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Beyond Fight or Flight: Into A Glorious Future – My Story

Teal Swan’s recent blog post, The End Of War, was her personal story of victory from her captors.  This inspired me to jot down my own story and shifts occurring in my world. Her blog post is a must read if you have ever been held captive or held someone or something else captive. I celebrate Teal Swan as she is claiming her sovereignty, first with her parents, and now with the culture of the land she was raised in.
With her receptive and perceptive capacities, she illustrates brilliantly the energetics that have been predominant in this area known as Utah. As she and I and others undergo our own potent transformations beyond living in an either/or universe, I hear and sense whispers of change ~ I am seeing new life and new possibilities. This comes in the many forms. One form I am noticing is the new and various beautiful people moving to Utah that, by virtue of their very presence here, are functioning to shift the old constructs. They have not played the game of duality to the degree and extent that we who were raised here have, and have no desire to. They are not at the effect of the culture here. Rather, they are being a different possibility! There are other things too, but that gives you an idea.

I am going to be defenseless here. I know that my very act of doing this may bring up a lot of defenses and points of view for my family and that matter, people in general. In fact, some of the family reading this, I have never told or had this conversation with. See, in the mormon culture, individual voices are not encouraged.  Rather, group think is.  The throat chakra, collectively, is quite shut down.  But now I have tools to deal with it and not be at the effect of that.  This is a rather raw, uncut version, and yet, it is time to voice this.

I happened to be raised Mormon. I ate, breathed, and drank that worldview for about 21 years. I was chaste so that I could qualify to be worthy to be married and sealed for ‘time and all eternity’ in the mormon temple. I married my husband in the mormon temple just after turning 20 years old in 1995.  We are in current relationship still. I began taking institute of religion classes at college. I discovered I really didn’t wish to be in a relationship, eternal or otherwise, where I had to share my husband sexually, as mormons can and often do, in what is known as polygamy; polygamy that is both done historically, and spiritually, to this day. After having my first child at age 21, I had postpartum depression. I started on an anti depressant. I started getting anxious when attending church. By age 25 I was only attending church part time. In 2004, By age 28, I stopped attending church altogether. I took off the uncomfortable and unattractive mormon undergarments, that have been blessed with protective powers in the temple.

It was in 2004 that my aunt loaned me a book called Earth Angels, by Doreen Virtue.  In it was a decree of renunciation to release binding contracts.  I immediately wished to take her suggestion to do this.  She said it would be more powerful with a full moon.  I marked free time on the calendar during the next full moon.  I drove out to a rural open field with Doreen Virtue’s book, Earth Angels. At this point,  I didn’t know why I was doing this decree, only that I had to.  It felt right.  I did not fully know the power, until after I yelled for 2-3 minutes at the top of my lungs in front of the full moon, which, happened to be on the night of a full moon lunar eclipse. Afterwards, my awareness told me, “You’ve just released your oaths, vows and contracts to the mormon church.”  I was pleased and spiritually free.  I had revoked and denounced all binding contracts to the mormon religion, in a beautiful, spontaneous and unplanned, yet compelling ceremony,

In 2008 I moved and tried to attend church again, because I had felt isolated, like I was an outsider. However, I was so agitated by the self-righteousness that was present that I reacted.  I walked out of the room.  During the next Testimony meeting, a meeting that mormons go to to reaffirm to each other how important and truthful the gospel is, and how special and righteous they are, I walked up to the pulpit in the mormon church’s monthly member “testimony meeting.” I was more nervous than I’ve ever been in my life. I said, in a nutshell, “I know there is more to life then just within these 4 walls, and I am going to go find it!” You can hear my Public Postimony Of Dissent here.

I went through the arduous process of officially resigning that religion, to get my name off the rolls of the church. I had to make a statement that I would not let something that had kept me in the lower vibrations of doubt, shame, and intense guilt control, dominate and manipulate me any longer. The church believes that even the act of masturbating is a sin. That was detrimental to my well being, and in fact was mental torture for me, as a teenager.  That affected me, up until very recently.  In the act of official resignation, I no longer wished for the church to limit me, and define me. Yet, I remained at the effect of the mormon church.
This is because I still had a period of resisting and reacting to the church. I was hostile and bitter and had to tell people all the ways in which mormonism was wrong. In 2010 I was tired of the fight. It was hard for me to even get out of bed. I was depressed. I dived into my work at a Registered Nurse. I started marathon training and ran a marathon. Work depleted me and I would come home exhausted after 14 hour night shifts. I was stressed, depressed, and obsessed. I was counting calories and judging my body incredibly harshly. I was locked into so much judgment. Although I was terrified, I chose to quit my job. I demanded that, if there was a God, A Source, A Universe, that it show me a different way.

