Donald Trump As The Impetus For Change

In this article I discuss the fallout of the US election.  I highlight the energetics that have lead up to Donald Trump as president elect.  I give my recommendation of the top two tools I use to get out of judgment and into possibilities, creation and opening the door for you to experience oneness with ease.

Calling all seekers, star walkers, dreamers, lovers, artists, wizards, shamans, empaths, and healers! Come out come out wherever you are.

Billions of people all around the world have been in a state of nervous tension as a result of the 2016 US Presidential Election.  At first people were reeling from the shock of the news. As someone very psychic, the vibrations initially felt somewhat like this.

Now, instead of staying in a state of nervousness, strain, stress, and tension out about current events, I invite you to listen to this message poured out onto the page before you. This message comes from eons of experience and has lead me, and you, right here, to NOW.

How wonderful is that?
How great are we that we’ve never wanted to acknowledge?

Sweet beings,

Our time is NOW.
Your time to hide is over. You can come out now and be and do who you came here to be. What if I told you there are new doors of possibility that have never been here before? Ever.
What if it’s not about reclaiming and going back to ancient knowledge, as much as it is going forward, to create a totally different reality that has never yet existed? What do you know that could help create that? What doors of possibility would like to be created through you?  What greater reality could you bring forth and contribute to creating that would change all realities?

The reality on this planet as it currently exists is one of harshness.  Judgment, unkindness, violence, torture, hatred, cruelty, victimization, need and greed, depression, and fear have run amok  They have plagued us.  We have allowed them to rule over us and define our reality, as a collective. The Judgments which breeds more judgment and these types of energies mentioned above, kills possibilities. It is destroying Our Planet. Our Planet Earth, herself, is asking you to come out of judgment, and into the lightness that YOU Be. These judgments are not you!  They seem real, but they are not who you be, in truth. In fact, these judgments and energies can limit you only when you give them your power.  What if you are way, way, way more powerful than you have cared to know?  You can go beyond the insanity of this reality and create a reality that works for you.

Did you know you can change future outcomes by changing Your past?

I want you to listen as I present to you some of the tools that are here now for you.  Stop buying the lies of judgment. These tools can take you beyond judgment to the space of infinite possibilities. The Space You BE when you are being you. These tools have allowed me to expand the generative energies of creativity, allowance, kindness, caring, healing, joy, and ecstatic energies. These energies are available abundantly in nature and in the animal kingdom. It’s people that have refused them. However, more and more people have found there way to the lightness. And you can too.

I was suffocating in the heaviness on and off for a few weeks after the elections. I was upset in drama and trauma. One day, within half an hour of clearings with the clearing statement, I found the lightness I truly be again. What if you didn’t have to go into the darkness, nor resist, nor react to it? What if you no longer had to fight the darkness, to claim your lightness?

What if you could ask “what would it take for me to be and have the lightness I truly be as my reality?  Listen to my 15 minute segment of my radio show, The Voice Of Change.

One question you can ask yourself if you love judging Donald Trump is, “What is right about Donald Trump as president elect that I’m not getting?”  To get a result you’ve never had, you’ve got to choose to be or do something you’ve never chosen. Now is the time to choose to do your inner work for creating a greater reality you wish to see in the world.  What can you choose to be and do different today to bring a more possibilities right away?


The Access Consciousness Clearing Statement

Next, and this is a crucial element:

RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest bars practitioner and get your bars run…

What I know is that peace on earth begins with me.  I get my bars regularly to effortlessly and gently release of the wrongness and judgments on me or about me from anyone or anything.

What if you are the Creator Source for your own reality?  Will you choose it?  What would that create?

Let’s together create ease and eradicate dis-ease off this planet, NOW!

Goodbye mitote, your time is up!
Hello peace
Hello ease
Hello joy
Hello being you
Hello beautiful Earth
Hello infinite possibilities
Hello magic
Hello lightness
Hello ecstasy
Hello pleasure
Hello delight

It will be a Happy Planet, only if you choose it.

We also have the power to end it all.  We do that by continuing to settle, and by refusing to be the greatness we truly be. The choice is yours.  The Time Is NOW.  What will you choose?


Seer & Sorcerer,
Victoria Christine


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