Got Consciousness? August is Access Consciousness TV Month

As Einstein eluded: In order to get something different here on this planet to show up (other than the pile high mess of drama and trauma going on), we’ve got to do something we’ve never done. What if a difference can be created now?
August is Access Consciousness TV Month. Tune in by clicking this link:

Access Consciousness is the set of processes, techniques, tools and modalities I have used to significantly lessen mental upsets, get out of self judgment, tap into my psychic awareness, and start showing up big in the world as the difference and creator being I truly be. A couple of these one hour classes have been life altering for me.
I wonder what perusing the plethora of videos here and picking one+ you feel drawn to will do for you? Topics include relationships, money, bodies, intimacy, right voice for you, being you in the world, creation, Talk To The Entities, and much more. I especially like Dr Dain Heer’s videos about Being You. Watch here:
Let me know you like this by sharing this post. Comment below with your thoughts. For I hope watching these complimentary videos may contribute to you as it has me. Watch what you feel drawn to.

Tune in to turn up the ease joy and glory in your life!

access consciousness tv

 Visit these pages for more information on my Access Classes and Victoria’s Secret Raves & Riches


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