Increase your happiness quotient in 2 minutes


Did you know your happiness set point is largely determined by the DNA you were born with?  But did you know you can change your DNA?  The study of Epigenetics has shown this to be the case.

Unhappiness is pandemic in our society of quick fixes and instant gratification now attitudes.  We have been trained like Pavlovian dogs to believe that what we want is outside of us.  We are bombarded constantly with messages that attempt to persuade us to believe that this product or that relationship will make me happy.  Not surprisingly, one fourth of all women in our society are on anti-depressants.   Although antidepressants have their place, in many cases, easy, safe, and effective interventions, such as these, could be a place to start.  If you do these exercises for 30 days, you will begin to see results.  Your happiness set point will increase.  Your DNA can and will change.


 Happiness, Made Easy

1.  Place your hand over your heart. Hold it there for a moment.  Feel the warmth.  Take a long breath in, and out.  On your next inhale, imagine your heart itself inhaling.  With the exhale, imagine your heart breathing out.  Continue this pattern for a minute or more.  This practice is especially good to do if you are feeling overwhelmed.  Taking a time out for just one minute has been shown to produce effective results.  This technique is given by Heart Math Institute.

2.  Think of a time where you felt joy or gratitude, like a sunset you’ve seen or a movie that made you laugh.  Think of something that softens your heart, such as a baby animal, flower, or bring to mind a peaceful song you’ve heard.  Dwell on this moment for at least 20 seconds.  Do this at least 3 times a day.  This technique was suggested by Marci Shimoff, happiness expert.

Do these 2 techniques daily for at least 30 days.  Drop me a line about any improvements you’ve seen.  I would like to know if your happiness set point gone up.


Happiness as a way of being in the world

Would you like Happiness to Be a lifestyle?

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 Increase Your Happiness Quotient


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