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Healing Chronic Disease with Ease – Empowering Interview with Dr Manon Bolliger

Healing Chronic Disease with Ease – Empowering Interview with Dr Manon Bolliger

Do you have chronic pain?  Have you had issues with chronic disease? Infertility? What if disease is a signal from your body?  How could you read your body’s messages to change what isn’t working?  How could you extract the messages your body sending? Could learning to listen to your the messages your body is giving you contribute to healing things the medical establishment says isn’t supposed to heal (ie cancer, MS)?  Could hearing what your body is telling you help empower you and contribute to you improving your well-being?

Maybe your health is great.  But, if you are living in this modern world, you may have issues with stress and burnout.  Did you know the most common approaches to stress management just don’t work? Find out why on the call and what you can do to Reboot instead.

In this interview, Dr Manon talks about the keys needed to heal anything and express greater well-being.  Listen to her inspiring story of healing from not just one, but healing from 2 chronic, life threatening illnesses.  Both of which, modern medicine tells us is not supposed to happen!

In our society, we normally rely on the medical professional to tell us what’s wrong and treat the symptoms.  Consider this:  What if patients inherently know what the problem is, know how it got there, and know what treatment will work? This would be a paradigm shift of societal structure at a fundamental level of awareness.

“Symptoms are seen as the cause…The body is viewed as the victim of symptoms it has little responsibility for.  The 2 factions (body and symptoms) are seen at war and separate rather than instrinically interconnected and dependent on a greater consciousness and desire for real change.”  Excerpt in “Prescribing Empowerment,” chapter from What Patients don’t say if Doctors don’t ask by Dr Bolliger

How can we assist clients and patients to take an empowered approach in order for the body to find homeostasis and experience maximum well-being?  Listen in to this great, inspiring conversation.  Discover the secrets to a life with less pain, more ease and lots more energy.

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Dr Manon’s #1 best selling book “What Patients Don’t Say When Doctors Don’t Ask – the mindful dr patient relationship” can be found here.

what patients don't say if doctors don't ask

Healing Chronic Disease with Ease – Empowering Interview with Dr Manon Bolliger


A New Vision in Healthcare: The Self-Care Revolution with guest Dr Robyn Benson

Take charge of your own self-care and transform your issues with Sleep, Weight, Pain, Stress, Fatigue, and more, with the Self Care Revolution.Dr. Robyn Benson DOM and the Self-Care Coaches of Santa Fe Soul have recently launched this great Self-Care Revolution. The Self Care Revolution is an empowering 12 month self care series where Dr Benson’s team educate and assist people to live vibrantly and sustainably in everyday life. It can help people reverse health issues. It will save lives, prevent disease and it will help them live life with passion.

There are 11 Self-Care Revolution Pathways that people have access to learn about that we will discuss, including:

1. Be your own best self care advocate and take responsibility for your health.
2. Reconnect to the EARTH – daily outdoor time is essential.
3. Eat consciously, a healthy organic diet.
4. Engage in a daily spiritual practice (meditation/prayer/ritual…)
5. Move your body in some way every day. (variety=fun).
6. Keep a daily self care journal and cherish your journey.
7. Hydrate every cell of your body with quality water, self love and positive thoughts.
8. Activate and cultivate healthy relationships that feed your soul.
9. Nourish your life’s passions daily.
10. Practice heart centered breathing. Breath is life.
11. Be in gratitude and allow your abundance to flow.

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On this episode we discuss why reconnecting to the earth on a daily basis is important, and how to do that; the importance of having healthy relationships that feed your soul and how to activate them; why being in gratitude improves health. Which practice to add in for stress reduction. . . This and more!


Join the self care revolution today

self-care revolution

Article: A New Vision in Healthcare: The Self-Care Revolution with guest Dr Robyn Benson


The Voice Of Change on Intuitive Eating with Wendy Wise, CCN

What if  the way you talk to yourself is way more important than the actual food going into your body?

Are you aware of how many people are judging their bodies and also judging what food they eat right now?

The the amount of judgments we carry about our bodies is insane!

We make ourselves feel wrong for eating the ‘wrong’ foods.

Would the judgments we carry be a reason people gain the weight back after losing it?

What if you could be curious, not judgmental, about your food consumption and body?

Would this not open up a space to allow your body to be the size and shape it wishes to be?

What if your body truly had a say in the matter?

Listening to your body is not something we have been taught to do.

From the time we are little, we enforce all kinds of regulations on our bodies.

What are you unhappy with about your body?

Is this really your judgment? Or someone else’s you’ve picked up along the way?

