Modern Alchemy as a Tool for Social Transformation for a World in Crisis

     Join me and my special guest, Phoenix Aurelius, as we explore modern Alchemy and potent remedies for Modern Sociological Ills.  The world is in dire straits.  On this planet we are presently dealing with severe ecological destruction, disease epidemics, massive scale governmental and corporate corruption, a culture of fear and terror propogated by the media, and societal breakdown on every level.  What can we do to transform our current circumstances?  Is there anything we can do? Enter modern alchemy.  Today my guest is Phoenix Aurelius, Modern Day Alchemist and founder of Alchemi-Culture: Cultivating an Alchemical Renaissance through Multi-media Tutorials and Edutainment Content. 

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     On this show we introduce the listener to true Alchemy.  Many people in the self-help community do not have an understanding of true alchemy.  We discuss modern alchemy as a potent modern age tool that can aide the individual who is hungry for change.  We discuss concepts of Social Transformation from the perspective of an Alchemist.  Application of simple basic Alchemical Principles to perform Social Transmutation is explored. We briefly touch on a remarkably easy approach to be used in our Neighborhoods to not only align common goals with our neighbors, but to begin thriving in Highly Productive Communities. Join us as we discuss what it takes to find and experience true solutions and remedies that can powerfully effect change on both an individual and societal level to aide and  transform a world in crisis.To learn more about Phoenix and his work and upcoming events, please visit Please also visit

Modern Alchemy as a Tool for Social Transformation for a World in Crisis


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