The Universe delivered. Since then, I have been voraciously learning and seeking. I have played with many modalities and philosophies, including Alchemy, Akashic Record Work, Tarot, etc. The system and set of techniques, processes, and tools that I keep returning to the most, that continues to light me up and excite the core of me and speak to everything I know and be, is Access Consciousness®. Access is also providing me with a source of income to facilitate others, for which I express my sincere appreciation to the founder, Gary Douglas.

After 7 more years of work, sweat, exploring new paradigms, and searching, whilst existing in polarity of culture and counter culture, and asking for a different possibility, it is beginning to appear. I noticed the shift in me during and after a 3 day Access Body Class in Denver with Dr. Glenna Rice.  I was on my way back to my home in Utah from advanced coursework with Access Consciousness® in Denver last week. I was acutely aware of and noticing the contrast of culture and counter culture, as Teal so adeptly and brilliantly describe in her blog post.  As someone on a potent wavelength of transformation on a similar note, I am delighted to receive the news of Teal’s own powerful transformation. The polarization present on this planet which has functioned to divide us and separate us for eons, no longer is the only choice available to all but a handful of people. I will touch on that. But first, a word about polarization.

Polarization occurs with every point of view we have ever taken and then became fixed with. This point of view simultaneously lends itself to a resistance, or pull back, that having that point of view created. Thus, the concept and resultant creation of culture and counter culture. With the religious fervor and judgment present here in Utah, that polarization appears strong in Utah.  It is like 50 shades of insanity.  The vibration of judgment shows up in different stories around the globe.  It is judgment that seems to be the biggest destroyer of possibility of all.  Judgment has (and still is, we are by no means at an end) been a threat to all things beautiful and magical and life giving.

I signed up for a booth at the LDS holistic living conference after the organizer invited me when we met at The New Consciousness Expo in April 2015.  When she looked at me and invited me she had amazing energy.  I asked, “Do you have to be LDS?”  To which she replied, “Absolutely not,” from a place of power and kindness.  I chose to be at and have a booth where I gave Access Consciousness® The Bars® sessions and sell VibesUP products.  This booth at the LDS holistic living conference was two days after my return to Utah from Denver, on July 24, 2015.  In the past I wouldn’t have been able to chose this without going into copious amounts of separation and judgment about the Mormon church.  Because I released resistance and dropped my barriers, I was able to meet and work with many wonderful people and sell great products.

I have now become highly aware of, with my conscious mind, that there is now enough consciousness present, that a choice does indeed exist that enables those who choose to, to live beyond all of the polarization that has been created; to indeed have and create it! This does not mean Kumbaya fields of bliss everywhere, though. Why? Because, some people are fine and dandy functioning as and with judgment as the main quality of their existence. However, these types of people are no longer capable of holding the upper hand and destroying the possibilities of a glorious new world.  Consciousness, which includes everything and judges nothing, is able to transmit signals and show us and lead us to a reality beyond either/or, right and wrong, good and bad, us/them constructs.  Consciousness will have her way with us.  She has tunneled her way into our deepest desires for a world of oneness where consciousness, kindness, caring, and the generative energies that create and sustain life here on this planet never again will be snuffed out. The grand seductress of consciousness is whispering in our collective ear of a land of liberation that lies beyond the constructs of the old reality.  She is enchanting us to create a reality that has never existed before, hand in hand, together with spirit and matter embodied.  What can we create together, as and with the oneness we Be?  What can we create together as The Kingdom Of We?  Teal Swan, thank you for the space you have and continue to open up on the planet.  And to the readers, I am thrilled to be on the journey with all of you.
What are the infinite possibilities?  What can we be and do different today that would change things on this planet right away?  What can You contribute to consciousness?
In Joy,
Victoria Christine

PS Here is Teal’s blog: The End Of War

If this inspired you in anyway, let me know!


How To Change Anything – 4 Access Consciousness® tools to get unstuck fast

Growing up, most of us are schooled in science, math, social studies, PE, and if we are lucky, arts and music to some extent.  Most of us then do what’s expected of us as adults.  We get a job, marry, and have kids.  Along the way we have not been given one crucial piece of information.

