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All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory®

When you say “All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory!” you are making it possible for you to have ease with ALL of life:  the good, the bad, and the ugly.  So much of the time we reject or judge some occurrences as ‘bad.’  This is a simple Access Consciousness™ tool you can use to assist yourself in experiencing greater ease, joy, and glory in all aspects of your life.  Say outloud to yourself  “All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory” ten times in the morning and ten times in the evening. Do this for a month and see what changes for you in your world.

Listen to me sing a little song to go along with this mantra.

ease joy and glory

Ease, Joy, and Glory

Glory means exuberant expression and abundance of life.  Joy doesn’t necessarily mean manic happiness.  It can and often does carry a sense of peace to it.  Ease, well, who wouldn’t want that?  And notice that this mantra includes the phrase “ALL of life.  All of life refers to the good, bad, and the ugly.

Now that you know what this mantra means, I invite you to say it outloud now.    “All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory!”

Article:  All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory®


Talk To The Entities – How to communicate with spirits and ghosts

When you think of spirits or ghosts, what comes to mind?  Often it is a place we as humans have covered up and ignored.  I mean, how often do we talk about this in school?  In church?  Or on the news?  Crickets . . . . right?

This subject is a place that honestly spooks many people. That is why I am going to talk about how not to be intimidated by an entity.  What if everyone could communicate with spirits?  What if talking with entities could be ease filled? Would you be willing to have that as a possibility for you?

First, you’ve got to be open.  I learned, through working with the tools of Access Consciousness, a great tool I currently am practicing.  Drop Your Barriers. This means, be vulnerable and push down your walls.  All you have to do is to ask your being and body to “drop my barriers.” Then, be willing to be space.  Expand Out.  I talk about the Energy Expansion Exercise here

Now that you are willing to perceive the energies around you, next I would ask:
Are you aware that an entity is around you?  Whether it be grandma who has passed on, or a soul who is upset and angry, here are a couple of quick tips:

1)  If you run into a spirit, or disembodied entity, you can always ask  “Do you know you don’t have a body?”  This awareness alone triggers their empowerment.  They no longer feel stuck.  Because thought forms are instantaneous in the astral etheric plane, often times this is enough empowerment for them to remember they are an infinite being.  Then they can go find the place where they can begin to create their next adventure with and in a body of their own.    Many of them will chose to stick around.  What if that were ok?  Particularly if they like it here, and are not doing any harm?

2) If your awareness of entities opens up to the point where you begin to receive many entity visitors, you can tell them you have ‘office hours’ at certain times.  Tell them to come back during that time.

3)  It is a popular view among new age type people to send them to the light.  My view is not to send them to the light as a rule…unless I perceive that would be a contribution to a particular being.  They are a free being with free choice.  And doing so is another mechanism of control that isn’t honoring of them and their free will choice.

If you would like to have empowerment around the world of entities, I highly recommend watching this video.  Talk to the Entities with Shannon O’Hara  Watching this video shifted my whole world around the world of entities and made it so I experienced much more ease with the world of dis-incarnates.

I also recommend purchasing this book Talk To The Entities, by Shannon O’Hara.  It demystifies the world of spirits and entities.  I have much more ease with the world of entities after coming across the information.

What would it be like in the world if we

1) Stopped making this area so significant?

2) Acknowledged our capacities and awarenesses with entities?

What would it take to have ease and joy in your interactions with entities?  What if you could communicate with spirits easily?

Live Your Brilliance!

Victoria Christine

Article:  Talk To The Entities – how to communicate with spirits and ghosts


Got an S.O.S. going off? Use this energy expansion tool

Got an S.O.S. going off? Family Gatherings can set off emotional triggers and can heighten stress. Empaths are particularly keen to the stress and may be distressed by this. I have a tool for you.

Energy Expansion Tool

Soften Open Expand

Soften, Open, and Expand Out. This is Particularly useful during for anytime you are upset or in a funk.  Whether you are dealing with stress, family drama or money stories. Often times, these things contracts us.  Just like a muscle, we can not stay contracted.  We must relax.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Connect with your body. Push down all your walls and barriers.


Now, become aware of the outer edges of you.  Now expand out to the size of the room you are in.  Now 10 miles in every direction, up into the sky and down into the earth.  Now expand out 100 miles in every direction.  Now 1,000 miles.

