Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas in OMTimes

The quote by Gary in the paragraph below is one of the favorite things I’ve enjoyed about participating with the body of work known as Access Consciousness

“There have been studies that if you project judgment or anger at a plant it will diminish and die and if you are happy and play pleasant music it will thrive. That is about the energy we create every moment of every day. When we do unhappiness and misery and a sense that nothing is working we are destroying the planet and most of us don’t realize this. The greatest gift you can give the planet is laughter and happiness. What if that was our pursuit of life, happiness and fun?”

How It Works:

“Every day people, hundreds of thousands worldwide, benefit from Access Consciousness each day. Whether it is having their bars run or using some or all of the clearing statement, elements of Access Consciousness bring individuals to greater awareness and consciousness in their lives. It has had positive impact, easing the heavy energy of negativity and limitations, and bringing forth the lightness of being that comes with being in control of the possibilities and choices in your life.”

Here is the article about Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas in OMTimes. Meet Gary Douglas Comment below on any insights you’ve come to.


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