Which is…

Everything is energy.  That’s right – EVERYTHING.  That includes you, these words you are reading, the device you are reading this on, and the clothes you are wearing.  Physics tells us, that on an atomic level, 99.9999% of an atom actually is made up of space.  It’s the 0.0001% that is solid and real mass.  That leaves us a lot of wiggle room.

99.999% space

Could we, then, interact with the space between the molecules?  What if we could acknowledge our capacities to manipulate energies?  What would happen then?  Might we also have the capacity to change energies?

We all have the ability to manipulate energy, and we all use it to some extent.  For example, I dropped 35lbs in 6 months just a few years ago.  I manipulated the energies.  Yes, it was forced, but the weight loss did occur.  Without changing the underlying patterns, however, true change does not occur.  This is the reason why so many people gain back what weight they lost.  You’ve got to get to the energetics of the issue.  Will alone is not enough.

Last August I had an experience where the energetics required changing in order for me to heal a scary condition.  I had a spider bite the size of a golf ball that became infected with MRSA.  After nearly three weeks of visiting physicians, antibiotics, and hands on Access body process treatments, nothing appeared to be changing.  I was wondering what else is possible? I was up at Tony Grove Campground receiving an Access Bars® session.  The combined energy of the pine trees and the clearing taking place on a subatomic level from having my bars running resulted in an immediate decrease in the size of the golf ball sized spider bite by half.  I knew right then and there that everything would be ok and that it had received healing.  The next day it was the size of grape.  And in three days it was peanut size.  In 4 days it was gone.

What I realize now was going on was that I was willing to receive the energy that contributed to the change I was asking for.  And, further, I did not have attachment to the result of the outcome, or the way the change showed up.

Most of us are taught to deny our capacities starting in childhood.  We are not taught how to truly receive.  We are told we must have the right answer, again, and again, until it is entrained in us.  We are not taught that we know.  If we do know, we learn to shun that knowing.  But what happens to some of us occasionally, as what occurred for me in Tony Grove, was purely magical.

Magic is the ability to change anything instantaneously.  – Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®


Below are 4 simple, magical tools from the toolkit I am using known as Access Consciousness®.  You can use to receive the change you are asking for.  But don’t use them if you aren’t ready for change. You will change!

Light & Heavy 

The way to begin to tap into your magic begins simply by following and choosing what is light for you.  For instance, you have a choice to make on what school to attend.  Here is how you know what works best for you:  When something is true for you, there are signals sent to you and/or your body.  It will light up your world.  It will bring a sigh of relief to your body. However, if something is a lie, you will pause.  You feel something is off.  It is heavy.  You will sense your world contract.  Do not choose that.


Albert Einstein has said

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the answer, I would spend the first 55 minutes figuring out the proper questions to ask. For if I knew the proper questions, I could solve the problem in less than 5 minutes.”

Question everything!  What if it is simply your job to ask, and the universe’s job to deliver? Here are some great questions for starters –

How does it get any better than this?  Ask this question when something good happens, and when something bad happens.

What else is possible?  If you are stuck, with anything, I highly recommend this question.  This question alone has changed my world.

Note for the reader:  For the rest of this article, I invite you to keep an open mind.  The tools are weird and wacky, and they work!  They are assisting thousands of people around the world to change whatever isn’t working in their lives.  Are you next?

Who does this belong to? 

From the Access Consciousness® website:

What’s This All About?Have you ever felt sad for no reason? Have you ever felt suddenly angry or happy and didn’t know why? You might consider that some thoughts, feelings and emotions you are having are not even yours. How would your life be different if most of them aren’t? Would it be easier? More joyful?

What if you are way more psychic than you think, and you assume that all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you have are yours? Who’s life are you living? In Access Consciousness we have the point of view that all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you are experiencing aren’t yours, and there is this simple and easy tool (one of the greatest tools in Access) that will give you more freedom if you are willing to ask a question.  

So if you are interested in having an easier, more fun and more joyful life… keep reading to find out the tool, if you are not interested in having an easier, more fun, and more joyful life then stop reading; otherwise you could change your life!

1. The Tool

Okay, so the tool is: Who Does This Belong To? Just ask this question for every thought, feeling and emotion you have and if it feels lighter at all, then it’s not yours. And after that, the only thing you have to do is return it to sender.

Easy enough for you? Would you be willing to give it a try? What do you have to lose? All the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not yours!!! So, if you are brave enough to find out how many of the thoughts, feelings and emotions you are having that are not yours … then take the 3-DAY CHALLENGE!

