Recovery from Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse – Empowering You

Are you thinking about leaving the LDS church, or have you recently stopped believing? Maybe you have left the church? Many intense feelings can arise, and leaving mormonism can be extremely stressful. I have left mormonism myself.* During this time it may contribute to receive support and guidance. Take this survey to find out how my empowerment program may contribute to you.

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I have an empowerment program for those seeking recovery from religious trauma and spiritual abuse.  I invite you to learn more.  To find out how my empowerment program may contribute to you, sign up for more information on the Recovery From Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse – Empowering You Empowerment Program by entering your name and email address below.  When you sign up you will receive a free audio visual guide from a presentation I gave in August 2014 entitled “Bringing Light to Spiritual Abuse:  5 Ways to Recognize It & How To Recover.”  This and more tips, tools, and resources from Victoria & Live Your Brilliance will also be sent to you to aide in your recovery.

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Victoria is an ordained minister and spiritual companioner.  A spiritual companioner is someone who **BE’s with you and facilitates you to ask questions that will empower you in your recovery. No answers are provided.    :-) 

**To Be Present with you:  Someone who provides space for you to choose.  Somebody who Is in total allowance of you and exercises no judgment.

*Listen to Victoria’s Public Postimony of Dissent

This final public testimony was given in February of 2008. In February of 2008, I decided to officially resign from the LDS church. After years of Traditional Belief and Temple Ordination, Shedding the Cloak of Indoctrination and leaving the bitterness behind me is a wonderful journey. This was the start of my journey. A public statement was made. Minutes 0-3 only.
Minute 3 is clunky noise because it is when I was leaving the building. Afterwards, a lady stating she was my visiting teacher came up to speak with me. Please note the conversation from minute 4- to the end is muffled.
This was shared with only a couple of family confidantes and therapists until its release December of 2013.

Recovery from Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse – Empowering You


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