Being the change to stop violence against women: what will it take?

Putting an end to violence against women

I recently supported participation in One Billion Rising Strike – Dance – Rise on February 14, 2014, SAY NO to violence against women and girls.. One in three woman on the planet is being raped or beaten in her lifetime. That would be about one billion. In the United States, a woman is being raped every 9 seconds.

I recently learned from Donna McAleer that in 2013 the US House passed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act with little support from the Utah delegation in a mostly partisan vote with Reps Bishop, Chaffetz and Stewart all voting against it. So 5/6 of Utah’s states delegation did not support this bill. S. 47: Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013

Whatever any of the House representatives’ reasonings are to be for or against this violence against women bill, I don’t really care. The fact that a strong bipartisan bill went through is to be applauded. I acknowledge that progress is being made to really see and be aware of this problem at a governmental level. I have a question though. Is government programming is the answer? If yes, than I have another question: How has putting our trust implicitly with a force outside of ourselves been working for us? We’ve been lead to believe that change is outside of us. They (governments, parents, etc) will take care of it for us. Does not this framework of reference fit exactly into the mold of victim mentality?

Another question: Is having a government spending vasts sums of money on these programs really going to work? It may put a Band-Aid on the problem. In my view, we’ve covered it with band-aids long enough. This is a hemorrhage. What changes are required than, for violence against women to cease in totality?

Jeremy Meltzer: How Men Can Stop Violence Against Women

This TedEx Video was given in December 2012. Jeremy Meltzer is a man who is roaring: “Not one more sister, Not one more daughter, Not one more mother!” “Stop Violence against women!”

Is now the time for us to be the change we’ve been waiting for? One thing I know is that the invisible quantum network we are all interconnected rises to support us in choosing differently. Here’s an awareness of mine: Violence Against Women, any form of violence, can not continue to exist in the face of consciousness. What can I do to stop violence against women?

What if we exercised allowance for what is and than asked questions like “can I change this? If so, how can I change this?”

Is worrying about the neighbor ‘Sally’ or feeling sorry for the gal on the news ‘Judy’ really going to create the change required? Does buying the story and commiserating about how bad it is change anything?  Here is what most people will not say.  Allowing other people the freedom to choose to create their lives could be a gift. Could there be something you could contribute though? What energy, space, and consciousness could you be to have clarity and ease with this? How could choosing your joy, no matter how absurd it appears to others, be, to create the change required? What would it take to have a life of joy and ease? Could being in your joy be an invitation to greater possibility that inspires other people to choose differently? And if they don’t, could you honor their choice in that too? And remember, just because someone else can’t know it, doesn’t mean you can’t know it.

Something I have been asking more of to show up in my world is kindness, gentleness, and caring. How would it be to have more kindness in and as your reality? What could that be like? What choice can you make today to receive, be, know, and have kindness and gentleness in your world, more than you can even imagine, right away?

stopping violence against women

How would that change things for the greater whole of the world?  Be kind to you.








Stop Violence Against Women


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