourselves for the answer.  Many of us have no reference point for this our own awareness…our very being.  For the most part, our relationships are FILLED with expectations, co-dependencies, projections, and polarity.  The energy of The 5 Elements Of Intimacy (Honor, Allowance, Gratitude, Vulnerability, & Trust) being in relationship is the exception, not the rule.

Access Bars

Now I present something different. I invite you to a different possibility.  I am facilitating Access Bars® Classes.  In this class we will be learning a hands on Access Consciousness body process called Access Bars ® clears away the old programming so you can begin choosing and creating true intimacy with yourself and others now. This process invites you into beginning to Receive Being The Space of You. Receive what you’ve always known is possible, here, and now.  I invite you to begin to create beyond the confines of this reality.  For more Information and To Register Click Here.  To stay apprised of future classes, join my Access Newsletter list here, and receive a 5 Tools To Create Your Joy Filled Life as a Thank You Gift.

Excerpt from Access Bars Website:  Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed and nurtured and cared for? Or has it been a little too long since you received healing and kindness without any judgment of your body or your being?

The first class in Access is The Bars®. Did you know there are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive? These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything!

Each Access Bars ® session can release 5-10 thousand years of limitations in the area of your life that corresponds with the specific Bar being touched. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change.

How much of your life do you spend doing rather than receiving? Have you noticed that your life is not yet what you would like it to be? You could have everything you desire (and even greater!) if you are willing to receive lots more and maybe do a little less! Receiving or learning The Bars® will allow this to begin to show up for you.

Access Bars ® has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their body and their life including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more. At worst you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.

Taking the Access Bars ® class is a prerequisite for all Access Consciousness® Core Classes as it allows your body to process and receive the changes you are choosing with ease.

Access BarsIs This What You’ve been asking for? Sign up for class here


Massage Therapists can receive CEU credits for taking this class. For more Information and To Register Click Here


Who is a Leader?

Who is a Leader?

As millionaire Tony Rush has said, A Leader does not have to have followers. A Leader does have to be willing to be in charge of their own life and living in ways that can take a lot of courage. You see, many people are just content to settle.

Going for your Dreams and Demanding to Have It All are traits of a Leader. Acting in the moment on your inspiration can bring you far.  People will notice. If you think, “How can I be a leader?  I have little or no experience,” why let that limit you?  Perhaps you could think of it this way:  Leadership is based on where you are going, not on where you have come from. So be bold and step into your life more fully than you’ve ever given yourself permission to before. What would you like as your life? What do you wish to create now on this beautiful planet? What is your next step in creating that?  Now Take Action.

Derek Sivers on Being A Leader


Derek Sivers on Being A Leader

Here is one process I have used, courtesy of Access Consciousness, that has unlocked the doors for me to step into my leader capacities.  “What do you not want to know, that you really do know, that if you would allow yourself to know it, would change your reality?” Would you be willing to let go of anything that doesn’t allow that?

You’ve got to be willing to Know what you know, even if you are the only one in the world who knows it in the world . . . like you know it. When you are willing to do that, you are stepping up as a leader.


Also, we’ve got to go from thinking that a leader is a one person on top gig that everyone else follows, to an inclusive “we” mindset.  In the kingdom of me, having rank is valuable.  In the kingdom of we,  no one is more special or important than anyone else.  Everyone’s contribution to the whole is honored.  I’ve been able to tap into and remember past lives where leadership councils was the established order and rule. It was so different from the way our culture is now, so much so, that the average person would not be able to comprehend the difference. These societies were highly effective and happy cultures!

The human mind is a tainted mind, with the strife of mitote, as Don Miguel Ruiz, in the book The Four Agreements writes.  From childhood, we are told to honor authority.  We are trained to be patriotic.  Our Religions extol the virtue of being obedient.

I say this:  It is time for each one of us to trust ourselves and what we know.  Come home to yourself.  And then, step out to be the leader you be.

Article:  Who Is A Leader?