2. The Challenge

For every thought, feeling and emotion you have during the 3-days ask, “Who Does This Belong To?” then return it all to sender. Don’t bother to find out where it came from—just return it, and see what shows up in your life

Participate with us!  Join the Who Does This Belong To? Facebook group

One last thing to add about using this particular question as a tool.  If you’ve asked “Who does this belong to?” and the heaviness is still in your world, somewhere you have bought it as yours.  That is where the next tool comes in.  The clearing statement.

The more you ask questions, the more you will see results and will get excited to ask even more questions.  There are 2 resources a recommend to delve in further.

#1  The Book 91 Days Of Q

What would it be like to LIVE IN THE QUESTION? 91 Days of Q is a daily three-month collection of questions to help keep you in the zone. Each question is accompanied by examples and background for how and when you might use it…also filled with questions to keep you opening doors to possibilities.

#2 Inquiry Cards by Sylvia Nibley

access consciousness

Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement

The clearing statement is a fabulous tool to change anything.  Anywhere you sense a block or limitation in your way, or are stuck, use this tool!

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them.” – Einstein

Access Bars®

What are The Bars? They are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. The Bars store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. There are Bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money, etc. Each Bar corresponds with that aspect or area of your life that it is named. When I touch the Bars on your head you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life.

How does having my Bars run benefit you? Everyone experiences something different. And every time they have their bars run they experience something different. People have reported that after their Bars session they felt more relaxed, have more energy, slept better than they have in months, have more clarity, depression and anxiety faded, less triggered by certain people or situations, clearing of things not working in their life, improved mental clarity, etc.

You can contact me for an Access Bars® and Access Body Process session here.  You can learn more about and register for upcoming Access Consciousness® & Access Bars® classes here. 

Article:  How to change anything – 4 Access Consciousness® Tools to get unstuck now


Does the pain and suffering you see or experience put you on edge? Here’s what you can do!

Thought on Condemning pain and suffering:  Condemning does nothing to dissolve the problem.  In fact, that which you are criticizing will than solidify and become that much more real.  The ONLY thing that ever really sticks you is…and it is not your outer circumstances or those you see occurring in the world…Get ready for this –


Yes, judgment.  Judgment that the situation occurring is ‘horrible.  That it is bad and wrong.

For example, I recently read an article about a German shepherd who was chained to a tree for 13 years.  This animal was exposed to the elements of Seattle all year round.  It finally got bad enough (laws in this country are not adequate for pet care) that a neighbor complained more adamantly, police were able to seize the animal.  The animal is now in foster care awaiting its home. The comment section was full of people making comments that the owner should rot in hell.  That that action is horrible, awful, mean and vicious.

What about being grateful that this animal will get to live the rest of its life now with love and comfort?  What about being grateful that YOU are here on the Earth and YOU do not and would not ever treat an animal that way? You wouldn’t want to claim that kind of power to change things, now, would you?

My question to you is:  does Your reaction do anything to really solve the problem?  This world is full of stories like this.  Does your bitchin’ about the situation change it?  Have we made progress when bitchin’ has been done, collectively?  Yes.  Think women’s suffrage, civil rights, recent LGBTQ rights.  Unfortunately, great change has not normally come without a great catalyst of suffering/pain first.  How many women had to be treated as the man’s property before simple things like suffrage could be achieved?  How many African Americans and other minorities had to endure discrimination in jobs, equal pay, education and endure violence to even achieve something as basic as civil rights? etc.

Who is aware that this world urgently requires change?  Who is aware that we are on the brink of something that may appear to be really ugly though?  Ugly such as war, massive deaths from disease, earth changes that will lead to more humans dying? Who is judging this?  Who is afraid of this?  Who is even afraid to see this and so is ignoring this? Those responses all are RE-Actions.  Reaction is a type of judgment.  Reactions Do NOT solve the problem.  Reactions serve to solidify that which you are judging, making the possibility of them occurring more real.  It doesn’t mean you can’t call politicians on their crap.  It doesn’t mean you sit silent when big oil corporations want to add more tar sand lines through pristine wilderness.  It doesn’t mean you allow GMO companies to covertly replace natural food sources with ify at best ‘enhancements’ to our collective food supply.  It doesn’t mean you sit idly by while the planet Earth’s sentience is howling for us to please stop the insanity.  If you know it has to STOP, SPEAK OUT.

We in America are so inculcated to just think of ourselves as separate from ‘them’ in other countries…For instance, with the Syria bombings. it’s happening to ‘them.’  We are safe picking our noses while watching our favorite sitcom.  This is exactly what our government is hoping our apathetic choice will be: status quo.

