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My priority is consciousness. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.

Got Consciousness? August is Access Consciousness TV Month

As Einstein eluded: In order to get something different here on this planet to show up (other than the pile high mess of drama and trauma going on), we’ve got to do something we’ve never done. What if a difference can created now?
August is Access Consciousness TV Month. Tune in by clicking this link:

Access Consciousness is the set of processes, techniques, tools and modalities I have used to significantly lessen mental upsets, get out of self judgment, tap into my psychic awareness, and start showing up big in the world as the difference and creator being I truly be. A couple of these one hour classes have been life altering for me.
I wonder what perusing the plethora of videos here and picking one+ you feel drawn to will do for you? Topics include relationships, money, bodies, intimacy, right voice for you, being you in the world, creation, Talk To The Entities, and much more. I especially like Dr Dain Heer’s videos about Being You. Watch here:
Let me know you like this by sharing this post. Comment below with your thoughts. For I hope watching these complimentary videos may contribute to you as it has me. Watch what you feel drawn to.

Tune in to turn up the ease joy and glory in your life!

access consciousness tv

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We Are All Nuts!

STOP! Listen! This is The Most Important Post: I’ve just realized we are ALL NUTS. So, it’s important to pick the nuts you can live with. Hopefully ones that you don’t have allergies, reactions, or dislike. And the same goes for everyone else. Really. I told my 17 year old daughter this as the most important advice she’ll ever here from me.


My Energetic Synthesis Of Being Class Testimonial

This last weekend my universe was changed beyond my imagination. Words aren’t always adequate when these kinds of life altering paradigm shifts occur, but I’ll do my best.
Some going away points from Energetic Synthesis Of Being Class with Dr Dain Heer in Denver:
1: I am not as f**ked up as I think I am. Just because I feel something intensely does not make it true. Unraveling all I thought was true!
2: I am ever increasing and expanding always. What I choose requires no explanation. I am just as I am. My awarenesses and My choices are my own.
3: There is an open doorway for more possibilities and communion with all the molecules of the universe that I am discovering and popping open.
4: I am Kinder than I’ve believed myself to be. Kindness changes the world.
5: I can actualize what I want when I imagine it, so quickly. I saw this over and over again. What I was aware of and desired; and who I desired to play with came about easily. When I Be the question, I create at lightening speed.
6: Other beings and people are beginning to show up to contribute to me in ways that really relieve the burden and add a lot of fun.
Wowee. What else is possible now for my living and for all of us on this planet? How much more free and potent can I be? Wild Possibilities!
Thanks to all beings in bodies and beyond who created this marvelous class.
7: Consciousness knows more than I alone could ever know. Work with consciousness ~


From Drowning, to Life Preserver, to Life Boat – My Story

Have you ever been told something that had such an impact and was such a gift, it was as if someone threw you a life float?  For instance, when I was a teenager, I was desperately struggling to stay afloat. I was swimming in deep choppy waters feeling so alone and scared.  My family dynamics were falling apart.  My mom had a breakdown and she skipped out on me and my 2 sisters.  She left home, leaving her older children behind, telling them she needed a break. My sisters were on drugs, attempting suicide multiple times, or deeply depressed.  I choose deeply depressed.  This bitterness became a deep, dark, shameful secret, and something I’ve chosen to function from for the majority of my life.  It became so engrained to the point that I didn’t even recognize it.  It just was they way things were.  I was drowning in despair.  Drowning in believing all the “I can’t” that people threw my way.  I thought, in order to show caring, I would also function from “I can’t.”  What I didn’t know is how choosing to align with this belief, I was destroying the possibilities for my own life.  I was so thirsty for someone to show me another way.  Then, a life saver came in.  A teacher at church gave an inspirational lesson.   I was so impressed by her lesson.  I clutched her handout, and kept it for years.  In fact, this was my motto for one of the roughest years of my life:  “Success comes in Cans, not in cant’s.”  Knowing something else was possible…that I could, was my life saver.  Having a life saver was useful, no doubt.  It has gotten me this far.  But how much room is there to move and be alive, and create from, when you are hanging onto a life preserve in choppy deep waters?  What if there was a boat that was stopping and offering to pick you up?  Would you be willing to get on board?

