Victoria Christine Dortzbach Bares It All

Today I’m letting it all hang out. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

15 Weird, Wild, Little known, & Fun Facts About Me!

1) My favorite dessert that I make is choco-mole. Ripe avocado, figs, banana, and maple syrup, with a couple Tb of cocoa powder. Blend all ingredients in a food processor and enjoy!

2) My dad took me to the park every Saturday week for a few years growing up ♥ Thanks William Dobbs.

3) My dad turned on Classical Music records almost every night growing up. Telemann, Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchiakovsky, Bach, etc, were household names.

4) I resisted and reacted to either having kids or not having kids for soo long because I’ve perceived a whole lot of BS around a women’s identity being wrapped up around her children. And, I finally asked, (after Being You, Changing the World class) “what could I add to my life to bring greater possibilities?” …what d’you know, one month later, I was pregnant.

5) I’ve quadrupled the amount of traveling I’ve done since having a baby than is average for me in a year (like once a year)…and what would it take to have joy and travel wherever, with whomever, and whenever I like? Booyah! Don’t let having ‘a baby’ excuse stop you honeys.

6) My dad read the whole series of Narnia books to us a bedtime growing up. (Did I have an above average dad or what?)

7) Since my Dad is from Middlevillage, Queens NY, I’ve been to NYC visit 3 times (that I can recall)

8) He was raised Catholic, by Protestant parents, in a Jewish neighborhood, so that taught him religious tolerance and diversity. He hence leads a religious transition group that I have attended that has helped me immensely in coming out that I am no longer mormon, nor do I ever care to be…for those of you mormons reading this ( I hold no animosity. Even if you think I’m going to hell because of it, that’s ok)

9) I love the Wasatch Range mountains where Iive. I commune and resonate with them, I would miss them if I moved away.

10) I spent from age 2 – 13 in North Las Vegas.

11) I sang opera for 12 years. I sang it damn well:

12) I trained a pet parakeet in 4th grade to tweet a tune and land on my finger. I took it to school for show and tell and let it loose in the classroom. It got scared and stayed up in the lights for 20-30 minutes before flying back to me. 🙂

13) I am allergic to my mom’s cat, my mother-in-law’s cat, and my sister in law’s cat. I end up having to leave from their homes from 20 minutes to 2 hours after I arrive there because my breathing gets compromised. But, I am not allergic to Julie Merwin’s 2 big long haired cats, for whose home I’ve gone to several times for 3 hour Access Bars swaps. Go figure. Magical me!

14) I burp really loud. Excuse me.

15) I am a choice-a-tarian. I used to be a vegetarian. Choice-a-tarian means checking in with the body to ask what it requires. That sirloin soup I had at “A Delicious Date with your Body” was Heaven!

Now It’s your turn to flaunt it! What’s one crazy daisy factoid about you?

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Article: Victoria Christine Dortzbach Bares It All


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