The thing is is that Status Quo is killing our collective future.  For example, I am appalled that our taxes go 50% to an oppressive militarized industrial complex.  I am aghast about learning about the Federal Reserve.  These are just a few of all the things that must change, yes in order for us to have a chance to continue to be here in this world. The Earth herself may kick most of us off again, because, she isn’t going to take our plundering of her resources and disrespect of her land any more.  In truth, she can not take our lack of regard for life, or she will DIE.  She has already made the choice to live.  Whether we as a collective choose to come along or not is up to us.  Until we make that choice, until then, pain and suffering will continue to be the catalyst.

We in America, we are conditioned to think life is about work, immediate family, and being comfortable.  However, the delicacy of life on this planet is hanging in the balance right now.  So will you stand for a change?  Do you know things have to change?  What action could you take today to create a different reality right away?  Think of it this way…Given the way things currently are, we are that dog chained to that tree.  But, unlike that dog, we can untie our own chain.  We have a voice to say, this isn’t right (deforesting, allowing wildlife to die off, GMO’s, etc) and we demand it stops.  We can call our legislatures.  We can educate our friends.  We can protest openly.  This and much more.

We can ask questions.  Questions like “What can we be and do different to create a different world right away?”  Anytime you ask a question, this opens a door to receive an awareness of what actions you can take to create the desired result.  Always.

Einstein said we will not solve our problems at the same level we created them.  Who is aware that this world is choke full of pain and suffering and misery?  Great!  I am too!  What can be done about it?  Does feeling sorry about it and lending sympathy really assist?
It may take the sting away, yes, but the wound is still festering!

Being in allowance of what is opens a door that can lead you to a different reality, but until then, ANYTHING you judge is going to continue to kick you in the behind.

Curious for change?  Ready to be that difference?
What if it could be easy?

Start by asking more questions.

Einstein said if he had only an hour to solve a problem, he would use the first 55 min formulating the correct question to ask, and the last 5 minutes taking action.Questions

Open the door to another possibility.  Stand up for a different future for you. Stand up for a different world for future generations.

The modality I have learned known as Access Consciousness® is a potent way to change anything not working with ease.  I invite you to experience this doorway to a different possibility.

Come to my Access Bars® class.  Find classes in your area here.

Victoria Christine
The Voice Of Change


Incidental Every Day Magic – A Personal Testament from Victoria

Aug 20, 2014

I had a spider bite the size of a golf ball that became infected with MRSA.  After nearly three weeks of healing treatments and wondering what else is possible, I was up at Tony Grove Campground receiveing an Access Bars® session.  The combined energy of the pine trees and the clearing from having my bars running resulted in an immediate decrease in the size of the golf ball by half.  I knew right then and there that everything would be ok and that it had received healing.  The next day it was the size of grape.  And in three days it was peanut size.  In 4 days it was gone.

Aug 31, 2014

I was at Costco standing in a long line to get pizza for dinner. I decided to pay for the persons’ behind me dinner. I turned around, and this Lavish drag queen, decked out to the hilt, was smiling at me. (Keep in mind, this is Utah). I give the cashier $5. The drag queen and I and my tot end up sitting together for dinner. I was absolutely vulnerable and no judgment was in my world. I asked that money to return to me $100 fold. Within a couple days, someone bought my entire rock collection for $135. Coincidence?

Sept 2, 2014

I have to brag. 4 new shirts, 3 new jeans, 1 new exercise outfit, 1 lingerie, 2 necklaces, and one Wild Women Symposium dress for: $50 some odd buckaroos! There was a 50% labor day sale at consignment shop. The clothes are wonderful for my body. My body Loves them!  I had just cleared the closet out a few days earlier of about 50lbs and 30 clothes I hadn’t worn.  One I hadn’t worn since 1999!  It was like a took a huge energetic dump when I got rid of those clothes, which allowed an opening for clothes that my body enjoys to come in.


Magic is the ability to change anything instantaneously.  – Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®

Do you have a story of everyday magic?  Share in the comments below!


Overcoming Adversity with These Simple and Effective Tools with Counselor Charlotte Cassidy

Are you finding lifes’ challenges overwhelming? Are you searching for easy, quick relief with lasting results?

On today’s episode of The Voice Of Change with Victoria Christine, I am interviewing special guest Charlotte Cassidy.  Charlotte Cassidy is a professional counselor with experience in the revolutionary new subfield of pyschology known as energy psychology.  We our conversing about simple and effective tools for overcoming adversity.

