The brilliance of Robin Williams, even in death.

Has the brilliant man known as Robin Williams even upon leaving, brilliantly pointed out a travesty of our world? I believe Robin Williams was a brilliant contribution even in The Death he chose.  With the recent suicide by such a visible actor, a man with a kindness, generosity, and magic that few have touched in this world, I perceive this is a wake up call for action on what we as a collective can be and do different to alleviate the amount of sadness in the world. What a contribution Robin Williams is even in death!  Millions of people are invited to look at this dark and uncomfortable place that sooo many, including myself, have tasted, traversed, been a long time visitor to, or felt confined to.  What if there is a way out of that now?  What can we, together, change???  And what if we could be in complete allowance of the choice to leave?

Thank you for gracing the world with your presence, Robin.


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