Acts of Kindness Towards Self & Others

Acts of Kindness Towards Others

There is a difference between “look at me, I’m Kind!” kindness” and authentic, being
moved by the spirit kindness.  And when you choose the later, it grows on itself.  My mind has been popping with ways to be kind lately, and it is actually helping me receive even more joy and openness to connect with others.  Sure, it can be a stretch.  Isn’t it nice to know that kindness benefits the giver as much as the receiver?

acts of kindness

 When the spirit says, “Move Now, buy that birthday gift for that facebook friend!”  Do it.  There may be a bigger reason than you can perceive in the moment.  Now I don’t have any grand stories to prove it to you…I do know that kindness expands on itself and will bless you 10 fold for each act you do when you are inspired, so don’t hesitate.

Acts of Kindness to yourself

And isn’t it time to be kind to yourself?  Has it been a while since you can remember being kind with money to you?  Is that even a foreign concept?  Well it was for me too.  I’ve recently chosen to unplug the stopper I’d put on enjoying having the things that would elevate me.  Yeah, I probably even went overboard.  But I bought myself some things I’d been desiring but denying myself for ever, like one of the paintings I show in the video above.  I also bought several books on my wish list.  And that’s just for starters!  In what ways are you kind to you?  Thank yourself for that!  In what ways could you choose kindness for yourself?

Kindness Tip

Now, it’s actually FUN to get a hit on something you know another would receive, and then act on it, pronto.  Not because of any expectations or hopes, but just because you can.

Now I want you to ask yourself “I wonder what kindness to enrich my own and other’s lives I can show today?”  Than when something comes to mind, do it.  Let me know what happens.

acts of kindness

acts of kindness

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