Now expand out 10,000 miles in every direction.  Now expand out to the size of the world. Now expand out to the size of the solar system. Now the galaxy. Now 100,000 million more miles. Keep going until you can not find the outer edges of you. This is You, as an infinite being.

When you are space, you are not at the effect of others’ dramas. What if you could be at ease?

Highly aware people who tend to pick up on all of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the people around them do well to be expanded 4-16 times the size of the world at all times, and have that space available to them.  I personally like to expand out 12-16 times of the size of the planet at all times.  Experiment with the size that works for you.

The more you do it, the quicker you will be able to perceive being exapnsive and having a space (of ease) that works for you.  Your energy is actually so quick, that you can literally ask your awareness to expand and then expand out instantly.  Once you do this a few times, it’s just a matter of asking to be space.

Live Your Brilliance,

Victoria Christine


Lunatic Monologues II – You Are A High Quivering Quiver!

“You are not a withering disease!   You are a high quivering quiver!”  The ethnic man in the dream raised his voice at me for emphasis.  I woke up with a start.  I thought to myself, “Write it down!  Get up now before you loose it!  Write it down, quick!”  Mystic and encrypted it is.  Some gems will go as fast as they come if you don’t pay attention.

A Quiver has multiple definitions.  Quiver can mean nimble, quick; tremor.  Quiver can also mean a container, for bow and arrows.  What a potent awareness was that!


At night, I had been doing deep clearing to Access Consciousness’s processes while you sleep.  Some deep crud was leaving my body and life, my world was shifting.


What I will provide in the way of decoding this encryption for those of you reading is short, simple, and directly this:  A question.  What if 99% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions do not belong to you?  What if you are a psychic sponge, picking up and everyone’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions around you?


What makes you feel light is the truth.  What makes you feel heavy is a lie.  Whenever you are moody or upset or angry, ask “Who does this belong to?” OR “Is this mine?”  If it lightens up, it is not yours.  Return to sender by saying, “Return to sender with consciousness, times a thousand.”    If the thought or feeling stays, and feels heavy, somewhere along the lines you bought it as yours.  Are you willing to let that go now?

Who does this belong to?

From the Access Consciousness® website:

What’s This All About?Have you ever felt sad for no reason? Have you ever felt suddenly angry or happy and didn’t know why? You might consider that some thoughts, feelings and emotions you are having are not even yours. How would your life be different if most of them aren’t? Would it be easier? More joyful?

What if you are way more psychic than you think, and you assume that all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you have are yours? Who’s life are you living? In Access Consciousness we have the point of view that all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you are experiencing aren’t yours, and there is this simple and easy tool (one of the greatest tools in Access) that will give you more freedom if you are willing to ask a question.

So if you are interested in having an easier, more fun and more joyful life… keep reading to find out the tool, if you are not interested in having an easier, more fun, and more joyful life then stop reading; otherwise you could change your life!

1. The Tool

Okay, so the tool is: Who Does This Belong To? Just ask this question for every thought, feeling and emotion you have and if it feels lighter at all, then it’s not yours. And after that, the only thing you have to do is return it to sender.

Easy enough for you? Would you be willing to give it a try? What do you have to lose? All the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not yours!!! So, if you are brave enough to find out how many of the thoughts, feelings and emotions you are having that are not yours … then take the 3-DAY CHALLENGE!

2. The Challenge

For every thought, feeling and emotion you have during the 3-days ask, “Who Does This Belong To?” then return it all to sender. Don’t bother to find out where it came from—just return it, and see what shows up in your life

Participate with us! Join the Who Does This Belong To? Facebook group

One last thing to add about using this particular question as a tool. If you’ve asked “Who does this belong to?” and the heaviness is still in your world, somewhere you have bought it as yours. That is where the next tool comes in. The clearing statement.

The more you ask questions, the more you will see results and will get excited to ask even more questions. There are 2 resources a recommend to delve in further.

#1 The Book 91 Days Of Q

Are you new to living in the question? 91 Days of Q is a daily three-month collection of questions to help keep you in the zone. Each question is accompanied by examples and background for how and when you might use it…also filled with questions to keep you opening doors to possibilities.

#2 Inquiry Cards by Sylvia Nibley


You may find more advanced Access tools by visiting Access Consciousness and the Access Library.