So some questions for self reflection I have to offer for you to look at is:

What are some of the lifesavers you’ve been offered that you took?

Is their anywhere in your life where you refused the boat when help was offered you?  and then, it passed you by?

What are the boats that you have chosen to climb aboard on?  How did choosing to get on that boat elevate your life and the possibilities for your glorious future?


Why America is not the greatest country in the world – Voices of Dissent

Why America is not the greatest country in the world – Voices of Dissent

This is the beginning scene of the HBO series The Newsroom, explaining why America’s Not the Greatest Country Any Longer.

Voice of Dissent:  Good Will Hunting

It is refreshing to hear dissent.  Listen to this Monologue with Matt Damon from the movie Good Will Hunting (1997).  In Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon plays a genius rebel.  He is being offered a very prestigious job with the National Security Agency in this scene.

It can be hard to speak out, but if you are called to do so, you are called to do so.  Here are some well known examples:

Chris Hedges is a renowned American journalist whose dissenting views are featured online.  He risks his livelihood to voice dissent in today’s current climate.  In expressing his views on the Bradley Manning inquisition, he states:

 The decision to punish the soldier who reported these war crimes rather than the soldiers responsible for these crimes mocks our pretense of being a nation ruled by law. – Chris Hedges

And Ron Paul, former politician and 2012 presidential candidate states

In The Empire of Lies, Truth is Treason

Article:  Why America is not the greatest country in the world – Voices of Dissent


The Problems with Vaccines

Have you noticed that the number of vaccines offered to babies and children has skyrocketed?

the problems with vaccines

The problems with vaccines are many. The problems with vaccines could be a laundry list one mile long.

A video that lay out the disturbing details about the truth of vaccination is Teal Scott’s video.  She  discusses the wave of destruction that the current level of unconsciousness surrounding vaccines is creating on this planet.

 The Problems with Vaccines – Additives

I really liked this article on world and natural news, and would like to give it a shout out. What’s Really in Vaccines? Proof of MSG, Formaldehyde, Aluminum & Mercury

The CDC openly admits this here: Ingredients of Vaccines – Fact Sheet

Wow.  Just shocking.

In one hundred years, we will know that the biggest crime against humanity was vaccinations – Teal Scott

So, I wonder…how does it get any better than this?

What else is possible?

Know your state’s exemptions.  Find out here

Let’s stop the insanity before it’s too late.  Let’s see what change we can create.

Article:  The Problems With Vaccines


Choose Your Words Wisely – Excerpt from How To Become Money Workbook

Choose Your Words Wisely: 5 words to eliminate from your vocabulary – excerpt from How To Become Money Workbook

choose your words wisely

I’ve been working on being resonant with my vocabulary for years.  There are a few words that can trap you into a pattern of self sabotage.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common offenders.  I share here an excerpt that I’ve been reading lately from the  How To Become Money Workbook.

1.  Want – Want has 27 definitions which means “to lack.”
Say “I don’t want money,” and perceive what you are aware of.

2.  Need – “Need is the debilitation of knowing you cannot have, you cannot have anything if you need.  And need will always be followed by greed, because you will be trying to get.  I need is saying I don’t have.”

3.  Try – “Try is never achieving, try is making no choice, try is doing nothing…try is saying I don’t do.”

4.  Why –  “Why is always the fork in the road and you’ll always come back to the beginning…listen to a two year old some time and you will understand it.  You never get an answer.”

5.  But – “Whenever you say “but” you counter your first statement, “I would like to go but I can’t afford it.”

Excerpt from page 41 of How to Become Money Workbook

Can you think of any other words? What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below.

How to become money workbook

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Kindness, Gratitude & Other Super Powers

Kindness, Gratitude & Other Super Powers

Lately I’ve been discovering my super powers.  It’s not what you think.  In letting go of the super perfectionism that was a main part of my life, I’ve opened up new doors of greater joy and possibility.

super powersYou see I was making the status quo important, and resenting it.  Kind of pitiful.  After taking a look at the gift I truly be, things are shifting.  Caring and kindness are super powers .  This reality tell you they are a wrongness.  Since working with the tools and processes of Access Conscoiusness(tm), I know these gfits of being are a strongness, not a wrongness.  I do not make myself wrong just because others couldn’t receive that growing up.