A Call To All Free Spirits & Change Makers On Earth

A Call To All Free Spirits & Change Makers On Earth

We are at a time in history in humanity when our Dis-Ease is Comfortable.  Choosing to go beyond what this reality say is the way things are requires courage.  Creating Ease isn’t always comfortable.  You are a trail blazer in a world scathing with insanity and war-mongering. It is time.  You hear the whisper “Change or Die.”  Will you answer the call?  Lead Out Wild Child.  The world is beside you.  The Universe has your back.

change makers

Aim & Demand of Live Your Brilliance LLC:

  I facilitate men and women desiring to break free from mass cultural, religious, and educational indoctrination.
-We at Live Your Brilliance LLC empower people to break the mold in order to live a life of their own choosing.

-We at Live Your Brilliance LLC inspire magical, big hearted beings, joy givers, and change makers to claim their unique magic and live their brilliance
-We at Live Your Brilliance LLC facilitate oneness and consciousness to thrive on planet Earth, including the awareness that the earth is us and we are the earth

Three powerful ways that I facilitate you to Live Your Brilliance

I am launching my Magic Makers Unleashed! Program this year. In Magic Makers Unleashed! I mentor people who’ve survived religious indoctrination and struggle with depression and self image to embrace themselves and reclaim their fullest expression of life!  I also facilitate Access Bars and Access Body Classes for people of all ages. Lastly, my Soul Song Attunements catalyzes dynamic changes and facilitates connection with your True Self.

Live Your Brilliance,

Victoria Christine


Article: A Radically Different Point Of View – What is Oneness?

 Where lightworkers are mistaken: Why “We are one” is harmful.

The New Age Teaching We are one and “This person Is a mirror of You” is Destructive.

I watched Teal Swan’s latest Ask Teal episode.  I really think Teal Swan and people in the lightworker and new age community have a lot to offer.  But they are grossly mistaken with the belief that ‘we are all one.’  I was steeped in ‘we are all one’ ‘everyone is a mirror of you’ point of view.  While that is one point of view, I have a more healthy skepticism now.

Allow me to futher illuminate my point of view.  Some people, at their core, are indeed rotten, and “not me.”  These perpetrators, they are functioning from a fixed place that is indeed not life-giving.  They do not, and probably will not, choose kindness and caring as a way of being.  We, who are naturally predisposed to kindness and caring, may naively and mistakenly assume others will choose this.  That is not so.  We have allowed them and their mindset to wreak havoc on the planet. They have dominated, manipulated, and controlled this planet into a state paralysis.  If this continues, humanity will be destroyed, and this planet will die.

We who are energy sensitive and predisposed towards caring need to rise up and stand up.  Indeed also, what if we could send kill energy to anything destroying our planet?  Would you be willing to be that energy?  What do you know?  Is this what is required at times right now on this planet?

And now, for me, I am getting that it is critical to be willing to be the energy of ‘raving bitch lunatic,’  when that is required. Teaching others to see “them” as an extension as us” right now, as present circumstances stand, is unsound at best.  It can be harmful, and, at worst, is detrimental to all life on this planet.

What if we could ask questions and we could trust our awareness?  We need to be aware of where people are functioning from so that we are not dominated, manipulated, and controlled.

A good question to ask is “What energy, space, and consciousness can I be to never again be dominated, manipulated, and controlled?”  Also, “What energy, space, and consciousness can me and my body be to Destroy limitation and judgement?”  For as Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness has said, judgement is what is killing the planet.

What is Oneness?

What if we are all “One-ness?”  According to Access Consciousness, the definition of Oneness and consciousness ‘includes everything, and judges nothing.’  So, yes, we truly are not separate.  ONE-NESS offers more room for different variations and flavors to exist.  And some variations, we don’t have to prefer…yet there remains an allowance. You can be functioning from a place in which your point of view is one of violence and destruction however.  The point is to be aware of this, and to use this awareness to your advantage.

Further, this distinction allows for an aggressive presence and aggressive kindness.  It allows for kill energy.  Let’s kill limitation together, shall we?

For more information on Access Consciousness visit the Access Shop


Article:  A Radically Different Point Of View – What is Oneness?


