Vocal Vibrational Resonance Transmission – “Personal Expansion” Frequency Painting

Sometimes I inspire myself. I had completely forgotten I used to sing so beautifully and with such power.

Here is my Vocal Vibrational Resonance Transmission of “Personal Expansion” Frequency Painting by Teal Scott. This music and painting describes The mental, physical, and spiritual process of opening up and becoming… more.. Enjoy!

Personal Expansion

This is an oldie but goodie, from 2012.
I found this by accident, as I had hid it away in a private playlist on youtube. I am releasing it to the public now.
This is a raw unedited version, just using my iphone voice memo as a mic. I apologize for the abupt ending. I am working on obtaining better sound equipment so I can channel more vocalises or “spirit songs” with greater sound quality.


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