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The Parable of The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Real Awakening

The Parable of The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Real Awakening

You may find yourself on an awakening journey, and can relate to having felt similar to Neo in the movie The Matrix. When Neo is meeting Morpheus, Morpheus tells him:  “What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad…You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. Ironically, that’s not far from the truth”.  Neo decides to take the red pill, making the choice to see reality for what it is. He is waking up

So waking up is a double edged sword.

You have been kissed by the lips of God and now are lead to feel the omnipresence, the omnipotence, of the Universal power Of the One True Nature. Nirvana. You may even have implemented latent psychic abilities and spiritual intuition on your path.

Let’s imagine you are in the Emperor’s New Clothes story.  Fast forward:  You now acutely see that the emperor has no clothes.  The awake individual sees the insane people all around him.  From his viewpoint, everyone is delusional.  Yes.  It began as you felt something was wrong while looking at the emperor, and the crowd behaving wildly.  You sensed something was fishy.  You climb up a tree to get a better look.  Suddenly, it becomes immediately clear the Emperor is butt naked. 

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a hoax.  And you are so stunned that you say, out loud, “Oh my God, I’ve been had!”  No one else pays much attention to the rambling person in the tree.  The masses continue celebrating how beautiful the Emperor’s robes are.  What to do?

Waking Up to Reality

The Emperor’s New Clothes in Our Modern World, The Real Awakening

How does this relate to our modern day world?  You see the gross injustice of modern financial systems’ (i.e. the federal reserve, corporatism) top to bottom stratosphere with it’s hoarding approach, and even stealing. You see the  blatant environmental disregard leading to severe environmental degradation that’s been inflicted by big corporations and perpetuated by the common unaware man. You’ve opened up to the knowing that there is astonishing manipulation and control by nefarious forces designed to ensnare and enslave the masses.  Why are people, at least here in the USA where I live, so obsessed with zombies?  I think they are sensing something…….They are zombies!  This asleep state has been nurtured via the mass media and advertising that uses subtle NLP / hypnotic techniques.  These hypnotic suggestions we’ve been bombarded with since we were born tell us what food to eat, what to think about (thus all the shallow focus on celebrities), and what consumer goods to crave in order to assuage the ego.

More alarming still is the assault on us and our beloved planet from every side.  GMO’s in our foods, multidinous toxic chemicals in our hygienic items, lack of free energy in housing, harmful cotton growing practices in clothing, polluted water of every source (ie groundwater via fracking, rivers via industry, oceans via plastics and ocean spills), secretive chemical spraying of our air, and injecting our bodies via vaccines and drugs with known toxins of every kind.  The average pregnant women today has 236+ different unnatural chemicals found in her umbilical cord, and in my opinion, these chemicals (not the least of which are dioxins, Phthalates, and BPA), exert a direct correlation to the increase in miscarriage and preterm delivery rates.   “The controllers” have done this covertly. (I don’t choose to spend time to go into who these beings are.  There is plenty of information out there, just google it). And, those caught in the delusion believe these products, industries, and practices are good for them.  At least the ones we are even told about.  There have been many hidden, secret agendas that are just damn scary.  That would take at least 10-20 books to even get you started researching.  These controlling forces have largely succeeded.  That is, until you woke up.

You, Waking Up

the emperor's new clothes

So What Now? What to do?  Do you become bitter about the Emperor and start complaining about the insanity of at all?  You could.  And if you are like me, you’ve done that plenty of times.  Do you rise up and fight?  Again, you could.  And you’d be experiencing the phrase “What you resist, persists.”  Do you comfort yourself with your creature comfort distractions? Do you move away into isolation to become a recluse?  I’ve been in isolation for years, not feeling like a part of society.  And, I have had comforting distractions to soothe me along the way, like food and movies. My feeling is these actions are ineffective.

Now, you do see that a few people around you are spontaneously waking up. You feel prompted to share your insight one on one with someone you feel like you have a connection with, who comes to YOU with questions  This can be a valuable way to influence change.  Also, you will be able to discern who else is awake.  Connect with them, and soon your numbers will grow.

You may ask, “What effective actions can I take?”  Their a several possibilities.  One is to be about your work.  For example, begin a blog.  Those people who feel drawn to you for whatever reason, may experience an internal shift from hearing your perspective and interacting with you.   As well, you may meet people who are largely disengaged from the delusion and be able to potentiate your efforts for change alongside you.  The more you are in your joy and accepting what is present for you in any given moment, the more potent your contribution to life on the planet.

