A Little Child Shall Lead Thee

One of the soul reasons I am blessed with caring for another wee being right now?  To keep my mind and heart’s attention and creative powers tuned into a pure place in which joy, peace, and other generative energies abide.  Having a child also aides me to keep my mind off of the current play of world events and the subsequent trauma and drama.  Every time you give energy to what is occurring in fear, anger, or other energy, you are creating more of that.  How is that working?   I was shown the years 2013 to 2017 in particular are determining years that source in co creation with planet earth will be assessing and choosing where to take humanity next.

little child shall lead thee

So my recommendation to you is to find someone and/or something daily to attend to that brings you a great measure of joy and pleasure.  Then engage in that!  Pure energies of gratitude, ecstasy, and vibrant freedom are 100 times more powerful than hate and fear.  Not only that, but they are generative energies.  Generative energies are vital for the Earth’s ability to sustain humanity.  What energies can you be and receive today?  What contribution to earth and humanity can you be today?


Victoria Chrisinte

Article: A Little Child Shall Lead Thee


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