The Voice Of Change on Intuitive Eating with Wendy Wise, CCN

What if  the way you talk to yourself is way more important than the actual food going into your body?

Are you aware of how many people are judging their bodies and also judging what food they eat right now?

The the amount of judgments we carry about our bodies is insane!

We make ourselves feel wrong for eating the ‘wrong’ foods.

Would the judgments we carry be a reason people gain the weight back after losing it?

What if you could be curious, not judgmental, about your food consumption and body?

Would this not open up a space to allow your body to be the size and shape it wishes to be?

What if your body truly had a say in the matter?

Listening to your body is not something we have been taught to do.

From the time we are little, we enforce all kinds of regulations on our bodies.

What are you unhappy with about your body?

Is this really your judgment? Or someone else’s you’ve picked up along the way?

If we gave you a magic pill to that when you wake up tomorrow, you would look the way you want, what would happen?

On this show Wendy introduces to the audience how to know what would your body like to eat and what questions to ask your body.

Wendy is here to explain why having what you think you want does not magically solve your problems.

On this episode, “The Weight Of Judgment,” we explore the ingredient necessary to have what it is you say you really want.

Wendy shows you how to go beyond the judgment, so that you can have more ease around food and true results with your body.

Visit and get set to achieve real results and long lasting success!

The Voice Of Change on Intuitive Eating with Wendy Wise, CCN

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