This largely simplistic analogy of The Emperor’s New Clothes for the world in crises, I admit, is miniscule compared to the tasks ahead for all who are free of the delusion.  However, I am largely optimistic.  My spiritual practice has lent much hope to the present crises we find ourselves in. Three spiritual guides I have recently been following, who each carry a unique and valuable piece of the puzzle, all speak to similar themes of how we have the greatest spiritual force here on earth now, than we have ever had before.  This assistance is lending it’s aide in birthing a new reality.  All three well known spiritual guides have said that we are now and have broken free of the most sinister agendas.  This assistance is possible because of the increased amount of population awakening and subsequent works of those awakened ones.  Those who have catapulted this world into the CLEAR existence of a new reality.  Are you one of them?

So if the reality to have a world that is vibrant and alive, and where our environment and the animal kingdom are respected and honored, is here now, what will you choose?  I believe new ideas will be showing up in with incredible speed to be implemented to allow for environmental sustainability on an unprecedented and massive scale.  For example. What the internet has done for us in 15 years, free energy could do in 4 or less years. I also believe that wealth is here now for us, if you choose it.  Make the demand, and watch the universe deliver.  Do your work.  Healing the inner child is essential.  Clear your issues and self imposed blockages while you walk the road of having it,whatever it is.  There are multiple modalities that serve people, such as EFT, Access Consciousness & Access Bars, Quantum Lightweaving, Quantum Vortex Healing, H.E.A.L. Technique, and Heart Point Therapy.  Just find what feels right for you. We can and are making a difference.

These are exciting times.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Please provide your comments below.

 The Parable of The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Real Awakening


Recovery from Mormonism – Inviting Ease and Joy In While On Your Way Out

Recovery From Mormonism

Leaving an orthodox religion, like mormonism, can be one of the most heart wrenching processes. You may think you are going crazy. You may fear what your family’s reaction will be and you may be going through family stress. You may have endured mistreatment that has left you feeling betrayed and even horrified.
We know what it is like, as we have both been through it! You are not alone.

recovery from mormonism

What if the finding out that you were deceived is actually a reason to celebrate? Starting with celebrating YOU. Yes! YOU are the one who had the wherewithal to see that this structure isn’t working for you. And YOU have the gumption to choose something different beyond what you have always known. Busting out of the box takes courage. We honor you for that.

Inviting Ease and Joy In While On Your Way Out

When we left the mormon church, we had loads of doubt, shame, fear, and depression during our exit processes. The tools that we’ve picked up recently and are sharing with you here in this hangout have dynamically shifted our own energy so that we are able to bring in and experience aliveness again. We are able to sense our own creative abilities and potency. If we knew back then what we know now, when we were first transitioning out of religion, we wouldn’t have spent nearly as much time mired in the upsets that occur.

The processes we facilitate can provide relief and space for you to function with ease. What would it be like to have a sense of ease, peace, endless possibilities, and happiness beyond what you’ve known or can even imagine? We invite you to be present with us on this hangout. Our aim is to empower you to be yourself without having to prove anything. You can enjoy your life!
We invite you to learn more about working with us.
How can we contribute to you?

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Recovery From Mormonism

Recovery from Mormonism – Inviting Ease and Joy In While On Your Way Out – Part I


Who is a Leader?

Who is a Leader?

As millionaire Tony Rush has said, A Leader does not have to have followers. A Leader does have to be willing to be in charge of their own life and living in ways that can take a lot of courage. You see, many people are just content to settle.

Going for your Dreams and Demanding to Have It All are traits of a Leader. Acting in the moment on your inspiration can bring you far.  People will notice. If you think, “How can I be a leader?  I have little or no experience,” why let that limit you?  Perhaps you could think of it this way:  Leadership is based on where you are going, not on where you have come from. So be bold and step into your life more fully than you’ve ever given yourself permission to before. What would you like as your life? What do you wish to create now on this beautiful planet? What is your next step in creating that?  Now Take Action.

Derek Sivers on Being A Leader


Derek Sivers on Being A Leader

Here is one process I have used, courtesy of Access Consciousness, that has unlocked the doors for me to step into my leader capacities.  “What do you not want to know, that you really do know, that if you would allow yourself to know it, would change your reality?” Would you be willing to let go of anything that doesn’t allow that?