Join us for an enlightening conversation as we discuss overcoming adversity using techniques and processes to resolve problems quickly, find relief and healing that has been elusive, and transform your life.

Check Out Motivation Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Victoria Christine on BlogTalkRadio

Our discussion includes the hidden blocks keeping you from being successful, what you need to know transform your past and struggles (knowing this is vital to succeed), re-wiring your mind for success, and an overview of techniques to rewire you for success.

Get unstuck now!  Experience a brief introduction to EFT.  Emotional Freedom Technique is a techniques that shifts your energy quickly and easily.  Listen as a shift occurs right on the show using EFT technique, and try it out for yourself.

Professional Counselor Chovercoming adversityarlotte Cassidy assists her clients to achieve their optimal level of functioning in their personal lives, careers and relationships.

When life just isn’t good enough and you long for more, receiving support and facilitation from Charlotte Cassidy may be just the thing you need to boost your recovery, get past daunting challenges, and enjoy life again.

Learn more and sign up to work with Charlotte Cassidy by visiting her website, Pysch and The City here.


“Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation.”
– Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

Simple and Effective Tools for Overcoming Adversity with Counselor Charlotte Cassidy on The Voice of Change Radio Show with Victoria Christine



A No Judgment of You Day Affair!

Did you know that whenever you are judging anybody or anything, you are destroying your possibilities for ecstatic living?  What if you could tap into a space beyond judgment? What Would more people having this as their reality create for our world? no judgment of you day What would it be like to be in the space of no judgment?  Who would you be?  I would like to invite you to experience no judgment of you.  Even if just for a moment.  Even if just a glimpse.  You see, most of us live our whole lives never seeing or accessing our true brilliance.  In this reality, we are entrained to be so clouded over by judgment.  And the crazy thing, most of the time it isn’t even yours!  Consider that you are just picking up on everyone’s thoughts feelings and emotions around you! Join me Live for this Interactive Radio Show this Tuesday 09/02/2014 at 12:30 pm EST

New Motivation Podcasts with Victoria Christine on BlogTalkRadio with The Voice of Change with Victoria on BlogTalkRadio

Call in to speak with the host at (718) 766-4435 or chat in the chat room. Can’t make it live? That’s ok.  Listen to the Replay. Here is the link a mentioned on the show.  Watch me sing on stage at min. 57 – 1:08.  Notice a change by the end?

A special encore of this show is aired on 09/03/2014:  The Potency of Vulnerability with Donna Salemink of YOUniversity.  Listen live at 12:30pm EST or to the replay here. Comment below with your thoughts on this topic, today’s show, or the clip of me singing on stage.


Wild Women Symposium – Unleash Your Magic! Radio and Google Hangout with Renowned Psychic Suzanne Wagner

Wild Women Symposium

October 3-5, 2014


Suzanne Wagner is a well known professional psychic, teacher, and author. Jackie Brinkerhoff is a Health and Healing Goddess.  They are creators of Wild Women Symposium.

Suzanne’s vision was to create a experiential series that empowers women to help women. She desired to touch women throughout the world so she started with an app called the Wild Women Series. It is separated into Love, Life, and Light categories, which is designed for women looking to connect, explore and live the full expression of their wild feminine archetypes. Divided into three powerful series: Life, Love, and Light, each serves as a portal to access the collective wisdom of like-minded women from all over the world. It is a free app that is to inspire and uplift women in all countries and in all walks of life.

From there it evolved into the Wild Women Symposium where talented healers and teachers come together to support spiritual, emotional, and physical expansion in women. Suzanne believes that it is women that will be the next wave to change the world and as women grow and step more into their personal power then they can in turn support other women in other countries also. Giving women a transformational experience is the aim of Wild Women Symposium.

Here is a great radio interview with the organizers of Wild Women Symposium.

Check Out Motivation Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Victoria Christine on BlogTalkRadio

Would choosing to come to and participate at this event expand your world? Purchase tickets here. Early Bird Pricing through Aug 31, and group discounts available.
I am presenting a special 90 minute playshop at Wild Women Symposium in Park City, Utah October 5, 2014 entitled Be A Magic Maker: 6 Keys To Unleash Your Magic

I invite you to watch this short hangout with organizer Suzanne Wagner and facilitator Victoria Dortzbach.

At this event I will also have a booth where I will be offering soul songs, VibesUP products, and hands on body work and potent clearing that recharge and energize You.