Talk To The Entities – How to communicate with spirits and ghosts

When you think of spirits or ghosts, what comes to mind?  Often it is a place we as humans have covered up and ignored.  I mean, how often do we talk about this in school?  In church?  Or on the news?  Crickets . . . . right?

This subject is a place that honestly spooks many people. That is why I am going to talk about how not to be intimidated by an entity.  What if everyone could communicate with spirits?  What if talking with entities could be ease filled? Would you be willing to have that as a possibility for you?

First, you’ve got to be open.  I learned, through working with the tools of Access Consciousness, a great tool I currently am practicing.  Drop Your Barriers. This means, be vulnerable and push down your walls.  All you have to do is to ask your being and body to “drop my barriers.” Then, be willing to be space.  Expand Out.  I talk about the Energy Expansion Exercise here

Now that you are willing to perceive the energies around you, next I would ask:
Are you aware that an entity is around you?  Whether it be grandma who has passed on, or a soul who is upset and angry, here are a couple of quick tips:

1)  If you run into a spirit, or dieembodied entity, you can always ask  “Do you know you don’t have a body?”  This awareness alone triggers their empowerment.  They no longer feel stuck.  Because thought forms are instantaneous in the astral etheric plane, often times this is enough empowerment for them to remember they are an infinite being.  Then they can go find the place where they can begin to create their next adventure with and in a body of their own.    Many of them will chose to stick around.  What if that were ok?  Particularly if they like it here and are not doing any harm?

2) If your awareness of entities opens up to the point where you begin to receive many entity visitors, you can tell them you have ‘office hours’ at certain times.  Tell them to come back during that time.

3)  It is a popular view among new age type people to send them to the light.  My view is not to send them to the light as a rule…unless I perceive that would be a contribution to a particular soul.  They are a free being with free choice.  And doing so is another mechanism of control that isn’t honoring of them and their free will choice.

If you would like to have empowerment around the world of entities, I highly recommend watching this video.  Talk to the Entities with Shannon O’Hara  Watching this video shifting my whole world around the world of entities and made it so I experienced much more ease with the world of disincarnates.

I also recommend purchasing this book Talk To The Entities, by Shannon O’Hara.  It demystifies the world of spirits and entities.  I have much more ease with the world of entities after coming across the information.

talking with entities - communicate with spirits

What would it be like in the world if we 1) stopped making this area so significant?  2) Acknowledged our capacities and awarenesses with entities?

What would it take to have ease and joy in your interactions with entities?  What if you could communicate with spirits easily?

Live Your Brilliance!

Victoria Christine

Article:  Talk To The Entities – how to communicate with spirits and ghosts


Got an S.O.S. going off? Use this energy expansion tool

Got an S.O.S. going off? Family Gatherings can set off emotional triggers and can heighten stress. Empaths are particularly keen to the stress and may be distressed by this. I have a tool for you.

Energy Expansion Tool

Soften Open Expand

Soften, Open, and Expand Out. This is Particularly useful during for anytime you are in a funk.  Whether you are dealing with stress, family drama or money stories. Often times, these things contracts us.  Just like a muscle, we can not stay contracted.  We must relax.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Connect with your body. Expand out to the size of the world. Now expand out to the size of the solar system. Now the galaxy. Now 100,000 million more miles. Keep going until you can not find the outer edges of you. This is You, as an infinite being.

When you are space, you are not at the effect of others’ dramas. What if you could be at ease?

Live Your Brilliance,

Victoria Christine


Self Love Is Sexy – Recovery from People Pleasing

I had a Master’s degree in people pleasing. I always had a demon on my shoulder ‘like me!  like me!  Like me!  Please!  Like me Please!”  I didn’t even know I did.  But it felt rotten.

I noticed I’d functioned from this contracted place when I was at the Denver airport, going to get my bags, going to an Access Consciousness Level 2 / 3 class in May.  It was so odd, but just having that awareness allowed for me to choose something different.   So, I had that people pleasing degree revoked this year. Self love is Sexy.

self love is sexy - recovery from people pleasingNow I’m playing the “I’m Hot Stuff!” game*.  People will leave you for it.  You’ve got to be willing to leave them behind.  Notice something though?  You have YOU.  And what better way to shine your light is there?