You’ve got to be willing to Know what you know, even if you are the only one in the world who knows it in the world . . . like you know it. When you are willing to do that, you are stepping up as a leader.


Also, we’ve got to go from thinking that a leader is a one person on top gig that everyone else follows, to an inclusive “we” mindset.  In the kingdom of me, having rank is valuable.  In the kingdom of we,  no one is more special or important than anyone else.  Everyone’s contribution to the whole is honored.  I’ve been able to tap into and remember past lives where leadership councils was the established order and rule. It was so different from the way our culture is now, so much so, that the average person would not be able to comprehend the difference. These societies were highly effective and happy cultures!

The human mind is a tainted mind, with the strife of mitote, as Don Miguel Ruiz, in the book The Four Agreements writes.  From childhood, we are told to honor authority.  We are trained to be patriotic.  Our Religions extol the virtue of being obedient.

I say this:  It is time for each one of us to trust ourselves and what we know.  Come home to yourself.  And then, step out to be the leader you be.

Article:  Who Is A Leader?


5 Keys To Break The Mold & Be A Magic Maker

Break The Mold! Be A Magic Maker

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5 keys to break the mold and be a magic maker   Have You Struggled with Depression? Are you ready to create a life you love? Discover 5 Elements needed To Break The Mold and Create A Life That works for you. My own story of moving beyond abusive circumstances and overcoming depression is shared. The Keys that no one else tells you are given here.

 “In this world creativity is undervalued. You can break the mold, be seen and heard for your special contribution, and have a magical life where you and your gifts are recognized and create a lasting impact.” Victoria Christine

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Be A Magic Maker!


Rehab for People Pleasers – 3 Tips to Overcome People Pleasing

Rehab for People Pleasers – 3 Tips to Overcome People Pleasing

My Story

As a recovering people pleaser, I really could go on all night as I have had a Master’s degree in people pleasing.  It was recently revoked.  I was walking through the airport, when, I observed myself NOT giving a damn what that elderly stranger couple may be thinking of me walking right by me. This was a marker for me.  Because, I had, before that point, been subconsciously ALWAYS asking “what do I need to do and be to get it right for you people??” A-L-W-A-Y-S.  I was desperate.

There’s something very addictive about people pleasing.  It’s a thought pattern and a habit that feels really, really good until it becomes desperate – Anne Hathaway

Now, I noticed something different.  I noticed that I did not have a Mega “LIKE ME!” sign on my shoulder anymore.  It was a Relief to notice that there seemed to be Space where there hadn’t been any for me present.  I was beginning to (*gasp)…notice, respect, like, and, stand up for me.

Now, to be honest, I am not miraculously There.  (Frankly, I don’t think there is a ‘there’ to be).  Yes.  Changing engrained patterns takes time.  It is a process.  Chances are, if you are in a body, it takes time to consistently and diligently Choose Different so that You can be happy and Have YOU in the equation of your life.  And, the cool thing is…  What if being there for you allows you to truly be there for others?

Are You a People Pleaser?

people pleaser

Are you caring?  Are you cooperative?  Are you a healer?  Do you have people’s best interest at heart?  Are you naturally helpful?   Have you said yes to any of these?  Great!  That can really contribute to both you and others!  However, At one point, if you live in mainstream society long enough, this means that you could be either an active or in recovery mode as a people pleaser.

Hear me in the video above as I share why it’s ok to leave the old behind and start choosing for you.  This might bring up some fears for you, I’m warning you.  Maybe you may stay in your modus operandi.  I am not saying you’ll end up leaving.  But.  You might.  You have to be prepared for anything.  When you start noticing the whispers of your soul for what feels right… What is next, for you.

3 Tips to Overcome People Pleasing

people pleaser tip

Remind yourself that you matter.  What could be one thing you can choose today that would honor who you Be (your Be-ing) in the world? What choice would contribute to having more of you today?  Could you go to a body movement class?  Could you practice Deep Breathing for 10 minutes alone, away from the kids?  Could you (*gasp) Sleep In?  Maybe it’s an even bigger choices.  Like asking yourself, “what kind of work would truly contribute to me and my well-being, on every level…even bring (*gasp) financial abundance?”

Learn to Say No for you.  This is key.  It gets easier with practice, I have found through my own experience.


