Healthy snack ideas for busy mothers

Mothers often have to drop what they are doing to care for their young children. Meal times can often be interrupted. If you work on top of that, you need help. It is important to watch what you eat, and often times you need something quick and easy, on the go. What snacks do you grab when you are on the go that won’t leave you feeling drained? What foods will give you a good boost and stave off hunger? Please eat as organic as possible, being careful to avoid genetically modified food.

Here are some healthy snack ideas for busy mothers:

My all time favorite on the go snacks are packaged Luna bars. There are different flavors so you can find the ones you like. I like chocolate peppermint and lemon the most. I called the Clif bar company myself, and the staff said that the company sources non GMO soy and other ingredients. The vitamins are tailored for a women’s body, and there is a good ratio of protein to carbs.

Clif company also makes delicious Mojo bars and Clif bars.

String cheese (Horizon organic brand) with an apple

Celery with almond butter.

Grapes and carrot sticks.


Organic Dark Chocolate, 70% or higher. Good choices are Dagoba, Green&Blacks, and Divine Chocolate brands.

Handful of trail mix with dried fruit and various kinds of nuts.

Energy chealthy snack ideas for busy mothershunks. My local health food store carries chocolate paradise and goji cacoa. Ingredients include dates
and sunflower seeds, and other things.


Stonyfield organic yogurt, Nancy’s cultured cottage cheese, or Lifeway Kefir. These organic dairy products have a good amount of protein, are delicious, and probiotics, which protect the gut. Sprinkle chia seeds in.

Besides snacks, include water

Lastly, stay hydrated by carrying a big bottle of spring water wherever you go. Most sources of tap water in the USA are not good for you, as unfortunately the water supply is not only chlorinated but replete with prescription drug residue. I also recommend non plastic water bottles, such as a steel Kleen Kanteen brand, as able.

Yeah, you spend a little more when you choose to purchase these organic products and snacks. But isn’t your health worth it? Help grow the organic movement and invest in your healthy living and future.

What ideas do you have for eating very quick, healthy snacks on the go for busy moms? Share in the comments below.

Healthy snack ideas for busy mothers


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