Kindness, Gratitude & Other Super Powers

Kindness, Gratitude & Other Super Powers

Lately I’ve been discovering my super powers.  It’s not what you think.  In letting go of the super perfectionism that was a main part of my life, I’ve opened up new doors of greater joy and possibility.

super powersYou see I was making the status quo important, and resenting it.  Kind of pitiful.  After taking a look at the gift I truly be, things are shifting.  Caring and kindness are super powers .  This reality tell you they are a wrongness.  Since working with the tools and processes of Access Conscoiusness(tm), I know these gfits of being are a strongness, not a wrongness.  I do not make myself wrong just because others couldn’t receive that growing up.

Tapping into your Super Powers by the Power of Asking.

Have you heard of “Ask & Ye Shall Receive?”  You can ask questions and then follow your awareness.  I like to ask this question:  “What contribution can I be to humanity today?”  Then I pay attention to the signals that match the energy of the question I am given.  For example,  I was on a walk.  A neighbor gal I am acquainted with has an outstanding yard of roses.  It outshines every other singular looking townhouse on my route.  I had been meaning to let her know I’m grateful for her beautiful yard.  It’s that yearning for love and connection, a feather touch whisper that asks me to reach outs to to others.  I could have let the moment pass me by.  Instead, I asked a question, “I wonder what is possible here.”  A few moments later I got the impression to text her to let her know.  She responded about how that text made her day.  It can be that easy.

Have you been asking for kindness to be in your world?  Kindness with yourself?  Kindness with others?  Whether it’s the feather touch guiding you to get a new 3-5 setting shower head to nurture your body as a busy new mom, say thank you to the pilot getting you to your destination, take your dad out to lunch, or bring flowers to caring masseuse in your community, ask ‘what is possible here?’  Enjoying the elevated joy that acting on these impressions brings is beyond articulating.

kindness super powers

The Magic of Happiness and Joy as Super Powers

I recently had the divine experience of receiving a flutter of energy that has been distant in my life. I sensed it is the energy we call happiness. I am aware that, since I was a teenager, I was working so hard in self improvement, that I had the facade of happiness, because I had to prove that all the work I’d put in was indeed working.  At the core of this was a deep feeling of being wrong. I was defending against this feeling by performing all the self improvement work!  I am so grateful for this awareness and taste of a different possibility of energy showing up now.   I ask what I can be and do to expand this energy in my world now.

Something I know with every fibre of my being is this:  Our HAPPINESS can change the world.  That juicy, orgasmic, joyful energy of being is healing and uplifting.  I am willing to have others judge me and be annoyed at me as the girl who ‘vomits rainbows and sunshine.’  And there is no force or ‘have to’ energy to being happier than I’ve never considered.  As Gary Douglas, the founder of Access has said, “what if happiness is just a choice?”

What if you could bust down the doors of this reality?  What if you could change the world with these super powers?


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