Tapping into your Super Powers by the Power of Asking.

Have you heard of “Ask & Ye Shall Receive?”  You can ask questions and then follow your awareness.  I like to ask this question:  “What contribution can I be to humanity today?”  Then I pay attention to the signals that match the energy of the question I am given.  For example,  I was on a walk.  A neighbor gal I am acquainted with has an outstanding yard of roses.  It outshines every other singular looking townhouse on my route.  I had been meaning to let her know I’m grateful for her beautiful yard.  It’s that yearning for love and connection, a feather touch whisper that asks me to reach outs to to others.  I could have let the moment pass me by.  Instead, I asked a question, “I wonder what is possible here.”  A few moments later I got the impression to text her to let her know.  She responded about how that text made her day.  It can be that easy.

Have you been asking for kindness to be in your world?  Kindness with yourself?  Kindness with others?  Whether it’s the feather touch guiding you to get a new 3-5 setting shower head to nurture your body as a busy new mom, say thank you to the pilot getting you to your destination, take your dad out to lunch, or bring flowers to caring masseuse in your community, ask ‘what is possible here?’  Enjoying the elevated joy that acting on these impressions brings is beyond articulating.

kindness super powers

The Magic of Happiness and Joy as Super Powers

I recently had the divine experience of receiving a flutter of energy that has been distant in my life. I sensed it is the energy we call happiness. I am aware that, since I was a teenager, I was working so hard in self improvement, that I had the facade of happiness, because I had to prove that all the work I’d put in was indeed working.  At the core of this was a deep feeling of being wrong. I was defending against this feeling by performing all the self improvement work!  I am so grateful for this awareness and taste of a different possibility of energy showing up now.   I ask what I can be and do to expand this energy in my world now.

Something I know with every fibre of my being is this:  Our HAPPINESS can change the world.  That juicy, orgasmic, joyful energy of being is healing and uplifting.  I am willing to have others judge me and be annoyed at me as the girl who ‘vomits rainbows and sunshine.’  And there is no force or ‘have to’ energy to being happier than I’ve never considered.  As Gary Douglas, the founder of Access has said, “what if happiness is just a choice?”

What if you could bust down the doors of this reality?  What if you could change the world with these super powers?


Access Consciousness Tool™: Interesting Point of View

Access Consciousness Tool™: Interesting Point of View

How would you like a tool in your tool belt that works phenomenally well for when you are upset?  Bring to mind a situation or self judgement that is driving you crazy, that you can’t be at peace with, or that is making you upset.  Now repeat this out loud, “Interesting Point of View I have this point of view.“  Say this as many times as you need until you perceive the energy lightening.  Use this often!  It helps rid yourself of the energetic charge that binds you to the situation that has been bothering you.  It has made a great difference in my life.

 Using Interesting Point of View for Body Judgement

A lot of people judge their bodies harshly.  I have used this tool with great success to loosen the grip of torture that I used to put my body through, with tough exercise routines that my body did not like.  Can you relate?  How does the No Judgement Diet sound?  Using the Interesting Point of View Tool can help you have ease with your body.  It can also be used for relationship issues, money issues, and a whole lot more.  Comment below to let me know how you are using this tool, and how it is helping you.  I love hearing from you!

Free Yourself from Upset with Interesting Point of View


All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory®

When you say “All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory!” you are making it possible for you to have ease with ALL of life:  the good, the bad, and the ugly.  So much of the time we reject or judge some occurrences as ‘bad.’  This is a simple Access Consciousness™ tool you can use to assist yourself in experiencing greater ease, joy, and glory in all aspects of your life.  Say outloud to yourself  “All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory” ten times in the morning and ten times in the evening. Do this for a month and see what changes for you in your world.ease joy and glory

Ease, Joy, and Glory

Glory means exuberant expression. Joy doesn’t necessarily mean manic happiness.  It can and often does carry a sense of peace to it.  Ease, well, who wouldn’t want that?  And notice that this mantra includes the phrase “ALL of life.  All of life refers to the good, bad, and the ugly.

Now that you know what this mantra means, I invite you to say it outloud now.    “All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory!”

Article:  All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory®