Access Consciousness Tool™: Interesting Point of View

Access Consciousness Tool™: Interesting Point of View

How would you like a tool in your tool belt that works phenomenally well for when you are upset?  Bring to mind a situation or self judgement that is driving you crazy, that you can’t be at peace with, or that is making you upset.  Now repeat this out loud, “Interesting Point of View I have this point of view.“  Say this as many times as you need until you perceive the energy lightening.  Use this often!  It helps rid yourself of the energetic charge that binds you to the situation that has been bothering you.  It has made a great difference in my life.

 Using Interesting Point of View for Body Judgement

A lot of people judge their bodies harshly.  I have used this tool with great success to loosen the grip of torture that I used to put my body through, with tough exercise routines that my body did not like.  Can you relate?  How does the No Judgement Diet sound?  Using the Interesting Point of View Tool can help you have ease with your body.  It can also be used for relationship issues, money issues, and a whole lot more.  Comment below to let me know how you are using this tool, and how it is helping you.  I love hearing from you!

Free Yourself from Upset with Interesting Point of View


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