Celebrating my enjoyable other – A Father’s Day Tribute

Celebrating My Enjoyable Other – A Father’s Day Tribute

I have a husband that continues to amaze me.  Lately I am in awe with his practicality.  He has a willingness and ease and skills with home improvement projects.  He finds joy in fixing things, and is so good at it.  Since I find that completely boring, and therefore suck (BIG TIME SUCK) at it, I am so grateful.  He has done things around our house a mile long this year with an ease unmeasurable.  He loves to support and pitch in and never complains, even when our 3 year old is completely bouncing off the walls, like usual.  I appreciate many more things about him.  He is firm in his commitments.  He shows up to work and is easy to get a long with.  He is a gentleman and always drives courteously.  He opens doors for women.  This and much more.  You get the picture.  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Jay F Dortzbach You are a true gentlemen (and sexy too).



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