Lunatic Monologues 1 – Girl, Gone Weird! Releasing Perfectionism in Business

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Perfectionism sucks.  It’s been rearing it’s fugly head in my business.

Take that you fiend!  You will not kill my business.  HI-Ya!

Girl, Gone Weird

Where have we made being a lunatic a bad thing?  Luna means of the moon.  Lunacy is highly eccentric.  Sure, some people judge lunacy as a folly.  I’d say lunacy can be a highly creative, generative and life giving energy.  Where have we made that insane in lieu of being in the box and never having fun, never looking for an alternative approach that is more joyful? What I have experienced is that being perfectionistic is a destructive, flat-lined energy.

Being Weird Works for me.  It’s cool, and much more approachable.  I laugh more when I’m willing to be uncomfortable, and be seen anyway.  Being out of control can be weird.

Hello, life of wacky, quirky, insanely crazy weird-ness.  I embrace you.  Love your guns.

It’s time to have fun.

Release Your Inner Weird.

Is there somewhere you could lose the perfectionistic hat that you bought?  Where are you glad you’ve been wildly, successfully, insanely weird?

Just. Be. Weird.



Article:   Lunatic Monologues 1 – Girl, Gone Weird! Releasing Perfectionism in Business


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