Public Postimony of Dissent

*Listen to Victoria’s Public Postimony of Dissent

This final public testimony was given in a testimony meeting* February of 2008. In February of 2008, I decided to officially resign from the LDS church. After years of Traditional Belief and Temple Ordination, Shedding the Cloak of Indoctrination and leaving the bitterness behind me is a wonderful journey. This was the start of my journey. A public statement was made. Minutes 0-3 only.
Minute 3 is clunky noise because it is when I was leaving the building. Afterwards, a lady stating she was my visiting teacher came up to speak with me. Please note the conversation from minute 4- to the end is muffled.
This was shared with only a couple of family confidantes and therapists until its release December of 2013.

*A testimony meeting is a monthly meeting, in the religion I was raised in, where members bear their testimonies about the truth of their church, their prophets, their standards and their beliefs.  The purpose is to continue to convince everyone in that meeting why it is so true and righteous and good so that you will keep aligning and agreeing with the doctrine.  Most  religious institutions function from the point of view that they are right, good, perfect, and correct.  And, why not?  If you leave this church, it is believed that as a dissenter, you become a Son of Perdition, lost to outer darkness, which is a fate worse than hell.  Outer Darkness is where Satan’s power and realm lies.  You are wrong, bad, awful, vicious, and a terrible person.  Gee, ain’t that great?


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