 I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.  I only have to follow my heart and concentrate on what I want to say to the world…I run my world.  Beyonce

Lastly, recognize that some people will drain you dry and use you, and some are even abusive.  They may even tell you they won’t bite through smiling clenched teeth.  Ask yourself “Is this person harmful?”  Then, TRUST YOUR  GUT. Recognize those rattlesnakes. And Don’t take rattle snakes home to bed with you.  Stop it.  Now. 

overcome people pleasing








What is one action you can take today to choose for you?  Share in the comments below.


Pleasantville Movie Review – The Moral of The Story

Pleasantville Movie Review

My review of the movie Pleasantville – 1998

In 1998, two teenagers are transported back to a 1950’s sitcom, where they slowly integrated into town life.  They begin adding technicolor to the town and townspeople.

Here is my review of Pleasantville.  Hidden messages in this movie, from my perspective, are discussed.

Main Points – Thematic Elements

√ Challenging the status quo

√ Breaking the mold

√ Choosing to go beyond what you know, to where the magic is

√ How choosing for you adds color and exuberant expression to your living

√  Resistance is normally shown by society’s consensus reality that is agreed upon by the majority. Resistance is usually encountered by those choosing to go beyond the norm.  This takes the form of the majority of people protesting the individuals who challenge the status quo.  Change occurs when more and more people move beyond the status quo.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watching this video may give away a lot of the story.

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Live Your Brilliance,


Pleasantville Movie Review


Break The Mold – Be Wild. Be Free.

break the mold


Questions for you:
Status Quo? or Question / Challenge the Status Quo?
Pizza & a Movie? or Gâteau Breton aux Pommes, Champagne & Flash Mob Practice?
Big Trucks & Football? or Yoga & Hug and Talk with The Trees?
Big Box Retailer? or Local Handmade Produced?
Microsoft? or Apple?
Job? or Entrepreneur?
Hang out with Martha Stewart? or Ellen Degeneres?
Orthodox Church? Or “Do what I want Sunday?”
Methodical and Routine? or Creative multi-tasker with many projects going on at once?
Fit in? or Do you dare to misbehave?

Remember her? This Preschool Tap Dancer breaks the mold!

Preschooler Tap Dancer Breaks The Mold

What is all of this bringing up for you?
First of all, let me point out, that neither of these are wrong. What if they are Just different ways of being?
If you are anything like me, you really, really tried to make the first one work for you. when, all along, you were outside the box…not just a little, but, ALL THE WAY!
Hi I am Victoria. I am very weird. For a lot of my life, I have hid this fact. I thought it was my job to listen to and be controlled by authority. But, turns out, fessin’ up to that wee voice inside and starting to choose for me has so far been the best thing for me.
Chance are, You haven’t been acknowledged, let alone appreciated, for how different you are.
If you picked 2 or more of the later, chances are, you are a rule breaker, or you enjoy being outside the box. If you are like me, you secretly wish it was much, much, easier to choose to be incredibly wildly joyful…maybe even a noisemaker, when those around you are folding there arms and going along with the program.
What if you could have the joy and freedom and ease and fun of being way outside the box?

“How do I do that?,” you say.
Don’t Feel Badly. You tried to fit in so well. That’s just not cuttin’ it for you. This is why I’d like you to be on my telecall on Wednesday at 7pm.

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Are you ready to bust out of the box you’ve been confined in?

Are you ready to create a life you love?

On this telecall we will go over

√ How going beyond your comfort zone creates magic

√ What is beyond right and wrong

√ True Recovery from people pleasing

√ Why the word perfect should be eliminated from your vocabulary

√ Magic Making 101 – Trusting your awareness & Taking Action to create the life of your dreams

Would this contribute to you?

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“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs


LETTER ~ Come Live Out Loud

You feel boxed in.
You feel confined in the “Matrix”.
You resent rules.
You may experience
-frequent illness.
-frequent self blame.
-family stress
You are frequently unhappy.
You are someone who starts things but often doesn’t finish them.
You are exhausted. You have not enough joy in life.
You are afraid of condemnation.

I know you don’t believe in yourself right now.
You’ve been caught up in trying to do the things that society says are good for you.
You’ve been busy fulfilling yourself as a (insert roll here i.e. wife, mother, professional title)

You give to others.  And You probably don’t even know how much that contributes to them a lot!
But you are the first to not receive easily from others.  You’ve pushed them away.
What if you could soften, open to receive, and expand your life’s possibilities now?
You Know That NOW is the time.
You’ve done everything the right way.  And yet, you are not satisfied.
Deep down, you know that there is more than you’ve been told..
and you are going to find it,
no matter what it takes.
You can start by
not giving power away to
their stories
their stories
their stories.
Don’t buy their stories, ok?

