The Lie Of Love and what it takes to find what is beyond love

I am way more pyschic than I ever wanted to be and sometimes the contracted place people are functioning from I can sense from thousands of mile away. I know where all your walls are. I know your judgments. I know where you are limiting you. I just know. But also know the being you be. And the magic. And the possibility for the joie de vivre you could be experiencing, but many of you haven’t been shown how. We are functioning from a lot of limitations, and some of them are very dynamically put in place.  Further, did you know the biggest limitations are often the things you feel you are right about?  Crazy, huh?! I’ll say it again.  When you have to be right about something, you are limiting the magic you can be and the space of possibilities that can show up for you.

You may not wish to keep reading if you are committed to utopian ideals.  If you choose to keep reading, I am going to ask you to lower all of your barriers.

So please, Lower All Of Your Barriers.  Drop them.  All.  PUSH them down. There.  That’s it. Now breathe.  And when energy comes up for you, I invite you to breathe.

One of the biggest utopian ideals is love.  Over the last couple of years, I have chosen to search beyond the love programming on this planet. The programming that says that love the answer. 98% of people can’t comprehend a reality beyond where they’ve made love significant. Most people are functioning from the conclusion of the necessity of proving love.

People want to stop at this point.  Me saying the above about love brings up A LOT of energy for people!  They project at me, “how dare she!”  They would rather stay in the defined place of definition and being right, good, perfect, and correct about bringing to the world what they’ve decided the world needs, as love and light.  This is where I actually scare the shit out of people.  But even when you judge me, and separate from me, I see you.  I function from oneness.  Oneness and consciousness is the truth of our beings.  It is impossible to separate from Source, and in fact, takes A LOT of energy and work!  When you fight for the rightness of your point of view, in lieu of accommodating the information the world is begging you to receive, you are decaying your future.

Love as the greatest and grandest thing to strive for, is actually a limitation. How? Because when you decide that love is the answer, it is at the expense of Being present with All Energies that you could create from and with, as an Infinite Being. What is being? It is undefinable. It is that natural space of being that Nature is. That animals have it. That small children have it. They don’t function from judgment. Do they love? No, they just BE and Receive. They function from total allowance and no judgment.

Now that you’ve read this, are you starting to contract? Are you angry at me? Just. Breathe.
There sugar, we are not done yet. Keep reading.

Now because you are letting love lose it’s significance, this doesn’t mean you stop caring. You, as a being, Care.  You care a whole lot.  Everywhere you’ve mis-identified and mis-applied caring as love, will you destroy and uncreate it all?  Right Wrong Good Bad Pod Poc All 9 Shorts Boys & Beyonds.

I have a questions for you. Truth! Are you an infinite being?

Truth, Would an infinite being have access to all energies?

What if you didn’t have to judge any energy, but instead could learn to receive and work with All energies, in order to create a greater possibility?

For instance, When you decide that love is the greatest thing there is, you actually limit the space of being that can show up and be available to you. What if it is not love the world is asking for, but Being You is? “What if you are the gift, the contribution, and the possibility the world is asking for” – Dr Dain Heer.

Today I invite you to simply ask to release all decisions, judgment, conclusions you’ve made at any time that limit you from Being you. Will you now destroy and uncreate all of the decisions, judgments, conclusions, and computations that keep you from being you? Even if you don’t know what they are? Thank you! Right Wrong Good Bad Pod Poc All 9 Shorts Boys & Beyonds.

Getting your bars run can help you dismantle all of the insidious programming that keeps you out of being you.  When you are receiving a session of The Bars®, it’s impossible to be in judgment.

I invite you to melt into being.  What if being you is different than anything you’ve ever been told? It is not something I can tell you about.  I may facilitate you to release all of things in your way from being you.  Also I can acknowledge the energy of you when you are being you.  A book I highly recommend that will show you the energies is “Being You Changing The World,” by Dr Dain Heer.

Being You requires a certain warrior quality, because very few will recognize the energy you are being when you are being you. Many people still do not even sense a greater possibility, that a greater reality is possible. Even fewer who know it’s available will choose to have it.  So know this, it takes COURAGE to be you.  Many people will judge you.  People that were close to you may leave you. Are you willing to loose everything and everyone if that is what it takes? Just remember that the separation they are choosing to function from is a lie.  Oneness and consciousness includes everything and judges nothing…including judgment!

We have created walls, barriers, and defenses to things. We shut out new information, and things we’ve deemed Bad, that are ‘out there,’ in order to keep us safe. Many of these walls we don’t even know we have. But they are controlling us. What once kept us safe now serves to limits our ability to receive and to create greater possibilities. It contracts us. It keeps things defined. Even ‘good’ things, like ‘love,’ can actually limit the energies that are truly possible to have, to be, to create with and from.

Good news though – it is very easy to receive. Much more easy than the hard work, the ‘push,’ and the force people use to try to make it work.

It starts with Asking. I made a video with an exercise for you, called “Barriers Down!” This tool is simply demonstrated in this 1 minute video. I have learned many, many tools working with Access Consciousness. At the present time, I can say this tool has been the single most powerful tool of all tools I have used.  And it is so easy!

Would you like the energies available to you to work with you and for you? Then the other video I highly recommend to be working with energy is Connecting Mind & Body: Pulling Energy. This is not rocket science. If you have a body, then you can do this. You can watch this energy pull exercise.

Reflect on this question: If you could have anything, what would it be?

-Barriers Down!

-Expand Out!

-Pull The Energy In

-Take Action

-Enjoy Actualizing Your Desires

– Repeat 🙂

And if you are ready to manipulate energy  and create glorious possibilities for your life, and even massive change for the planet why we are at it, I invite you to an upcoming Access Bars® day long Class and 4 day Foundation Class.  Take both for 5 Days Of Change with me.  For more information click on the links below.

The Foundationwith Julie Merwin& Victoria Dortzbach (1)

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May 19-22 Access Consciousness The Foundation with Julie Merwin & Victoria Dortzbach in Salt Lake City

June 8 Access Bars® Class with Victoria Dortzbach at Vibez in Ogden, Utah

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