From Drowning, to Life Preserver, to Life Boat – My Story

Have you ever been told something that had such an impact and was such a gift, it was as if someone threw you a life float?  For instance, when I was a teenager, I was desperately struggling to stay afloat. I was swimming in deep choppy waters feeling so alone and scared.  My family dynamics were falling apart.  My mom had a breakdown and she skipped out on me and my 2 sisters.  She left home, leaving her older children behind, telling them she needed a break. My sisters were on drugs, attempting suicide multiple times, or deeply depressed.  I choose deeply depressed.  This bitterness became a deep, dark, shameful secret, and something I’ve chosen to function from for the majority of my life.  It became so engrained to the point that I didn’t even recognize it.  It just was they way things were.  I was drowning in despair.  Drowning in believing all the “I can’t” that people threw my way.  I thought, in order to show caring, I would also function from “I can’t.”  What I didn’t know is how choosing to align with this belief, I was destroying the possibilities for my own life.  I was so thirsty for someone to show me another way.  Then, a life saver came in.  A teacher at church gave an inspirational lesson.   I was so impressed by her lesson.  I clutched her handout, and kept it for years.  In fact, this was my motto for one of the roughest years of my life:  “Success comes in Cans, not in cant’s.”  Knowing something else was possible…that I could, was my life saver.  Having a life saver was useful, no doubt.  It has gotten me this far.  But how much room is there to move and be alive, and create from, when you are hanging onto a life preserve in choppy deep waters?  What if there was a boat that was stopping and offering to pick you up?  Would you be willing to get on board?

So some questions for self reflection I have to offer for you to look at is:

What are some of the lifesavers you’ve been offered that you took?

Is their anywhere in your life where you refused the boat when help was offered you?  and then, it passed you by?

What are the boats that you have chosen to climb aboard on?  How did choosing to get on that boat elevate your life and the possibilities for your glorious future?


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