Does the pain and suffering you see or experience put you on edge? Here’s what you can do!

Thought on Condemning pain and suffering:  Condemning does nothing to dissolve the problem.  In fact, that which you are criticizing will than solidify and become that much more real.  The ONLY thing that ever really sticks you is…and it is not your outer circumstances or those you see occurring in the world…Get ready for this –


Yes, judgment.  Judgment that the situation occurring is ‘horrible.  That it is bad and wrong.

For example, I recently read an article about a German shepherd who was chained to a tree for 13 years.  This animal was exposed to the elements of Seattle all year round.  It finally got bad enough (laws in this country are not adequate for pet care) that a neighbor complained more adamantly, police were able to seize the animal.  The animal is now in foster care awaiting its home. The comment section was full of people making comments that the owner should rot in hell.  That that action is horrible, awful, mean and vicious.

What about being grateful that this animal will get to live the rest of its life now with love and comfort?  What about being grateful that YOU are here on the Earth and YOU do not and would not ever treat an animal that way? You wouldn’t want to claim that kind of power to change things, now, would you?

My question to you is:  does Your reaction do anything to really solve the problem?  This world is full of stories like this.  Does your bitchin’ about the situation change it?  Have we made progress when bitchin’ has been done, collectively?  Yes.  Think women’s suffrage, civil rights, recent LGBTQ rights.  Unfortunately, great change has not normally come without a great catalyst of suffering/pain first.  How many women had to be treated as the man’s property before simple things like suffrage could be achieved?  How many African Americans and other minorities had to endure discrimination in jobs, equal pay, education and endure violence to even achieve something as basic as civil rights? etc.

Who is aware that this world urgently requires change?  Who is aware that we are on the brink of something that may appear to be really ugly though?  Ugly such as war, massive deaths from disease, earth changes that will lead to more humans dying? Who is judging this?  Who is afraid of this?  Who is even afraid to see this and so is ignoring this? Those responses all are RE-Actions.  Reaction is a type of judgment.  Reactions Do NOT solve the problem.  Reactions serve to solidify that which you are judging, making the possibility of them occurring more real.  It doesn’t mean you can’t call politicians on their crap.  It doesn’t mean you sit silent when big oil corporations want to add more tar sand lines through pristine wilderness.  It doesn’t mean you allow GMO companies to covertly replace natural food sources with ify at best ‘enhancements’ to our collective food supply.  It doesn’t mean you sit idly by while the planet Earth’s sentience is howling for us to please stop the insanity.  If you know it has to STOP, SPEAK OUT.

We in America are so inculcated to just think of ourselves as separate from ‘them’ in other countries…For instance, with the Syria bombings. it’s happening to ‘them.’  We are safe picking our noses while watching our favorite sitcom.  This is exactly what our government is hoping our apathetic choice will be: status quo.

The thing is is that Status Quo is killing our collective future.  For example, I am appalled that our taxes go 50% to an oppressive militarized industrial complex.  I am aghast about learning about the Federal Reserve.  These are just a few of all the things that must change, yes in order for us to have a chance to continue to be here in this world. The Earth herself may kick most of us off again, because, she isn’t going to take our plundering of her resources and disrespect of her land any more.  In truth, she can not take our lack of regard for life, or she will DIE.  She has already made the choice to live.  Whether we as a collective choose to come along or not is up to us.  Until we make that choice, until then, pain and suffering will continue to be the catalyst.

We in America, we are conditioned to think life is about work, immediate family, and being comfortable.  However, the delicacy of life on this planet is hanging in the balance right now.  So will you stand for a change?  Do you know things have to change?  What action could you take today to create a different reality right away?  Think of it this way…Given the way things currently are, we are that dog chained to that tree.  But, unlike that dog, we can untie our own chain.  We have a voice to say, this isn’t right (deforesting, allowing wildlife to die off, GMO’s, etc) and we demand it stops.  We can call our legislatures.  We can educate our friends.  We can protest openly.  This and much more.

We can ask questions.  Questions like “What can we be and do different to create a different world right away?”  Anytime you ask a question, this opens a door to receive an awareness of what actions you can take to create the desired result.  Always.

Einstein said we will not solve our problems at the same level we created them.  Who is aware that this world is choke full of pain and suffering and misery?  Great!  I am too!  What can be done about it?  Does feeling sorry about it and lending sympathy really assist?
It may take the sting away, yes, but the wound is still festering!

Being in allowance of what is opens a door that can lead you to a different reality, but until then, ANYTHING you judge is going to continue to kick you in the behind.

Curious for change?  Ready to be that difference?
What if it could be easy?

Start by asking more questions.

Einstein said if he had only an hour to solve a problem, he would use the first 55 min formulating the correct question to ask, and the last 5 minutes taking action.Questions

Open the door to another possibility.  Stand up for a different future for you. Stand up for a different world for future generations.

The modality I have learned known as Access Consciousness® is a potent way to change anything not working with ease.  I invite you to experience this doorway to a different possibility.

Come to my Access Bars® class.  Find classes in your area here.

Victoria Christine
The Voice Of Change


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