My Energetic Synthesis Of Being Class Testimonial

This last weekend my universe was changed beyond my imagination. Words aren’t always adequate when these kinds of life altering paradigm shifts occur, but I’ll do my best.
Some going away points from Energetic Synthesis Of Being Class with Dr Dain Heer in Denver:
1: I am not as f**ked up as I think I am. Just because I feel something intensely does not make it true. Unraveling all I thought was true!
2: I am ever increasing and expanding always. What I choose requires no explanation. I am just as I am. My awarenesses and My choices are my own.
3: There is an open doorway for more possibilities and communion with all the molecules of the universe that I am discovering and popping open.
4: I am Kinder than I’ve believed myself to be. Kindness changes the world.
5: I can actualize what I want when I imagine it, so quickly. I saw this over and over again. What I was aware of and desired; and who I desired to play with came about easily. When I Be the question, I create at lightening speed.
6: Other beings and people are beginning to show up to contribute to me in ways that really relieve the burden and add a lot of fun.
Wowee. What else is possible now for my living and for all of us on this planet? How much more free and potent can I be? Wild Possibilities!
Thanks to all beings in bodies and beyond who created this marvelous class.
7: Consciousness knows more than I alone could ever know. Work with consciousness ~


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