Link mentioned on video:

Remember you can sign up to receive Live Your Brilliance ezine for 4 Soul Songs.

Wild Women Symposium – Unleash Your Magic!


Access Consciousness Body Processes – Miracles & Healing Testimonials


Alibi on the afternoon of July 25 after he decided he was going to jump the fence and ended up wrapped in barbwire. The Vet told us he can do nothing for him.  Tammy reached out to a group of body process facilitators to contribute energetically.  She also began contributing hands on healing.


alibi day 2July 26 – First dressing change and it already looks different!! We cleaned it with water/hydrogen peroxide, tied off the vein with string, covered the wound with furacin ointment, covered it in non-stick dressing, wrapped it tightly in quilted wrap and wrapped the wrap in vet wrap. I have ran cellular memory, MTVSS and zero sum of trauma so far.

July 27 – The MAGIC we have/are conspiring to co-create is NOT describable by words!!! Yesterday morning, It was obvious he was in pain when he moved & even the light touch of Body Processes was uncomfortable in some areas. Last night, he LOPED in from the back pasture with his heard!!! And again, the physical healing is viable undeniable!!!

August 26 – An Update on Alibi’s wound. WHOOO HOOO!!! One month + a day and alibi one monthwe can NOT see the BONE anymore! When Vet’s saw the initial photos they predicted 8 months – thanks to ALL your contributions and Alibi’s choice to actualize his and his body’s FULL potency as a healer, it is apparent he is healing BEYOND what this reality deemed possible. – Tammy P.

Listen to Tammy share Alibi’s story.  “This is the phenomenal story about a horse that injured itself and is apparently also willing to heal itself! Join this fascinating show about how animals make known what they require and desire and how they often see things quite differently than us.

Would you be willing to take the lead from the animal in any situation? Or would you buy into the conventional way of dealing with an emergency, like most people? What would it take to trust you and the animals? Join us in the exploration of what else is possible in our relationships with animals.” – Suzy Godsey, host of Conversations with Dog

New Pets Podcasts with thehappydog on BlogTalkRadio


Man near death chooses to live utilizing powerful access body processes.

I have an interesting story concerning Body Process that I would like to shareI have had a love/hate relationship with this body for a long time. I at one point in this lifetime weighed 500 pounds. i was able to help and heal others, but was killing my body. I lost down to 195 and kept it off, and that was without any surgery or extreme means. Then I put 50 pounds back on. I wanted change and I wanted it NOW! I saw Access working in other areas of my life but really wasnt interested in the Body Class. Yet I demanded change, and asked questions. When you do that you better be serious.

I was planning my vacation and wanted to use my time off for a class. I really wanted a Level 2 and 3 but was only able to find a 3 day body class during the time frame that I had. It felt light, so I went. It was very enjoyable. I returned home and then the unthinkable happened. I had a severe heart and lung issue that almost killed this body. I was in the hospital ICU for a week. I had a quart of fluid drained off my heart. I had trouble waking up and breathing on my own, so I was put in a drug induced coma until the doctors were able to wake me. During this time they called in my family to say goodbye.

I pulled through and after I started coming around one of my first thoughts was, “Would an infinite being choose this?” Then I started running MTVSS and all the rest. This was the only process I could remember. To shorten this story I surprised the doctors with the speed of my recovery.

I asked what would Gary say to this and it popped in my mind, “What have you made so vital about not changing your body, that you would rather kill it than change? I havent discussed this with him, but that is what I heard in his voice so I used it as my clearing statement. I feel I have had a total body re-set. I have seen my weight come down and I am feeling better than I have in a long time. – Jeffrey S., 2014


Athlete able to run half marathon

Three weeks before an important race, my body and mind seemed to go into a complete shutdown. I was experiencing both physical pain, and mental overwhelm from my training schedule. The facilitator was able to gently and almost magically guide my mind, body and spirit to work together in a way that lovingly addressed the issues causing breakdown and intuitively guide me to create the healing needed to continue my race. Prior to working with my mind, body and spirit were not working in alignment with each other to reach my goals. By working with I was able to tap into my deepest strengths, listen to my body to understand the messages it was sending, and create the healing needed to continue training. I’m pleased to say that not only did a I complete my first half marathon, I did it without any residual pain or trauma to my body. She taught me how to ask my body to do more than I’ve ever asked of it without injury or stress on the body! I completed the race feeling even stronger than before! – Crystal R., 2014


Using these processes beyond people and animals – Testimonial about plants and things