Be Gentle With You.
You see,
I know you care.
You care so much your heart is breaking
What if caring is something you be?
not what you do.

I know You’ve hidden by putting yourself last
and you know your life would be totally different if you put first…

You always have tried to fit into the box that others would like you to go in.  This way, they won’t be asked to change…because they fear change.

But you are the ChangeMaker.

You have looked around to others so you get an idea of who you need to be…how you have to conform…what mold to put yourself in.

You secretly desire to Be Queen Bee.

You have made yourself small for so long, when you are actually Big.
You wonder what the Big Leagues are like.  You are ready to Play Big!

And so, although you’ve made struggling a priority.
You are ready to lay down that sword of struggle.  And drop the fight.
You have tried to be happy with …
the job, and the money that goes along with it…
the house, the spouse
and deep down, you know, that’s not enough for you.

You’ve had it with people around you being asleep.
like zombies
…going about their pathetic lives
thinking what they have is enough…
that that is all there is.
You know (although you’ve hardly admitted to yourself)
that that is only 2% of the vision of what is truly possible.
What if YOU have the keys to what is crazy possible for your juicy orgasmic living and for this planet to thrive?  What do you know?
…You know that what IS, is Phenomenal.
And if you’d allow it to,
it would shoot you…
beyond your wildest dreams.
…Into a place that
you can not even fathom right now.
Like a muscle that you’ve not yet developed…has the potential to carry 50 lbs
if practiced.
You’ve just got to apply that muscle.

And so, If I had something that could help you to change and create this possibility, would you be interested?

Although You’ve doing everything everybody else is telling you to do
and although you’ve been looking for ways to fit in…
I like to call it having a Master’s Degree in people pleasing…
This a great cover up.  A cover up that is hiding the greatness of YOU.
Would you like to come out and play now?

You are at a breaking point.
I know It’s can be hard for you to listen to what I have to say.

You are getting really tired of trying to please others
…it’s not working
you just feel desperate
the zombies around you are on a one track mission to hell.
“What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!”  you want to scream at the top of your lungs.

You. Are. Not. Wrong.

What if you are Aware?

Do you know that you even breathing on the planet is a gift to all life?

The trees.  And the plants. Receive you as a gift.
Can you?  Can you receive you as a gift?

Then, What would be possible???

come live out loud

Other people would begin to notice
that you have something special.
Would they not notice that
you are different?
They would sense that
you. have. you.
perhaps, they would want that.

Would you allow for you, (the miracle you are) to show up?
And contribute to other people’s lives?
To change our reality?
To Grow our possibilities as a species?

What if the upset and anger you have carried as yours is not yours…
But a doorway.
A doorway to what other people
fear changing.
And you,
Aware Being that you be,
are just aware of them being afraid of change.
Is there really something to fear?

Thank you for being aware of that.
It is not yours…
You have the fire
You have the keys to unlocking this for others.
and you have felt terrified…
That’s interesting.
Are you going to make what they do and say
more real than what you know and Who you Be?

I know You love mama earth.
You get swept up in the melodious beauty of a song.
You crave nature and feel that you get her more than most people
you can’t understand why other people just consume, violate, disrespect
with concern
without care that
when they do that
they are hurting themselves
and actually
killing the planet.


Would you be willing to kill?
Kill limitation?
Kill lack?
Kill the judgement that is killing the planet?

Wanna stop hoarding all your ideas…and start giving them away?
…to help others unlock the doors that they don’t have the key to…but you do?

Wanna stop berating yourself for how different you are?
Wanna acknowledge how much faster you are than everyone else around you?

You long to Be confident
What would it be like to strut your stuff?
What if you could
-Have Freedom.
-Travel and enjoy yourself.
-Receive Easily.
-Be Joyful.
-Have Fun

What would it be like for you to
-Tap into your creativity?
-Have Total Choice?
-Embrace your sensuality?

You know there’s nothing left to loose and so

You are ready to

√  Chose to step into a new Potency
√  Live Full Force
√  Choose Abundance and Prosper.
√  Work with the Universal Energy synergistically
√  Embody the Magic you be, know, and perceive.
√  Be intimately aware of what lights you up, and do more of that.

What if you could cast off all fear and



The world is waiting

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