If we gave you a magic pill to that when you wake up tomorrow, you would look the way you want, what would happen?

On this show Wendy introduces to the audience how to know what would your body like to eat and what questions to ask your body.

Wendy is here to explain why having what you think you want does not magically solve your problems.

On this episode, “The Weight Of Judgment,” we explore the ingredient necessary to have what it is you say you really want.

Wendy shows you how to go beyond the judgment, so that you can have more ease around food and true results with your body.

Visit and get set to achieve real results and long lasting success!

The Voice Of Change on Intuitive Eating with Wendy Wise, CCN

Wild Women Symposium – Unleash Your Magic! Radio and Google Hangout with Renowned Psychic Suzanne Wagner

Wild Women Symposium

October 3-5, 2014


Suzanne Wagner is a well known professional psychic, teacher, and author. Jackie Brinkerhoff is a Health and Healing Goddess.  They are creators of Wild Women Symposium.

Suzanne’s vision was to create a experiential series that empowers women to help women. She desired to touch women throughout the world so she started with an app called the Wild Women Series. It is separated into Love, Life, and Light categories, which is designed for women looking to connect, explore and live the full expression of their wild feminine archetypes. Divided into three powerful series: Life, Love, and Light, each serves as a portal to access the collective wisdom of like-minded women from all over the world. It is a free app that is to inspire and uplift women in all countries and in all walks of life.

From there it evolved into the Wild Women Symposium where talented healers and teachers come together to support spiritual, emotional, and physical expansion in women. Suzanne believes that it is women that will be the next wave to change the world and as women grow and step more into their personal power then they can in turn support other women in other countries also. Giving women a transformational experience is the aim of Wild Women Symposium.

Here is a great radio interview with the organizers of Wild Women Symposium.

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Would choosing to come to and participate at this event expand your world? Purchase tickets here. Early Bird Pricing through Aug 31, and group discounts available.
I am presenting a special 90 minute playshop at Wild Women Symposium in Park City, Utah October 5, 2014 entitled Be A Magic Maker: 6 Keys To Unleash Your Magic

I invite you to watch this short hangout with organizer Suzanne Wagner and facilitator Victoria Dortzbach.

At this event I will also have a booth where I will be offering soul songs, VibesUP products, and hands on body work and potent clearing that recharge and energize You.

Link mentioned on video:

Remember you can sign up to receive Live Your Brilliance ezine for 4 Soul Songs.

Wild Women Symposium – Unleash Your Magic!


Healthy snack ideas for busy mothers

Mothers often have to drop what they are doing to care for their young children. Meal times can often be interrupted. If you work on top of that, you need help. It is important to watch what you eat, and often times you need something quick and easy, on the go. What snacks do you grab when you are on the go that won’t leave you feeling drained? What foods will give you a good boost and stave off hunger? Please eat as organic as possible, being careful to avoid genetically modified food.

Here are some healthy snack ideas for busy mothers:

My all time favorite on the go snacks are packaged Luna bars. There are different flavors so you can find the ones you like. I like chocolate peppermint and lemon the most. I called the Clif bar company myself, and the staff said that the company sources non GMO soy and other ingredients. The vitamins are tailored for a women’s body, and there is a good ratio of protein to carbs.

Clif company also makes delicious Mojo bars and Clif bars.

String cheese (Horizon organic brand) with an apple

Celery with almond butter.

Grapes and carrot sticks.


Organic Dark Chocolate, 70% or higher. Good choices are Dagoba, Green&Blacks, and Divine Chocolate brands.

Handful of trail mix with dried fruit and various kinds of nuts.

Energy chealthy snack ideas for busy mothershunks. My local health food store carries chocolate paradise and goji cacoa. Ingredients include dates
and sunflower seeds, and other things.


Stonyfield organic yogurt, Nancy’s cultured cottage cheese, or Lifeway Kefir. These organic dairy products have a good amount of protein, are delicious, and probiotics, which protect the gut. Sprinkle chia seeds in.

Besides snacks, include water

Lastly, stay hydrated by carrying a big bottle of spring water wherever you go. Most sources of tap water in the USA are not good for you, as unfortunately the water supply is not only chlorinated but replete with prescription drug residue. I also recommend non plastic water bottles, such as a steel Kleen Kanteen brand, as able.

Yeah, you spend a little more when you choose to purchase these organic products and snacks. But isn’t your health worth it? Help grow the organic movement and invest in your healthy living and future.

What ideas do you have for eating very quick, healthy snacks on the go for busy moms? Share in the comments below.

Healthy snack ideas for busy mothers