I spilled bubbles on my daughter’s laptop in February. I was not in the infinite question, and we ended up paying $300 for it to come back to life. Then, 3 months later (just 3 weeks ago), the Same thing occurred, this time to my husband’s laptop. (no beyond there, hee hee) GUESS WHAT!? This time I ran DM and MD and Cellular Memory on it. I did not panic. The delete button and tab button stopped working. And the space bar stopped working. AND, after 3 hands on sessions, The laptop Is working again totally. Did you know you could even run access body processes on trees? Yes! I did for 5 minutes on a young tree in my hood who recently suffered trauma due to someone pulling off bark. What else is possible? – Victoria (me), 2014

Did you know there are over 50 body processes to facilitate you and your body to experience ease?  Would choosing to experience this contribute to you?  Learn more and view my upcoming classes here.  Schedule a session with Victoria here.  FInd a facilitator in your area here.

A wonderful book that introduces the reader to these types of body processes is Talk To The Animals, by Gary Douglas.

Article:  Access Consciousness Body Processes – Miracles & Healing Testimonials


The Antidote for the Biggest Disease on Earth is Vulnerability

Barriers.  Walls.  Defenses.

What if we could dissolve them?

What if we could start from square one, and be present?

Be.  Completely VULNERABLE.

What if we could dissipate years of toughness?

Mental conditioning to:

– Do it right.

– Not show weakness.

– Prove and Defend your point of view

Well, Here’s the thing.


How to know if you have the proving disease?

You are overly concerned with right and wrong.

You have all or nothing thinking.

You criticize others (or yourself) often.

You hope that you really don’t match the criteria mentioned in this blog post.

You secretly believe you are a lot more f*cked up than you really are.

You may feel wrong all the time.

Have a vested interest in your point of view about politics, religion, current events, etc.

You are concerned if you are fitting in with the established culture and its dictates around you.

This list could go on and on.

Vying for position or prestige is part of The Proving Disease

You do this because you have stopped believing in the one thing that can set you free.  YOU.  You do this because you have forgotten the being who is the Living Presence you be.  The one who makes magic with every step you take, with every breath you cycle.

I believe the proving disease is the biggest disease on planet Earth.  Now that I’ve said that, I have to let you know that there is a perfect remedy.

The Antidote For The Biggest Disease on Earth – Vulnerability

Are you willing to be utterly, completely vulnerable?

Being vulnerable means being present and is a place of power.  A powerful way I have been  being present, which can be excruciating when you are very used to hiding, IS…

Ask Your Body and Being to “Push Down All Barriers”  Imagine them being pushed down. Force them down.  I learned this tool from Access Consciousness™

Also, pay attention to the cues coming through your awareness, via your body and perceiving senses.  When something is true for you, you will perceive an expansion in your universe.  This is right for you.  Follow the lightness of your awareness.  When something is a lie, it is heavy.  You will perceive a contraction in your universe.  Note:  Something can be true with a lie attached.  For more information, visit Access Consciousness.  Google “Light and Heavy Tool.”

What if vulnerability is where true potency lies?  Dr Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness

Listen to this brilliant episode of The Voice Of Change Radio Show, The Potency of Vulnerability, aired 09/03/2014, with guest Donna Salemink of YOUniversity. This show will allow you to experience and tap into the energy of vulnerability.

Listen To Motivation Internet Radio Stations with Victoria Christine on BlogTalkRadio

Vulnerability is the birth place of everything we are hungry for – Brene Brown


Article:  The Antidote For The Biggest Disease on Earth – Vulnerability

Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas in OMTimes

The quote by Gary in the paragraph below is one of the favorite things I’ve enjoyed about participating with the body of work known as Access Consciousness

“There have been studies that if you project judgment or anger at a plant it will diminish and die and if you are happy and play pleasant music it will thrive. That is about the energy we create every moment of every day. When we do unhappiness and misery and a sense that nothing is working we are destroying the planet and most of us don’t realize this. The greatest gift you can give the planet is laughter and happiness. What if that was our pursuit of life, happiness and fun?”

How It Works:

“Every day people, hundreds of thousands worldwide, benefit from Access Consciousness each day. Whether it is having their bars run or using some or all of the clearing statement, elements of Access Consciousness bring individuals to greater awareness and consciousness in their lives. It has had positive impact, easing the heavy energy of negativity and limitations, and bringing forth the lightness of being that comes with being in control of the possibilities and choices in your life.”

Here is the article about Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas in OMTimes. Meet Gary Douglas Comment below on any insights you’ve come to.