*To Play The “I Am Hot Stuff!” game.  3 steps are involved.  1) you are more willing to see yourself as the kind caring being you are.  If you don’t know what that looks like, think of a kind and caring person you know.  Now, see yourself through their eyes.  2) You can ask the Universe, “Show me the contribution I am being.”  3)  You are willing to loose self-judgement.  You are not trying to prove yourself.  You are willing to relax into the knowing of your Being.

Live Your Brilliance,

Victoria Christine

For more information and resources, please refer to Rehab for People Pleasers – 3 Tips to Overcome People Pleasing  Hear I share my story and awesome wealth of information

Article:  Self Love Is Sexy – Recovery from People Pleasing


Victoria Christine Dortzbach Bares It All

Today I’m letting it all hang out. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

15 Weird, Wild, Little known, & Fun Facts About Me!

1) My favorite dessert that I make is choco-mole. Ripe avocado, figs, banana, and maple syrup, with a couple Tb of cocoa powder. Blend all ingredients in a food processor and enjoy!

2) My dad took me to the park every Saturday week for a few years growing up ♥ Thanks William Dobbs.

3) My dad turned on Classical Music records almost every night growing up. Telemann, Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchiakovsky, Bach, etc, were household names.

4) I resisted and reacted to either having kids or not having kids for soo long because I’ve perceived a whole lot of BS around a women’s identity being wrapped up around her children. And, I finally asked, (after Being You, Changing the World class) “what could I add to my life to bring greater possibilities?” …what d’you know, one month later, I was pregnant.

5) I’ve quadrupled the amount of traveling I’ve done since having a baby than is average for me in a year (like once a year)…and what would it take to have joy and travel wherever, with whomever, and whenever I like? Booyah! Don’t let having ‘a baby’ excuse stop you honeys.

6) My dad read the whole series of Narnia books to us a bedtime growing up. (Did I have an above average dad or what?)

7) Since my Dad is from Middlevillage, Queens NY, I’ve been to NYC visit 3 times (that I can recall)

8) He was raised Catholic, by Protestant parents, in a Jewish neighborhood, so that taught him religious tolerance and diversity. He hence leads a religious transition group that I have attended that has helped me immensely in coming out that I am no longer mormon, nor do I ever care to be…for those of you mormons reading this ( I hold no animosity. Even if you think I’m going to hell because of it, that’s ok)

9) I love the Wasatch Range mountains where Iive. I commune and resonate with them, I would miss them if I moved away.

10) I spent from age 2 – 13 in North Las Vegas.

11) I sang opera for 12 years. I sang it damn well:

12) I trained a pet parakeet in 4th grade to tweet a tune and land on my finger. I took it to school for show and tell and let it loose in the classroom. It got scared and stayed up in the lights for 20-30 minutes before flying back to me. :)

13) I am allergic to my mom’s cat, my mother-in-law’s cat, and my sister in law’s cat. I end up having to leave from their homes from 20 minutes to 2 hours after I arrive there because my breathing gets compromised. But, I am not allergic to Julie Merwin’s 2 big long haired cats, for whose home I’ve gone to several times for 3 hour Access Bars swaps. Go figure. Magical me!

14) I burp really loud. Excuse me.

15) I am a choice-a-tarian. I used to be a vegetarian. Choice-a-tarian means checking in with the body to ask what it requires. That sirloin soup I had at “A Delicious Date with your Body” was Heaven!

Now It’s your turn to flaunt it! What’s one crazy daisy factoid about you?

Share in the comments below.

Article: Victoria Christine Dortzbach Bares It All


The Art & Practice of Receiving Nurturing

The Art & Practice of Receiving Nurturing

Webster’s Dictionary, 1913 edition, defines Nurture (Page: 987)

Nur”ture (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Nurtured (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Nurturing.]

