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My 5 Day Media Fast

5 Day Media Fast

I have been listening to and applying some of the advice given in The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris.  One of the suggestions is to Go on a 5 day media fast.  I figured this would be easy, because I already choose not to listen to the tv news, read newspapers or magazines, etc.  I did realize that I had a facecrack, ahem, facebook addiction though.  As well I obsessively was checking my emails and dealing with them a lot throughout my day.  I took this challenge on as chance to loosen the obsessive grip I had developed.

I largely relied on facebook and email as an outlet while files for my data abstraction job would download to my laptop intermediately throughout the day.  Because the data abstraction working world is tedious and dull at times, it was quite interesting to see what was being shared via email and facebook.  I had been doing this regularly for about 18 months, and it had also become a habit to check email and facebook first thing in the morning and last thing before I went to bed.  I mean, really?  What about connection with my family? So 2 weeks ago when Tim Ferris gave this media fast challenge, I said, OK, let’s do this thing. I did the program as outlined excepting that I did tweak it to fit my needs.  Tim suggests no social media or email.  I knew that wasn’t best for me as I was beginning my new business ventures and I sensed it was good to remain connected at a basic level.  So my individualized targets for my media fast included:

1:  Whittle down facebook to checking for private messages or business mastermind groups updates that I belong twice a day,  at lunch time and 4pm.

2:  Whittle down checking emails to twice a day also, lunch time and 4pm.

3. Otherwise No Media as per the challenge guidelines.  No extra non-fiction books besides 4 hour work week.  No TV.  No Magazines.  No news websites. No surfing the web.  Music was allowed.

My Media Fast Experience

So what happened during my my media fast?  Number 3 was the easiest for me.  I think I only clicked on 1 or 2 media links the entire 5 days.  Numbers 1 and 2 were rough.  I took my work laptop work downstairs to my recliner, away from my desktop, so I would not be tempted to click and skim status updates or on my latest email.  I learned I had a ton of extraneous emails I never really gained anything from anyways. I unsubscibed to a ton of things I wasn’t engaged with anyways, like most of the groupon, daily deal, and coupon sites.  I checked email like 4 times the first day.  I realized that even checking took a half hour to an hour of my time.  That really adds up. I realized what a huge time suck that had been for me.   Day 1 of the media fast on I did get sucked in to facebook a couple of times.  My partner made sarcastic sucking sounds when he walked by me.  I laughed at myself, and renewed my commitment to attempt again the next day.  Beginning Day 2 of my media fast, and continuing through Day 5, I kept my word for the most part and did not check facebook.

Insights Gleaned from my Media Fast

media fastWhat awareness resulted as a result my participation with this media fast challenge?

Throughout your work day, Tim suggests asking yourself “Am I being effective, or just productive?”  How much of my life was I spending on being productive, but not necessarily effective?

1:  I don’t really have time to spend scrolling through hundreds of statuses just for the hell 
of it.  It is a real time drain that adds nothing to my life.  If it actually feels light and expansive now, I can do that.  However, the need isn’t there.  A lot of time was sucked up by clicking on external news site links that actually left me with quite a bitter ‘this world is crazy’ sense that I could do without. I actually took some pages that I liked off of my “show in newsfeed.”  I still ‘like’ them because it is a good introductory wake up call for some people to be exposed to that info. (truthout, ce evolution, vaccine information network, etc)  So I like to have my name there for other friends to see, as social proof.  However, I am well aware of what is crazy in this world and am taking steps to be the change I wish to see.  Also, with a couple facebook friends I took measures to either “only show important” updates or “don’t show updates” in my newsfeed. These are the people that are professional energy sucks that I had been overdosing on.  Also, now if I skim the newsfeed, I go really fast, and I give myself permission to use my razor sharp awareness to only stop at the status’s I am inspired to as I ask questions like, “what is possible here in order to receive and be a contribution?”

2.  Checking my email a couple of times a day is sufficient.  I still could tweak this some more. Email takes a lot of time. I am asking the question, “Will this expand my agenda?”  If not, I click “delete” immediately, without looking at it, and I don’t look back.

3.  I was glad that the other challenge stuff, like no tv news and tv watching was already something I do or was easy.  I am grateful that that drain on my time isn’t there. It works for me to be unplugged from those arenas.

4. If something important is happening that is relevant to your world, you will know. Also, people will be talking about big stuff. For example, on Super Bowl Sunday, I had no idea, and all I had to do was glance at facebook.  (shows how much I care about cultural norms) You can let go of the world for a few days.  The world does go on without you.  In a way, that knowledge frees me to be morepresent with my own life.  And I ask “what do I wish to create as my living now?” on a regular basis.

