Access Consciousness® Body Processes – Private Sessions

Access Consciousness® Body Process Sessions HI BODY! There are over 60 body processes designed to create ease with, as, and for the body. What does your body know? What does it desire to contribute? What does it desire to receive? What can we heal? 60-90 minute in person session with Victoria – $150 AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I […]

Access Consciousness Body Processes – Miracles & Healing Testimonials

Alibi on the afternoon of July 25 after he decided he was going to jump the fence and ended up wrapped in barbwire. The Vet told us he can do nothing for him.  Tammy reached out to a group of body process facilitators to contribute energetically.  She also began contributing hands on healing.   July […]


Access Consciousness® Foundation, Access Bars®, Body Processes Classes

Access Bars is a light touch modality that promotes relaxation while simultaneously erasing limitations. Access Bars® Classes –  The next Access Bars® class is Saturday, May 18th in Ogden, Utah Access Bars Class May 18th, 2017 & June 8, 2017 Location TBA Are you ready to learn to run bars? When you take my Bars […]

How to get out of body judgment for good

In the following article tell you the truth that no one tells you.  I discuss why you have the body judgment and body image you do. I give you effective tools climb out of the matrix of body judgment. The Truth That No One Tells You Most people don’t want to hear it.  They are […]


Happy Bodies – 22 Days of Body Play To Turn You On & Turn It Up

Happy Bodies – 22 Day Body Play Discovery Hi Body! I Invite you to join me in 22 Days of Discovery to be turned on and turn it up!  Do you know that your body is a being with it’s own awarenesses?  Do you know how much your body desires to contribute to you?  Your […]

How To Change Anything – 4 Access Consciousness® tools to get unstuck fast

Growing up, most of us are schooled in science, math, social studies, PE, and if we are lucky, arts and music to some extent.  Most of us then do what’s expected of us as adults.  We get a job, marry, and have kids.  Along the way we have not been given one crucial piece of […]


Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas in OMTimes

When I first started studying with Access Consciousness®, it just lit me up!  I was so thrilled that someone was willing and able to be vocal about what I’ve always known, but failed to know how to express. Having Gary Douglas’s direct tuttelage has inspired a confidence in me that goes beyond anything I’ve ever […]


Receive Healing – Big & Small Miracles with Access Bars

Receive Healing – Big & Small with Access Bars Running The Bars can change and clear so many limitations from your space. Here is a startling example, just posted this week: What are The Bars? They are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your […]


Got Consciousness? August is Access Consciousness TV Month

As Einstein eluded: In order to get something different here on this planet to show up (other than the pile high mess of drama and trauma going on), we’ve got to do something we’ve never done. What if a difference can be created now? August is Access Consciousness TV Month. Tune in by clicking this […]


Access Consciousness Tool™: Interesting Point of View

Access Consciousness Tool™: Interesting Point of View How would you like a tool in your tool belt that works phenomenally well for when you are upset?  Bring to mind a situation or self judgement that is driving you crazy, that you can’t be at peace with, or that is making you upset.  Now repeat this […]