1. To feed; to nourish.

2. To educate; to bring or train up.

Syn. — To nourish; nurse; cherish; bring up; educate; tend. — To Nurture, Nourish, Cherish. Nourish denotes to supply with food, or cause to grow; as, to nourish a plant, to nourish rebellion. To nurture is to train up with a fostering care, like that of a mother; as, to nurture into strength; to nurture in sound principles. To cherish is to hold and treat as dear; as, to cherish hopes or affections.

Nurturing Self & Others

Being Nurtured physically by others and also by nature energizes me. It is something I am aware of that my body requires often.  Nurturing others is also something I derive satisfaction from.  As I child I would often play ‘nurse.’  When I grew up, I worked as a nurse aide and nurse for 25 years, from age 18 to 36.  Now-a-days as a breast-feeding mother, I am intimately acquainted with nurturing another.  In particular, breast feeding provides for a physical, emotional, and psychological bond that is unique and magical.

Nurturing is a way for me to so often contribute to others.  But, when one disregards being nurtured by others in lieu of giving to others endlessly, this can be a trap that we fall into.  When we disallow receiving nurturing by others, we are harming ourselves.  I especially am aware of this trap as it relates to women. Women in particular can make nurturing very one sided by giving.  It can and has helped generations of women feel special and valued to give succor and aide to their families, and care for their well-being. So many of us are used to Giving, A lot. I have been this way. I identified with giving.

But what about receiving?  I will not beat around the bush. It is harder to be open and on the receiving end for many of us.  Would you be willing to release and let go of any of the conditioning you have functioned from in which nurturing of you was not honored?

The Art & Practice of Receiving Nurturing

Here are some ways that you can receive nurturing.

√ Ask for a Hug √Receive an Access Bars™ or Access Body session √ Go To The Water – The Ocean, A Hot Springs, or Your Bathtub.  √Spend Alone Quiet Time in Nature √ Listen to great music √ Have Great Sex √ Eat Very Good Food √ Wear Better Than Average Clothes on an average day √ Go on a walk √ Share a conversation with someone who uplifts you √ Do something you have been putting off (it frees up energy and feels good!) √ Read Poetry √ Take A Nap

What are some other ways you can think of to receive nurturing? To: Your body? Your mind?  Your spirit?

What is one activity you will schedule so that you can be nurtured this week? Be in touch with what you are asking for, and then, do that!  What are your impressions? Please share in the comments below.


Live Your Brilliance,

Victoria Christine

Article: The Art & Practice of Receiving Nurturing


Awaken Your Brilliance Jumpstart!

 Do you feel stifled, overwhelmed, depressed, angry, or frequently upset? What if you could bust out of the box you’ve been confined in? Is now the time to love who you Be and create your magical life?

Are you somebody who is ready to Awaken Your Brilliance?


You are ready to stop stopping You.

You are willing to tackle your anger, upsets, and depression head on.

You are ready to bust out of the box you’ve been confined in.

Sign up for your Free Awaken Your Brilliance Jumpstart Session with Victoria Christine

As a Awaken Your Brilliance mentoring participant, you will be taking steps to:

~Discard old programming that doesn’t work for you.

~Get out of self judgement

~Trust yourself to create. Experience your creative capacities.

~Stop settling so you can live life full force.

~Pleasure yourself. Enjoy the riches of all that life and this world has to offer, more than ever.  Be Turned On! By Life!

As a result of this program you will:

√ DOUBLE Your Happyness
√ Cut your upsets / anger by a third
√ Experience at least one dynamic change in any area of your life that hasn’t been working for you

unleash your magic, uncover your brilliance, live your brilliance If this is you and you would like to to have a consultation to see if this coaching program is a good fit for you, receive your 30 minute free session

My target for our session together is for you to leave with a workable plan you can begin to implement immediately.

What would it be like to trust yourself to create and have a life of your own choosing?

~ Awaken Your Brilliance! ~


live your brilliance jumpstart session

Awaken Your Brilliance Jumpstart Session with Victoria Christine