A No Judgment of You Day Affair!

Did you know that whenever you are judging anybody or anything, you are destroying your possibilities for ecstatic living?  What if you could tap into a space beyond judgment? What Would more people having this as their reality create for our world? no judgment of you day What would it be like to be in the space of no judgment?  Who would you be?  I would like to invite you to experience no judgment of you.  Even if just for a moment.  Even if just a glimpse.  You see, most of us live our whole lives never seeing or accessing our true brilliance.  In this reality, we are entrained to be so clouded over by judgment.  And the crazy thing, most of the time it isn’t even yours!  Consider that you are just picking up on everyone’s thoughts feelings and emotions around you! Join me Live for this Interactive Radio Show this Tuesday 09/02/2014 at 12:30 pm EST

New Motivation Podcasts with Victoria Christine on BlogTalkRadio with The Voice of Change with Victoria on BlogTalkRadio

Call in to speak with the host at (718) 766-4435 or chat in the chat room. Can’t make it live? That’s ok.  Listen to the Replay. Here is the link a mentioned on the show.  Watch me sing on stage at min. 57 – 1:08.  Notice a change by the end?

A special encore of this show is aired on 09/03/2014:  The Potency of Vulnerability with Donna Salemink of YOUniversity.  Listen live at 12:30pm EST or to the replay here. Comment below with your thoughts on this topic, today’s show, or the clip of me singing on stage.


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