Overall: This media fast resulted in an intermediate level media detox for me.  I’ve done physical cleanses, and I perceived information clutter and junk was leaving my system. It’s amazing how much information I was using as a distraction from choosing to have my own life.  The room and space created now provides more clarity for actions to take towards fulfilling my own desires.

Questions for You

Have you tried a media fast?  What were the results?  Would you be interested in doing a Media Fast?  How could going on a media fast provide benefit to you?  Lastly, have you been successful with implementing strategies that result in spending even less time with emails?


Talk To The Entities – How to communicate with spirits and ghosts

When you think of spirits or ghosts, what comes to mind?  Often it is a place we as humans have covered up and ignored.  I mean, how often do we talk about this in school?  In church?  Or on the news?  Crickets . . . . right?

This subject is a place that honestly spooks many people. That is why I am going to talk about how not to be intimidated by an entity.  What if everyone could communicate with spirits?  What if talking with entities could be ease filled? Would you be willing to have that as a possibility for you?

First, you’ve got to be open.  I learned, through working with the tools of Access Consciousness, a great tool I currently am practicing.  Drop Your Barriers. This means, be vulnerable and push down your walls.  All you have to do is to ask your being and body to “drop my barriers.” Then, be willing to be space.  Expand Out.  I talk about the Energy Expansion Exercise here

Now that you are willing to perceive the energies around you, next I would ask:
Are you aware that an entity is around you?  Whether it be grandma who has passed on, or a soul who is upset and angry, here are a couple of quick tips:

1)  If you run into a spirit, or disembodied entity, you can always ask  “Do you know you don’t have a body?”  This awareness alone triggers their empowerment.  They no longer feel stuck.  Because thought forms are instantaneous in the astral etheric plane, often times this is enough empowerment for them to remember they are an infinite being.  Then they can go find the place where they can begin to create their next adventure with and in a body of their own.    Many of them will chose to stick around.  What if that were ok?  Particularly if they like it here, and are not doing any harm?

2) If your awareness of entities opens up to the point where you begin to receive many entity visitors, you can tell them you have ‘office hours’ at certain times.  Tell them to come back during that time.

3)  It is a popular view among new age type people to send them to the light.  My view is not to send them to the light as a rule…unless I perceive that would be a contribution to a particular being.  They are a free being with free choice.  And doing so is another mechanism of control that isn’t honoring of them and their free will choice.

If you would like to have empowerment around the world of entities, I highly recommend watching this video.  Talk to the Entities with Shannon O’Hara  Watching this video shifted my whole world around the world of entities and made it so I experienced much more ease with the world of dis-incarnates.

I also recommend purchasing this book Talk To The Entities, by Shannon O’Hara.  It demystifies the world of spirits and entities.  I have much more ease with the world of entities after coming across the information.

What would it be like in the world if we

1) Stopped making this area so significant?

2) Acknowledged our capacities and awarenesses with entities?

What would it take to have ease and joy in your interactions with entities?  What if you could communicate with spirits easily?

Live Your Brilliance!

Victoria Christine

Article:  Talk To The Entities – how to communicate with spirits and ghosts


Got an S.O.S. going off? Use this energy expansion tool

Got an S.O.S. going off? Family Gatherings can set off emotional triggers and can heighten stress. Empaths are particularly keen to the stress and may be distressed by this. I have a tool for you.

Energy Expansion Tool

Soften Open Expand

Soften, Open, and Expand Out. This is Particularly useful during for anytime you are upset or in a funk.  Whether you are dealing with stress, family drama or money stories. Often times, these things contracts us.  Just like a muscle, we can not stay contracted.  We must relax.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Connect with your body. Push down all your walls and barriers.


Now, become aware of the outer edges of you.  Now expand out to the size of the room you are in.  Now 10 miles in every direction, up into the sky and down into the earth.  Now expand out 100 miles in every direction.  Now 1,000 miles.

Now expand out 10,000 miles in every direction.  Now expand out to the size of the world. Now expand out to the size of the solar system. Now the galaxy. Now 100,000 million more miles. Keep going until you can not find the outer edges of you. This is You, as an infinite being.

When you are space, you are not at the effect of others’ dramas. What if you could be at ease?

Highly aware people who tend to pick up on all of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the people around them do well to be expanded 4-16 times the size of the world at all times, and have that space available to them.  I personally like to expand out 12-16 times of the size of the planet at all times.  Experiment with the size that works for you.

The more you do it, the quicker you will be able to perceive being exapnsive and having a space (of ease) that works for you.  Your energy is actually so quick, that you can literally ask your awareness to expand and then expand out instantly.  Once you do this a few times, it’s just a matter of asking to be space.

Live Your Brilliance,

Victoria Christine